Dead or Alive: Tale of the Silver Dragon

Enjoy the second chapter, folks. And don't dare steal my story!

-Char Tomio

Chapter 2: The Black-Haired Boy


"..nn, yes..?"

"Wake up, Jao! Agh, seriously, can't you wake up yourself?!"

A 12-year-old boy kicks off his sheets and proceeds to the bathroom. He dresses himself and brushes his teeth. He combs his long, black hair and ties neatly on his back. He gels his hair and fixes his long bangs.

"Alright, gramps, let's go." he replies as he emerges from the bathroom and grabs his coat.

His grandfather, and old man in his late 50's carries his equipment for fishing. Jao follows suit with his equipment strapped in his back. They both alight the tiny fishing boat and sail away. The old man cast his net into the sea. Jao casts his fishing rod and waits.

Jao successfully catches a heavy catfish. He keeps it in his basket and casts his rod again.


"Jao, have you filled your baskets?" the old man asked.

"Just a few more, gramps."

"Well, hurry up. Dawn is almost breaking."

"Yes, sir."

Something tugs on Jao's rod. A heavy one.

"Hey, gramps, help me with this one. It's a full-sized whopper." said the boy.

"You can handle that on your own." replied the old man, pulling up his fish-laden net.

"I'm serious, grandpa.." he said in a sing-song manner.

"Pull harder."

"If I pull harder, the rod will snap."

"You can do it yourself."

Darn it, this is what I hate about grandpa..!

Jao pulls the rod hard with all his might when his catch went flying into the air.

"JAO!" yells his grandpa.

The boy's eyes widen with his catch. It was huge, but it wasn't a fish.

"Oh, sh*t, no..!"

It was a human. An unconscious and drenched human. The body went flying into the air and was descending like a comet into the tiny fishing boat.



"Look, I'm sorry I destroyed the boat, but couldn't you help me carry the fish..?" groans Jao, "This guy's practically double my weight. Plus the fish."

"That's exercise." replied the old man.

"You were the one who kept saying that I shouldn't carry anything heavier than me!" he yelled.

"Then you need to bulk up."

Jao flashed a deadly stare at the old man. Anyway, home was just a few meters away.


Jao carefully tended to the man's body. He didn't have serious injuries. He just changed his clothes and waited for him to wake up. He observed the man carefully. The man had glistening, silver hair that extended to his neck and a huge scar that crossed his face. He seemed to be maybe 5 years older than him.

Then, he saw the man stirring from his sleep.


"Hey, you're awake!" he said.

The man opened his eyes and slowly observed his surroundings. Then, he noticed the boy who was staring at him.

"Hi there, what's your name?" greeted Jao.

"Tch." the man snobbed.

"Aw, c'mon. I saved your life."

The man turned away.

"Look, I saved your life and you destroyed our fishing boat in the process."

"What?!" yelled the man. "How?!"

"I fished ya out." replied Jao calmly.

"The f**k I'd believe that." said the man.

"Yeah. Wanna see my grandpa? He's the owner of the boat you crashed."

"No thank you."

"You're really ungrateful, y'know that?" Jao said, annoyed. "Who are you?"

"No one's supposed to know my name."

"Ah, you're a criminal, aren't you?"


"You're a criminal!" yelled Jao.

"Shut the f**k up, kid!"

"If you aren't, then who are you?"

The man gave him an annoyed look and sighed.

"The name's Jem."


"Yeah, Jem Guilas." said the man. "And I f**king hate that name."

"Is that your real name?"

"Yes. I already said that I hate my name, right? If I could, I would've changed it into a much cooler name."

Jao laughed.

"So would I, but 'Jem Guilas' is a pretty cool name."

"Shut up."

Silence arose.



"You aren't gonna tell me your name?" Jem asked.

"Milan Jao." the boy replied.

"How old are you?"



"September 30."


"Hey, isn't it obvious?!" the boy yelled.

"No. With your tiny height, thin appendages, girlish eyes and long hair, it's definately not obvious." Jem explained.

"Maybe 'cuz I'm 12."

"When I was 12, I wasn't like you at all."

"Well, there are different body types, Mr. Jem Guilas. I happen to be the type of person who has fast metabolism and tends to stay slim."

"Smart guy, aren't ya?"

"Jao!" a voice suddenly cut in.

"That's my granpa. He's hellbent on making you pay for our boat." said Jao.

"Tell him I ain't interested." replied Jem. "I ain't paying no boat that was damaged by my unconscious body."

"Sorry but things like that don't really work on him."

Jem stood up. He cringed a little due to the pain but shoved off his feelings.

"I'm going." he said.

"You ain't passing my grandpa."

"I'm Coletta Island's greatest bounty hunter."

"B-bounty hunter..?!"

Jem was halfway out the door when Jao clung to him.

"Hey, you're a bounty hunter?"

"Yeah, so what?

"I suppose you're good enough to wipe some idiot that took my restaurant."

"I'm not interested."

"Aw, c'mon.." the boy pleaded, flashing puppy eyes at the man. "Maybe grandpa will let you off the hook if you do me this little favor."

"I'm not interested."

As he went down the stairs, his eyes went wide as he sees the white-haired man pointing a large rifle at him.

"I overheard your conversation with Jao." growled the old man. "Pay for our boat or else."

"Okay." replied Jem quickly.

Jao looked at him in a surprised manner.

"So much for the tough talk, Jem-niisan."

"Don't call me Jem-niisan, kid."