Dead or Alive: Tale of the Silver Dragon

Warning!: Do not read this if you hate reading super long stories. This will probably reach 100 or more chapters. Anyway, this is supposed to be a manga. I'm just writing it in novel form.

This is about some bounty hunter trying to clear his name, so he could go to college.

P.S. I OWN this story. Anyone who tries to steal my story will suffer the wrath of Char Tomio.

P.S.2 Enjoy.

In some place called Coletta island, somewhere here in the world lives some bounty hunter.

He's rumoured to be the best, not to mention, youngest bounty hunter in the island.

Well, there he is, approaching some bar to get a drink or something.

As he makes his grand entrance, all sorts of people eye him with curiosity and interest. He was obviously famous.

He sits and orders coffee.

"Coffee, sir?" the bartender asks. "Or iced coffee?"

"Nah." the bounty hunter replies. "Boiling hot coffee. Arabica."

The bounty hunter was clad in a black coat and a straw hat. A distinctive feature of his face is the scar running across his right cheek extending to the bridge of his nose.

"Okay, that would be one hundred cebollas." said the bartender. "You know, it's pretty unusual for someone to order coffee when the temperature's shooting skyhigh."

The bartender hands out his coffee. The bounty hunter sips a little.

"Sir, that would be one hundred cebollas."

It took awhile for him to reply.

"That guy will be paying my bill." he said, pointing to a heavy-built man wearing a leather overcoat and shades.

The man overheard and made his way to the bounty-hunter's direction, carrying a chair.

"..What was that..?!" the man yelled as he was about to hit him with the chair.

The bounty hunter turned and threw his boiling coffee at the man's chest. The man dropped the chair and writhed in pain. He jumped up on a table and drew his gun, pointing at the man."

"..Sir, what are you..?"

He took out a tattered poster from his coat. In the poster was the face of a blue-haired man that resembled his opponent.

"Alright, Kean Nitch. Time for you to face your verdict." the bounty hunter triumpanthly announced.

Chapter 1: Wanted

"Alright, what kinda bullets?" the shop owner asked. "There's lots of 'em here. There'r armor piercing, hi-speed, poison-laced.."

"Just give me ordinary bullets." the bounty hunter replied while testing a rifle.

"Hey, don't touch the display." the shop owner reprimanded as he packaged the bullets and gave it to his customer. "Are you sure you don't need anything else?"

"Look, you've been asking me that for two years and see? I'm still alive." he replied.

"Maybe because you haven't been outside the Fourth Division."

"I don't have any reason to leave the Fourth Division."

"Whatever, Jem." the shop owner said. "Just take care."

"Sure, Doniel."

The bounty hunter left the shop and took another poster. Cil Vermilion.

He keeps walking until he reaches the train station. Alights the train and attempts to take a nap.

The bounty hunter tosses and turns on his seat but couldn't even get an ounce of sleep.

He just observes the other passengers. At the back were a young couple. At the left was an old woman carrying a basket. On the opposite side was a man in his late 30s. One passenger leaves his seat.

The bounty hunter's eyes widen as he silently stalks the blonde-haired man.

Both were on the last segment of the train when the bounty hunter draws his gun.

With accurate speed, the blond man grabs the gun. Electric waves can be seen from his hands so the bounty hunter lets go of his gun before it explodes into a million tiny pieces.


The blond man attacks him. He dodges quick and grabs his belt.

"You're Franz Ampere, aren't you?!" he yells, while reaching his lighter. "The blond Frenchman who's accused of almost 25 power outages in different parts of the island!"

The man doesn't respond but keeps attempting to punch him with his electric palms.

The bounty hunter dodges all his attacks as he attempts to light something behind his back. He gets pushed to a corner and the Frenchman prepares to finish him.

As his palms almost reach the bounty hunter's face, he dodges. The man hits the wall.

"Alright, Franz Ampere.."

The bounty hunter presents a belt of lighted firecrackers.

"Happy New Year..!" he yells while jumping off the window.

He runs away fast. A mild explosion graces the back of the train. Sirens blow and the fire alarm activates. Showers douse the whole station. The departure is cancelled.

The bounty hunter pants heavily. He leaves.


The next day, he attempts to go to the grocery 'till he notices a paper poster fixed on the electric post.

"Wanted: Dead or Alive.." he reads. "For infrastructure damage and civil disobedience.."

His eyes grow wide as he sees the picture. It was him. A last minute photograph taken by the security cam at the train station.

He sees policemen approaching his direction.

"There he is!"

He runs back to his apartment room and grabs all his belongings. He climbs to the roof and jumps off.

The bounty hunter runs with all his might as he reaches the harbor. He stows away to the storage room and sleeps there.

"I'll just get off wherever the boat hits land."


He gets awakened by a harsh sound. The door was being opened.

"Hey, what in the world are you doing here, who are you?!"

He feels a little drowzy but tries to stand up.

"I mean no harm..I just wanna get off to where the ship's going." he replies. His stomach makes a weird sound. He was hungry.

" guys have any food around here?"

"He who doesn't work, doesn't eat." one of the replied. "Now get outta here and scrub the deck!"

The bounty hunter grunts in displeasure.

"Scrub the deck.." he complains silently. "I can't believe I could be able to hear that in personal. I thought that line was only for pirate-themed TV shows."

The current becomes stronger and one huge wave made its way into the deck, splashing water and bringing all sorts of stuff inside.

"The f**k, I just scrubbed this!"

The sea doesn't listen to his complains and the waves bring in more water, sand and seaweeds.

"Hey, you!" one shipmate yelled, "What the hell are you doing?! You're supposed to clean the deck, not bring in more blarney in here!"

"What..?!" he cried, "This blarney here is this wretched sea's fault!"

"Well, whatever, just clean it!" roughly replied the shipmate as he slammed the kitchen door behind him.


The bounty hunter looks at the mess. Seaweed and sand grains were scattered on the deck and the floor was dripping wet with sea water. In bad spirits, he just looks at the view that the ship's got to offer.

"Land.." he whispered as he saw a nearby island. He caught a glimpse of a safe boat and and idea crossed his mind. His face burst into a wicked smile.

"Alright, mateys.." he said to himself, "I hope you won't mind lending me your little boat."

He calculated the distance between him and the boat as he prepared to make his jump. When he seemed content with his estimations, he breathed a short prayer and took his leap of faith. Everything was going smoothly as he was about to descend safely into the boat. Unfortunately for him, a slight miscalculation made him miss the boat.

"Agh, damn it!" he cursed as he plunged into the deep saltwater.