We were all sitting around the fire pit when Jonathan finally came storming back into the clearing looking like he would punch the first thing that stepped in his way. Raven was sitting at my feet leaning back against my legs. Callan and Ger were across from us looking at all the weapons. We had established that they had been laced with magic because the guys wouldn't have been able to fight as well if they hadn't.

Jonathan came to a stop at the end of the one log and looked around at us, his face expressionless.

"You gonna blame me for this too?" I blurted out. He narrowed his eyes at me, still clearly pissed from early.

"We're leaving." He stated and started shoving stuff back into the bags.

"What about Bryce? He's still out there somewhere!" Ger shot back.

"I don't care! He's probably on their side," Jonathan shouted back incredulously, "He knows we are going to my sisters and he will tell them. We have to get there before they do." He continued to recklessly pack bags.

"We can't go home without him Jonathan," Callan said as he stood slowly, grabbing a bag in an attempt to help, "We have to find him eventually,"

"It's a good thing eventually isn't right now then isn't it?" Jonathan sneered as he chucked a bag over his shoulder and headed toward the horses. The attackers had surprisingly left them alone.

Raven, Callan, Ger, and I gathered the rest of the bags up in silence and headed towards the horses. Jonathan snatched away Callan's bags and tied them up for him since it was hard for him to move his arm. Raven and Ger worked on their horse and I worked quickly on Callan's. I kept fumbling my fingers and it took longer then it should have.

I turned to see Raven and Ger getting on their horse. They were sharing again. Callan stood behind me giving me an apologetic look. He couldn't help me at all. Jonathan, already on his horse, swung around by us. He gave an exaggerated sigh when he saw that I still hadn't finished tying up the horse.

He leapt from Persephone and swatted my hands out of his way. I dropped them wordlessly and let them hang awkwardly at my side as he tied the bags for me.

"There, let's go," He said, finishing tying the knot and jumping back on his horse. He turned to face me and offered his hand.

I raised my eyebrows at him, "Callan can't ride a horse by himself. He can sit behind me on this one,"

"Alexa," Jonathan stared at me coldly. I left him hanging and mounted Callan's horse. I smirked at Jonathan and held a hand for Callan which he took with a gracious smile.

Jonathan, without another look back, steered Persephone back onto the trail that would lead us out of the forest. Ger nudged his horse forward to follow and I did the same with mine.

Callan slipped his good arm around my waist as we merged into the trees. The sounds of birds chirping filled my ears as they did yesterday when we entered the forest. They seemed to have a calming affect on me.

We rode on for what felt like hours. I thought he said it was only a short trip out of the forest.

"Are we almost there yet?" Raven called out as if on cue.

I expected a, 'We'll get there when we get there' from Jonathan but he replied with a curt, "Yes,"

Raven sighed dramatically and gave me an eye roll over her shoulder. I stifled a laugh. I was still angry about the whole attack thing but it was slowly draining out of me. I needed to relax and Raven was helping. So was Callan, the feel of his arm was comforting.

"When we get out of the trees turn left and ride as fast as you can. There will be a path. Follow it." Jonathan barked.

"Is your sister's house on the main path?" Ger asked.

"No it's on a trail off the path. Just watch and make sure to follow me when I go."

"Alright," Ger replied. He turned and exchanged a glance with Raven. Even though I have known them forever, I still can't interpret the brother sister looks they share. Ger raised his gaze to meet mine. He nodded his head and smiled softly, encouragingly. We were almost there.

"Are you okay back there?" I asked Callan.

"Yeah, I'm good." He mumbled, shifting slightly behind me.

"How's your arm? Don't lie," I added. If my arm was cut open I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be sitting as quietly as Callan was. The whole forest would know if I was hurt.

Callan was silent for a moment, "It kills."

I didn't know what to say to that, "Maybe Jonathan's sister has something that will help," I said thoughtfully.

"She better," he retorted, sounding tired and grumpy and not like himself.

"Just relax," I nudged the back of my shoulder into him, trying not to fall off the horse.

He didn't say anything but he rested his head on the shoulder I nudged him with. I stiffened immediately but slowly relaxed. Jonathan's livid blue eyes flashed through my mind. I shook it off and focused back on the trail.

I could see light streaming through the forest vines ahead. I wondered if they would be magic and open up like they did when we came in. They didn't. I guess Jonathan wasn't using his magic to help us because we got him all mad. He acts like a pmsing girl.

We took turns holding the vines out of the way as we entered the main path. My eyes were met with a blinding bright white light, the sun still high in the air.

My horse unexpectedly stopped walking. As my eyes adjusted, I could see shapes of figures. Many figures.

There was a heard of Mephs in front of us.

Panic set in. Jonathan steered his horse left and Ger went right. I stayed where I was. What the hell?

"Holy shit." Callan whispered numbly behind me.

"Yeah," I replied slowly. About half of them took off after Raven and the guys while the rest stood and stared at me. I gulped and kicked my feet into my horse's sides as we flew right. They followed after us, their roaring filled my ears until I thought they were about to explode.

The men, in no time, surrounded us completely. I felt hands reaching up to grab us off our horses. I frantically slapped them away from me. My horse reared up under me and I slowly felt Callan's arm slip away from my waist.

"No!" I screamed turning completely in the saddle to grab his arm as he fell off the back on the horse. I slowly felt myself being dragged off too.

I didn't realize I was off the horse until the breath was knocked out of me. Callan lay beside me, eyes closed. Was he dead? I was dizzy beyond belief. More and more men surrounded us until all I could see was their awful dirty faces. The smell coming from them was disgusting. The faces of the Mephs were all gaunt and there eyes burned a deep red. I screamed.

"Alexa!" I heard Raven scream over everyone. I screamed her name back. I had to get out of here. Now.

I turned to Callan and started pulling at his shirt. "Get up! Get up!" I huffed, shoving his chest. I looked up at the men who looked down worriedly on Callan. Maybe they weren't supposed to kill us. They shoved me aside roughly and made a small circle around Callan. I started shaking. Slowly, I backed between men that were moving in closer to where Callan lay. I couldn't see him at all anymore.

Suddenly I stumbled back. I whipped around to see nothing but trees. The rest of the Mep's were gone. But where was Raven and Ger? I could just see the last of the Mephs racing down the path. If they were chasing them I had to follow and save them. Jonathan wasn't going to like this.

I looked back at where I figured Callan to lay. We can find him later after we regrouped. As much as I hated turning away from him I did.

Suddenly I was whipped up into the air. I started to scream but a rough hand covered my mouth. I was plopped down onto something moving and when I looked to my right I was met with a pair of solid blue eyes. Jonathan. I saw Raven's head over his shoulder as she looked behind her to see if anyone heard my scream.

"Sorry," I said, trying to move around. Jonathan put his hand up.

"Don't move or you will fall off. This is harder than it looks." I was seated sideways on his lap and Raven was sitting behind him on Persephone. They had somehow ditched the saddle somewhere, so we were riding bare back.

"Okay," I said, rolling my eyes, "What happened? Where's Ger? Callan is still back there!"

"Ger took the Mephs off this direction to steer them away from us." Raven explained, "I jumped on with Jonathan, which was pretty impressive, I wish you saw. We doubled back to grab you and Callan. Obviously we only got you."

"So-" I got cut off.

"And just what were you doing? Walking towards the retreating Mephs huh?" Jonathan asked completely cutting me off. Great, so he did see that.

"I was.." I trailed off not being able to think of a smart thing to say. I might as well have said I was running into the fiery pits of hell.

"Exactly." Jonathan said curtly, "Running right into danger. Again."

"What about Callan?" I asked, ignoring his sass.

"On the way back from getting Ger we should be able to grab him."

We continued to race down the path. We rode in silence for a minute. We should have almost caught up to the Mephs by now.

"Did anybody see Bryce back there?" Jonathan asked unwillingly. I knew he didn't really care about him but we had to find him as well.

"Nope," replied Raven.

My butt was starting to feel sore and my one leg was falling asleep. If I could only shift and throw my leg onto the other side of the horse, it would all be good. I started to move.

"Alexa stop it." growled Jonathan, narrowing his eyes at me while trying to stay focused on the path ahead.

"I'm just trying to move, hold on a second." I said, placing my hand on his shoulder to support my leg swing.

"Alexa! Quit fooling around!"

"I just want to move okay!" I shouted in his face. Literally, I think his hair was blown back a little.

"Al stop it! I'm going to fall off!" Raven shouted back, grabbing Jonathan's shirt to hold herself up.

"Just a minute," I seethed, preparing to launch my leg.

Just as I started to swing my leg over the horse something hit us hard from the left side and we all went flying off.

I awoke momentarily dazed. I felt cold hard ground underneath me. I thought we just fell off a horse. Pretty sure I remember grass being there.

I reached up to rub my eyes but couldn't. My hands were tied behind my back with a rope. My feet were tied together as well. I yanked my wrists, the rope immediately cutting into my skin. I held in a whimper.

I looked up again trying to adjust my vision so I could see. It was dark where I was. It looked like I was in a tent of some kind because there was a little light coming from the hole in the top.

"Alexa?" I heard a faint voice whisper. I whirled around the best I could being tied up. I was still blind.

"Who's there?" I whispered my voice cracking.

"Who do you think?" An annoyed Raven answered back, "Where are you?"

I looked around me, still only seeing black, the only source of light come from the faint light coming through the top of the tent, "Here?" I answered not really sure where here was. I heard Raven sigh followed by scuffling sounds. She was moving towards me.

"I'm right here. Follow my voice. Come on. Right here." I whispered encouragingly, hoping she would be able to find me from hearing my voice.

"Shut up," I didn't have to be able to see to know that Raven was rolling her eyes. My eyes however, were slowly adjusting so I could half see a general form of Raven looming towards me. Her hand hit my foot first. I grabbed her arm and pulled her up next to me.

We sat in silence. I could hear low voices mumbling outside but they were too far for me to make out any words. This was just great. I really thought we were going to be able to do this. Any time we go to take a step forward these stupid Mephs are there waiting for us.

"Where's Ger and Callan?" And Jonathan.

"I don't know," Raven looked over at me, her face bleak.

"What if-" I was interrupted as the curtains to the tent flew open letting a stream of blinding white light in. Raven and I ducked our heads together. Forgetting my hands were tied I attempted to cover my eyes and felt the rope cut into my wrist again. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

"How is it going in here ladies?" A booming male voice said. It almost sounded like that man from back in the castle but when I looked up a young man stood there. He looked to be a little older than Raven and I but not by much. He had on all his fighting gear. Something about him seemed familiar but I was positive I have never seen him before.

We didn't answer him, instead staring at the ground by our feet.

"Don't feel like talking much eh? Well I can change that," he said and sprang forward and knelt in front of us. I could feel him staring at the two of us.

"Which one of you feels like doing the talking? I could really use some help." I continued to look and the ground.

"Just a couple questions, it will only take a minute," His voice was soft and had some sort of luring tone to it that made me want to answer him. He was a not one of us though, he was the enemy.

I couldn't stand it any longer and let my eyes flick over to him only to catch his stare. His dark eyes glinted and a slow smile spread over his face. I looked away hastily but it was too late. I am totally the weak link in all of this.

He swiftly pulled a dagger from his waistband and set it under my chin. I gasped and tried to move away. He pressed the dagger harder against my neck. I could hear Raven breathing heavily beside me.

"Looks like you're the lucky one?" He said grinning.

"What do you want?" Raven spat venomously.

He didn't take his eyes off me, I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest, "Your little friend here is going to tell me what exactly you and your posyis planning." His voice took a hard edge. He didn't keep the nice guy act up for long. I stared into his dark eyes that were half covered by messy dark hair.

"N-n-nothing," I sputtered the dagger heavy on my neck.

His laugh was harsh and bitter, "Like I'm going to believe that." I let out a shrill cry as the dagger sliced into my neck, warm blood trickled down my neck. "I know Jonathan is up to something. Tell me what it is!" He shouted at me, his eyes black with rage. I knew this had something to do with Jonathan. Only he could make someone this mad.

"I don't know," My voice shook, "He hasn't told us anything."

He opened his mouth to say something but shut it narrowing his eyes at me. Hastily, he drew the dagger away from my neck. I let out a gasp of air I had been holding. He looked between the two of us suspiciously, "When I get back, I expect an answer." He waved the dagger at us, "And I don't think I have to threaten with an 'or else'." He smirked at us and strode out of the tent. Again, I felt the lingering feeling of meeting him before.

I stared at the closed tent flap still breathing deeply. I ached to wipe the blood off my neck, it was starting to dry and become itchy.

"Well that was something," I panted to Raven.

"Yeah, I can now officially check that off my To Do list." She said, even in these situations she manages to keep up the humour. She snorted, "Have a handsome random evil guy barge into a tent and demand information out of me. Check"

I choked out a laugh, "He reminded me of someone."

Raven looked quizzically at me, "Reminds me of Jonathan, the attractive dickhead."

I rolled my eyes, "But seriously. He's going to come back."

I look over at her; her eyes were wide with fear even though she was brushing this all off as a joke. She was dirty as hell. Her hair was sticking every which way and she had dirt all over her. I'm sure I looked the same.

"There's no way for us to get out. I can't get the ropes off and it would be pretty useless to crawl." I replied. We were sitting ducks.

"What about..." Raven trailed off.

"What? What about what?" I asked, leaning closer towards her the best I could.

She trained her eyes on me, "Magic." She whispered.

I stared at her blankly, "You don't have magic though."

She nodded her head expectantly at me, "You do."

I gulped. I did, didn't I. Mom and Dad basically told me that before we all left. I remember my pathetic attempt to light the candle. I was never shown how to do magic, why would she think I know how. Jonathan hinted before that the necklace had magic abilities but I have no idea if they carry on to me. How weird would it be if I could do magic.

"I don't know how," I told Raven.

"Well don't look at me! I don't know either but if we are going to get out it's our only hope. Just try," she urged. I don't know if she was thinking I could conjure up a knife or something because I don't really think it works like that.

"Fine," I took a deep breath. There was probably some sort of incantation that would untie the ropes but I obviously don't know it. The only way I would be able to get these ropes off would be if I burned them off. I closed my eyes. This was probably, most definitely going to hurt. I pictured the ropes around my hands burning and slowly breaking off. This might not even work.

I felt the amulet around my neck start to warm. I squeezed my eyes together harder, cutting off all background sound and just thought 'burn'. Slowly, my wrist became warm. A different kind of warm than when its warning me about the Mephs.

"Alexa," Raven's voice trembled. I ignored her. Flashes of gold and red danced across my closed eyes. My head felt as light as a cloud. The heat on my wrist grew increasingly warm. I could practically feel the fire flicking up my arm. It was working! It was actually working. And it burnt like the devil.

"Ah!" I wheezed as my skin burned under the heat. As quickly as the heat started it was gone. My wrist stung from the burn. I pulled my wrist apart.

I screamed. The rope was not burnt all the way through. My vision went fuzzy. I had yanked the rope right into my fresh burn wounds. That I made with magic. I had used magic.

Raven shushed me down hurriedly. I bit my lip to keeping from crying. The tears were streaming down my face. Pain tingled up my arm giving me the jitters.

"Alexa," Raven said looking at me in alarm, "He's going to be back any second now! Hurry, try again!"

I closed my eyes, the pain from my wrist still scorching up my arm. I mentally pictured the fire again. Just like before my amulet heated up and then I feel the heat on my wrists again. I bit my lip to keep from sobbing. The fire burned into my skin, melting it away. I half stomped my feet to control the pain.

Suddenly, my arms went limp, the heat was gone. Slowly I moved my arms apart. They were loose. It was too dark to see how badly my wrists were burnt but they seared with pain like none other.

"Do me, do me!" Raven whispered. There was the sound of metal clashing outside and voices were raised. The psycho guy would be back any second.

Hurriedly, I unravelled Raven's ropes around her wrist as she did my feet. My wrists screamed at me to stop but I couldn't. I could hardly feel my hands.

We had just finished untying the ropes around Raven's ankles when the tent flap was thrown back again.

"What's going on in here?" The guy said in his booming voice.

"What does it look like?" Raven shot back, ripping the remaining rope away and leaping to her feet. I slowly stood up beside her.

He laughed, "Do you really think you are going to make it out of here? You are in the middle of camp and my men are spread out all around you."

I took a small step back. Yeah there was no way to get out. Might as well quit now.

"I think you are going to tell us how to get out or else 'my friend' here will use her badass amulet on you." Raven snarled at him. My eyes popped out of my head. She wasn't supposed to tell him I had the amulet.

His eyes popped out as well, "Amulet… s-she has the amulet?" He sounded stunned.

"Uh yeah, it kind of melted the last guy who touched it so I wouldn't get any crazy ideas." Raven shook her head at him. She was getting us in deep.

The guy switched his gaze from Raven to me, his eyes glinting evilly, "You have the amulet?" He still sounded amazed.

"You don't want it." I said unconvincingly, clutching the amulet in my hands.

"Oh yes I do," He said lowly, "You don't know how much power it holds. If only you knew, you wouldn't be standing before me as you are."

I sputtered. I had no idea what to say. I saw Raven scanning the tent looking for a way out so I had to stall for time.

"And what exactly is the power it has?" I said, matching his glare.

"Something greater than you will ever know." He said and before I knew what he was doing, he sprung at me. I tried to dodge him and go under his arm but his other hand caught my hair and dragged me into him. I felt the cold blade of his dagger back on my neck.

"Raven!" I choked, trying to rip his arm away from my neck. He held me in front of him as he dragged me back towards the door. Raven stood paralysed.

"Tell me where Jonathan is going and I will let her go!" The guy yelled in my ear. I cringed and tried to move away but he roughly pulled me back. He didn't make a move for the amulet. So he does know how powerful it is.

"Tell me!" He shouted.

"Why don't you ask him yourself," a voice said stepping into the tent behind us. It was Jonathan looking as laid back as ever, standing with his hand in his front pockets. Although he stood casually, I could see the tenseness in his shoulders. The dim lighting made it hard to see his face.

"Jon-" The guy whirled around, caught off guard by the sudden appearance of him.

Raven used the opportunity. She charged up behind him and kicked him behind the knees. He released me and dropped to the ground where she promptly kicked him in the head.

"Nice," Jonathan said raising his eyebrows.

"Let's go," She replied and jumped over the guy lying on the ground. Jonathan waved his hand at us to follow and I turned to go with him.

Raven yelped. I reeled back to find the guy holding Raven's ankle. He wasn't knocked out. He shouted out with rage.

"Alexa!" she gasped, wrenching her leg around trying to get free.

Without thinking and I took a step and kicked him in the face. Hard. His hand immediately let go of Raven's ankle.

We ran out of the tent like bats from hell. I caught a look from Jonathan that almost looked like he was impressed.

Outside the tent there was a hundred other tents. It almost felt like I was in a maze. I ran. I don't know where I was running, but I was running. I could hear the Mephs all around us, their reaction time too slow to catch us.

I have no idea where I'm running. I don't have time to turn around to see if Raven and Jonathan are behind me. For all I know, a pack of Mephs could be there. More and more tents filled my vision. White here, white there. It was starting to make me dizzy.

I heard a sound behind me. I quickly darted to the right. This had to be the way out. Something behind me grabbed my hand pulling me left. I instantly pulled my hand away but the other hand stayed hard around mine. It continued to drag me left. I was caught. I just got out and now I'm back in again.

I curved to face my attacker and swung in my fist for a blow. A hand caught the hand I was using to punch. I stared at it open mouthed. I was no longer running.

I looked up from the hand. It was Jonathan. He raised an eyebrow and smirked at me as if to say 'Really?".

Of course we were supposed to go left to get out. I rolled my eyes and started to run as Jonathan pulled me along. I ripped my hand from his. I could run on my own, I'm a big girl.

He was much faster then me though and I could tell he wasn't even running his fullest. I was panting for air and the hair at the nape of my neck was wet with sweat.

The tents suddenly opened up around us and we were met with a field. On the far side of the field was the forest that we came out of. I saw a flash of red hair between the trees. Raven.

Jonathan looked back quickly to see if I was still there.

I wish he hadn't looked back at that second. I had my hand wrapped around my side where my stomach was cramping majorly, and sweat covered my skin. He however still looked like a god. I have no idea how his hair always manages to look perfect. I smiled weakly at him, but got no reaction.

Jonathan looked farther over my shoulder, his face blanching. I risked a look and found the whole Meph army chasing after us. With spears. And other deadly weapons that you could possibly think of.

I sprinted as fast as I could. I could hear them all yelling behind me like mad men. My breath was coming in short pants now and I felt as if I was about to pass out. I tried to push harder, my legs felt as if they were turning to jello. As Jonathan raced ahead of me I fell back. I couldn't do it. We were only half way across the field.

I stumbled to a stop panting. I stood bent over with my hands on my knees. I could hear the Mephs getting closer.

I heard footsteps thundering towards me. I looked up to see Jonathan flying to a stop in front of me.

"What the hell Alexa," He growled, grabbing my hand and dragged me forward.

A second after he pulled me forward a spear sliced into the ground exactly where I had been standing.

I stared at the spear wide eyed as he continued to drag me forward, his speed increasing quickly.

"And that would have been you," I heard him mumble lowly under his breath. I didn't think he knew I could hear him.

My feet were practically running on air as we sped across the field. More spears and arrows fell down around us. Jonathan jerked us to the right as a spear crashed down in front of us. All I could think was 'gonna die gonna die'.

I closed my eyes and just let him pull me. I really didn't want to see myself die. I also didn't want to see Jonathan get speared in half right in front of me. We would be safe the second we got back into the forest because of the protective spell that surrounds it.

I still felt as though I was flying as I got dragged along and then, out of nowhere, I smacked into something. I opened my eyes to find myself looking at Jonathan's chest.

I looked around to find myself completely surrounded by green, plants and trees of all sorts. We made it. I looked up expectantly at Jonathan. It was funny how we have only known each other for a few short days but the way we talk and act seems like we've known each other for a long time.

"Well," I raised my eyebrows at him, taking a step back as he released my hand, "Aren't you going to yell at me for stopping back there?" I choked out between breaths.

"No," he said, hardly out of breath, "I'm just glad we all made it out okay."

I stared at him open mouthed.

"If you're waiting for me to freak out it's not happening." He leered at me, "Besides, we are closer to my sisters' house so it's only a ten, maybe fifteen minute walk from here."

I closed my mouth, "Great, let's go."

"Sure. We're good guys," he called out behind him and Ger, Callan, and Raven exited from behind a bush. Callan held his arm and walked carefully as to not hit it on anything as Raven stumbled around behind him pulling twigs and such from her hair.

Ger walked over to me and gave me a tight hug. "You okay?" He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head, my eyes tearing up a little. He reminded me of my dad so much in his gesture. His dark hazel eyes assessed me before he nodded and rubbed my head as he walked over to discuss plans with Jonathan.

Callan slowly joined them, nodding once in my direction. Raven stumbled to a stop beside me. We looked at each other silently before we hugged.

"That was scary, Al." Raven said.

I pulled back, "I know."

"As much as I hate to admit it, I don't know what we would do without Jonathan." She looked at me guiltily.

"I know." I said again. It was true. He's saved our asses so many times now I can't even remember.

"Alright, it's this way to his sister's girls," Ger called over at us as the guys started to walk along the edge of the forest line.

Raven and I walked a couple paces back from them.

"That was nice of Jonathan to help you," Raven looked at me out the corner of her eye.

"Yeah, I would probably be dead right now if it weren't for him." I said honestly, not sure how she was going to turn this against me.

"He looked like a friggin race horse, just a barrelling across the field."

"Good, it saved our lives so.."

"You know what I always say." She said earnestly. I had no idea what she always says.

"Save a horse, ride a cowboy," She sang.

I narrowed my eyes at her, "You never say that."

"Yes, Alexa, yes I do. I say it all the time. And that is one fine cowboy right there."

I looked ahead at Jonathan, his broad shoulders outlining the view of the forest in front of me.

"He's not a cowboy – wait why are we even talking about this? It doesn't even make any sense!" I practically wailed. I saw Ger turned his head slightly to look at us. Probably to make sure we weren't being attacked or anything.

"It doesn't matter!" Raven replied, "I was trying to be funny and it didn't work! I'm in the middle of nowhere, dirty as mud, and need sleep! I did not sign up for this."

I did not reply as we kept walking.

"You didn't have to come." I stated, looking over at the girl practically in tears.

"I know but I couldn't let you come all by yourself. We need each other." She tried for a small smile but failed as her lips wobbled helplessly.

"Ray," I said softly, taking her hand. The girl that never cried and never let her guard down; she was never affected by anything, had finally been broken.

"I'm sorry," she whimpered.

"It's okay," I said, "It's okay." As we walked silently, listening to the low murmur of the guys talking ahead, I wondered when I would finally lose it. I never really thought of myself as strong. Raven was always the strong one as Ger was always the brave one. But maybe, just maybe I have a little of both in me.

I could only hope that Jonathan's sister had warm food waiting for us, or she was about to have five angry teenagers to deal with.