ragdoll moon

a banshee leaf murmured your name
as it crash-landed towards a meadow
of dead flowers while i took a sip
from the ginger ale sky

and beneath my hailstorm breath,
the ragdoll moon was dyed a rotten apple hue
as circus stars blushed neon in the darkness,
vacuumed by jupiter's touch

my tears crisscrossed across my face,
falling delicately like a suicide in
slow motion and writing its own
lovenote with every drop

so here i am with no make-up on,
dressed in gray shorts and a tattered
off-blue shirt, trying so hard to make sense
with all the bullshit inside my head
while screaming the lyrics to an alternative
rock song amidst the conflicting beating
of my cassette tape heart
in a mid-whisper

my bloodstained fingers outlined the silhouette
of your smile as i frantically scribbled poetry
about your mouth in the aftermath of a wednesday
evening, waiting for a massacre of words
to genuflect upon my open palms


baby, your arsenic lips still tasted
like winter never ended and you know
i'd kill myself for more