This is just a pretty short novel I've written. It's about some robot being some girl's bestfriend.

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P.S.2 Enjoy.

December 25, 2032.

"Give this message to Mimori Takeshita. She studies at Nihon Kogakuin, Sapporo." my creator said.

"Yes, ma'am."

"I'll suppress your memories, so you'll remember this seven months later."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Good. I'll put you in sleep mode."

Those were the last words I've heard from my creator as she put me in a low-power state.


I was being placed in a rocket-like shuttle, ready to be delivered 20 years in the past.

In our time, everything is run by computers, especially in our country, Japan. We've got some amazing technology now here and you might say that everything's pretty comfortable. Yes, it's comfortable and convenient.

But it sure lacks something. Something we had 20 years ago and my creator was searching it. That's why she created me. She created me for my purpose of asking some Mimori Takeshita what was missing in our world.


When I woke up, it was midnight. I see myself in this unfamiliar world.

Something zoomed past me. Was that a car?

I stroll around the place and see unfamiliar sights. I see trees and grass, and old-fashioned trash cans and old-fashioned vending machines and all those things I only saw in electric readers.

"Hey, you, don't you know that there's are curfew here?! Students below 18 aren't supposed to be here at this hour you know!" someone yelled.

Old fashioned clothes..

"You are..?" I asked.

"What?!" he yelled, offended, "I'm a policeman on guard, you idiot!"

Policeman.. Oh, correction officer. My creator told me that correction officers were called policemen back then. Correction officers were humans before..?!

"Hey, hey, you idiot! Wake up!" he yelled.

"I'm sorry." I apologized.

"Well you better be! Go home!"

"Home.." I mumbled, "I don't have a home."


"Oh, I'm looking for someone named Mimori Takeshita. Do you know where she lives?" I asked. In our world, correction officers knew every single person and their contact details.

"I don't know who that is."

"Huh..Oh, she studies in Nihon Kogakuin and lives in Sapporo."

"This IS Sapporo."

"Huh, really?"

"Alright, kid." he said while putting some kinda contraption on my wrists, "You're coming with me to the police station."

Police station.. T-to jail..?!

"N-no, don't! I didn't do anything..!" I yelped, destroying the contraptions on my wrist. "I can't go to jail!"

"Hey, what did'ya do to my handcuffs..?!" he yelled.

"I did nothing to deserve being jailed!" I said.

"Calm down, baka! You aren't going to jail. You're going to the police station to know who you really are..!"


Who I really am?


I obliged, assuming they'd do nothing to me. My creator told me to watch out for bad humans. He gave me a lift in his car and we rode to the police station. For now, I've experienced riding in an old fashioned car.

"Yo, Tanaka, take this guy's fingerprint. We've got some clueless out here." he said as he dragged me. "And a strong one, too."

Some muscular human got my fingerprint and told me to sit down on the bench.

"Oh, yeah. He's finding someone named Mimori Takeshita, do you know who that is?" he asked.

The muscular guy thought for a while.

"Hmm, Takeshita?" he said. "I dunno, we've got some neighbors named Takeshita."

The police turned to me and asked.

"Do you know what this Takeshita looks like?

"No." I replied.

"Why are you searching for her?"

"Because my creator told me to."

"C-creator?" the man choked.


He turned to his companion and whispered.

"He must be insane."

"Hey, I'm not insane!" I yelled.

They turned to me in surprise.

"No, we didn't say that."

"Oh, yes you did. I've heard it clearly."

The two got fed up with me.

"Alright, give us your name." they sternly said.

"My name..?"


"Falcon 0506." I replied.

"What?!" the macho exclaimed.

"Falcon 0506." I repeated. "Falcon is my series and 0506 is the date when I was manufactured."

The policeman came and examined my body. They found a laminated tag in my pocket.

"Kaien Kagamine." he said while pushing the tag to my face.

"That's my given name." I explained.

I sighed. I knew it. Humans would misunderstand me.

"You told me that you had no home." he said.

"Yes, that's right."

"My name is Kiyoshi Suzuki. You could stay in our place for a while."


"Yeah, just don't do anything funny."

"Okay. Thanks."


He gave me a ride home and I met his wife, Mrs. Mariko Suzuki and his son, Yoshiko, who was three years older than me.

"Oh dear. You don't have a home?" Mariko said. "Where are you from?"

"I come from Yokohama." I said, relating to the place where I was created.

"Yokohama? I see. Have you eaten dinner already?"

Uh-oh. Let me explain.

As a robot, I really don't do 'eating'.

"Uh, thanks for the kind concern but I don't eat."


Yoshiko just smiled amusingly watching me.

"Hey dad." Yoshiko called Mr. Suzuki. "Where'd you get that guy?"

"He was strolling in curfew hours."

"What? How?"

"I dunno, son. He just popped out from nowhere."


"Well, he just arrived and he was finding some Mimori Takeshita.''

"Mimori Takeshita..?!"

"What, you know her?"

My ears twitch as I hear their conversation.

"Yeah. I do."

"Really, you do?!" I blurted out.

Yoshiko looked at me with surprise.

"Oh, yeah. He has a habit of eavesdropping." Mr. Suzuki added.


Yoshiko took me upstairs to talk about Mimori Takeshita.

"You're finding someone named Mimori Takeshita?" he asked.

"Yeah." I replied. "You know her?"

"Yeah." he answered. "She's a junior. About your age. She's taking up Animation."

"Okay." I said, acting nonchalantly. The truth is, I don't really understand what 'taking up Animation' means.

"Yoshiko, can you introduce me to her?"

"Sure." he said. "But Mimori-chan has a boyfriend."

"Boyfriend?" I asked, not knowing what it really meant.

"Yeah, my classmate Hisagi."

"Right.." I said. "But never mind."

"You sure?"

"Yeah. I gotta meet her."

"..Okay, dude. Well, Hisagi-kun isn't the kind of person who'd go around beating up people."


"You should go to sleep."

"Okay, see ya tomorrow."

"Yeah, you too. Wake up early so you could see Mimori."

I lay down on the lower part of the bunk bed. Yoshiko slept at the upper part.

My creator and I would also sleep in bunk beds, but not like this. This was an old-fashioned one.


Chapter 1: Mimori-chan

The next day, Yoshiko and I went to Nihon Kogakuin. It was a large place and all, but still old-fashioned. He told me to stay in the waiting area until recess.

"Kagamine, you stay here until I get back." Yoshiko commanded.


I watched as Yoshiko sprint all the way to his classroom.

When he disappeared from sight, I walked around and saw all sorts of rooms.

I saw one guy writing a special formula on the board. Looks pretty easy to me.

"Sensei, do we have to memorize all that..?!"

Sensei.. Is he referring to that guy? So, teachers here are humans, too?!

I went everywhere. I saw a cafeteria, speech lab and all sorts of rooms.

I was so busy looking at all directions that I didn't notice that I bumped into a girl.


I saw her, sitting down on the floor. I extended her hand and helped her up.

"Sorry." I apologized.

Hmm, the girl looks very familiar...

The girl shyly nodded her head and went her way.

I forgot the time 'till I heard Yoshiko yell like crazy.

"Kagamine..! Oi, Kagamine, where in the world are you?! Kaien Kagamineeeeee~!"

I rushed to him immediately. He quickly scolded me.

"Kagamine, I told you not to go anywhere!"

"So, this is the Kaien Kagamine who wants to meet Mimo-chan?" a voice cut in.

I saw a lean built man, fairly tall with some acne in his face.

"Oh yeah, Kagamine, this is my classmate. Ryugamine Hisagi." he introduced.

"Hi, there." he greeted. I did a check on him. Being a robot, I could do all sorts of things, including checking what a person really feels. Based on my check, he was a little suspicious with me, but was really friendly. No hard feelings.

Before I could say anything, Yoshiko whispered something to me.

"Call him Hisagi-senpai. We're pretty much older than you so you have to show us a little respect."

He grabbed Yoshiko in a friendly manner and brushed his head with his fist.

"Ok, what did you tell him..?" he laughed.

"Nothing whatever, baka!" yelled Yoshiko, laughing.

"Nice to meet you, Hisagi-senpai." I said.

"Ah, yeah."

We walked around until we got to Mimori Takeshita's classroom.

Hisagi-senpai knocked on the open door. Everyone recognized him.

"Oi, Mimori-chan, Hisagi-senpai's here."

I saw someone approaching the door.

"Hiya, Ryuga-niichan! Have you eaten?"

So this is Mimori..? Uh-oh. The girl I bumped earlier.

"Ya, Mimo-chan, someone's here to see you."

She went outside the room.

"Hiya, Suzuki-senpai!" she greeted Yoshiko.

"Mornin'." said Yoshiko. "Oh yeah. This is Kagamine Kaien. He said that he wanted to meet you."

"Oh, really?"

She turned to me and looked at me with wonder.

"Ryuga-niichan." she whispered. "I saw that guy earlier."

"Yeah, I'm the guy you saw earlier." I cut in. "Nice to meet you, Mimori-senpai."

Yoshiko slapped my arm.

"Kagamine, you shouldn't call her 'senpai'. She's your age."

"Ah, okay."

Hisagi laughed gently.

"So, why did he want to meet me?" she asked Hisagi.

"Look, I'm not deaf. You can talk to me directly." I said.

"Mimo-chan's a little shy." explained Hisagi as he patted her head. "..so, why did you want to meet her?"

"Ah, yes. I.."

My eyes grew wide. I couldn't remember anything.


Everyone was staring at me intently.

"I don't remember."

Yoshiko rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

"I guess someone wants a friend." he said.

Mimori smiled.

"Do you want to transfer here in Animation, Kagamine-kun?" she asked.

"Sure. Does animation require computer skills?" I asked.

"Yup. You could always submit your papers at the office." she replied.

"Okay." I said. I didn't know what the heck was she talking about.

"Alright." Yoshiko said. "We better go back to class."

"Yeah, you're right." Hisagi added. "Bye, Mimo-chan."

Mimori waved goodbye and returned to her seat.

"Kagamine, don't you dare run off again." Yoshiko said.

"Relax, Suzuki.." said Hisagi. "What could happen to him? He's 17 years old."

"With a mind of a 3 year old." added Yoshiko.

"Shut up." I cut in.

"Alright, do you know the way home?" asked Yoshiko.

"Naturally." I replied.

"You can go home if you like."

"Okay. I'm going home."


"Yeah. Bye, Yoshiko-senpai. You too, Hisagi-senpai."

"Take care alright?" smiled Hisagi as he waved goodbye.


I was on the way home when I started to think about my memories.

Why couldn't I remember?

Chapter 1 done. Like it? Hope you tune in for chapter 2.