I didn't see a boat today;

I didn't chance upon quay;

I saw a soldier and a lover;

I saw a sailor with sickly pallor;

The sea so gray, waves tipped with white;

Crashing on the shore, children scatter with fright;

Sea shore so cold, sand outstretched;

Gray are the clouds overhead;

A stranger makes their way across;

The sandy shore and the walks;

A seagull's cry above him wails;

Footsteps fell softly against the trail;

To the sea so gray so violent;

Thrashing about in a riot;

A painter sits to study a scene;

A scene that may cause those to grieve;

Buffeted by waves she dipped;

Tossed like a hamper it splintered;

A wooden ship, upon the rocks;

A damned crew, a watery grave;

"Dear god, save us!" Prayers are shouted;

No answer was given, as men were drowned;

To the depths of a watery grave they sunk;

To the bottoms of the sea to be forgotten they sunk;