A tear ran down Maksim's face, still staring at the white walls.

"I read that a friend of yours, Oscar W, knew all about the secret of Irene," Natalya said, closing the book.

She could hear him whimper, but didn't dare look at him.

"What happened to Oscar?" Maksim asked.

"They found out. He was hanged," she replied.

Natalya rose from where she sat and began to play soft music from her music system. Wordless music that was deep, sad, yet rather inspiring sounding. It was a beautiful song. One of her favorite pieces that she'd listen too whenever she felt down.

She gracefully approaced him and held out her hand.

"I don't know if I want to dance," he replied, rather darkly. Yet he stood up anyway and took her hand.

"I know you are still a stranger to me," she said. "I also know this helps, it always does."

She placed one arm around his shoulder and another around his upper waist. They started move gently with the song Maksim couldn't hear. He was listening to another song. One much older, that he and Irene would listen to on late stary nights as children, alone, when there was no one to tell them it was wrong.