really short chapter, but oh well.

He sat there, thinking about what Wisdom had just said. Was it possible, could they really start a rebellion. Was that really a way out of here. He hoped so. But who would follow him, they would all be afraid of being beaten to death. They would be no escape. He felt angry at Wisdom for getting his hopes up, even if was just a tiny bit. For some strange reason he found himself doing a headcount, deciding who might be brave enough to rebel. Well, Wisdom would, Thunder, Madness, and Darkness, he supposed. And Hope, Peace, and Destiny, she would do anything to find her future. Polo definitely. His eyes rested on Timere, he was never sure about her, she was always so afraid, yet wanting to make a difference. His eyes flew over many more, but the rest of them, he was sure would never dream of it.

"Drifter, come here."

"What is it Missy?" He replied.

Amissa Puer, twelve years old, one of the only ones who could remember her own name. And the only one that he could recall who was willing to share it. If it was her real name, her parents must have been obsessed with Latin, because her name was Latin for Lost Child. It suited her perfectly, as she always seemed to be lost in another world. But she was mainly referred to as missy, because Amissa Puer seemed so out of place amongst The Darkness, and The Silence, and The Wisdom.

"The Hidden. sighted some people enter, we suspect a new worker."

"Ah right, and why are you telling me this?"

"Because you are our leader." The words slipped out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"What? How was that determined, did you hold a vote?" Smiling slightly at that last bit.

"yes, as a matter of fact we did." She replied.

"When did this happen?" He asked.

"ages ago."

The door banged open and a girl was thrown into the cellar. She had coal black hair and eyes, she was tall and skinny, she looked scared. A boy stepped forward, he gave a small half smile.

"Well hello there Cinder."