Raven and I spent the whole bus ride home talking about the weird mark on my wrist and the strange lady in the cafeteria. It was odd that nobody else saw the lady except Raven and I. But the mysterious part is how she vanished into thin air. That defies all laws of physics. Raven said she would look it up tonight along with the mark and see if she could find any relations.

It was only Raven, Ger, and I walking home from school today because Callan had basketball practice. Despite being the Home of the Squids, our sports teams did very well in competitions.

Ger immediately spotted the mark on my wrist after getting off the bus when casually grabbing my hand in an attempt to annoy Raven.

"What the hell, Al? You got a tattoo?" He exclaimed, his eyes popping out of his head.

I shook my head and pulled my hand from his.

"Yeah Ger, yeah she did." Raven said sarcastically after giving Ger a glare that said she saw the hand holding. I tugged my sleeve down again as I had been doing all day. Thankfully nobody at school noticed.

"So, it's not a tattoo?" Ger said clearly confused.

"No, I don't know what it is!" I said, frustrated that this stupid thing was still there.

"Then…." Ger said glancing between Raven and I waiting for an answer, his face becoming serious. Raven looked at me cautiously wondering if it was okay to tell him.

I nodded. "You can tell him," I said not sure if my voice was strong enough to. Raven explained everything that happened that day starting with the woman and ending with my mark. By the time she was done we were standing at the bottom of my driveway.

"That is crazy," Ger said, clearly not believing us.

"I know but it's true!" Raven said trying to convince him.

Ger looked over at me. "It's true," I said confirming what Raven told him.

"Agincourt, huh?" Ger contemplated, " Isn't that the name of some big war?"

"We have no clue. You, mom and dad are the history buffs," Raven rolled her eyes, lightening the mood.

"Very true," Ger said grinning, bringing the mood back to its usual light joking manner. He gave my shoulder a slight push. "It's gonna be fine Alexa, the mark will be gone by tomorrow."

"Okay," I said letting out a deep breath that I felt like I've been holding all day. "I'll see you guys tomorrow,"

"You bet," Raven said smiling as her and Ger started walking to their house.

Just then, a shiny black BMW drove by and stopped beside us. We knew all too well who was behind those tinted windows. Bryce Jacobs. Elementary school bully, now Football Captain of The Squids. The biggest jock you will ever know, but apparently one of the hottest guys in our school, not that I can see past the cruel smile he constantly sports.

Slowly the tinted window rolls down, exposing his light blonde hair and green eyes that were hidden behind a pair of Aviator sunglasses. We all stood still waiting. Leisurely, Bryce lifted his hand up giving us the finger and grinning a full toothed grin.

As usual, we were used to this and just raised our hands and waved back at him with pleasant smiles plastered on our faces. I wasn't aware that my mark on my wrist was fully exposed while I was waving until Bryce's mouth dropped open as he stared at it. My hand froze mid air. Raven seeing that Bryce was staring yanked my hand down. Bryce still somewhat dazed by the mark on my wrist muttered something and whizzed away and into his garage two driveways away.

"What was with him and the mark on your wrist?" Raven asked eyeing his house.

"I have no idea," I said as confused as she was, "He probably thinks it's an actual tattoo and is jealous that I got one before him." Raven laughed lightly at my attempt at humour, but when we looked at Ger his expression was stern.

"What is it?" I asked, exchanging a worried glance with Raven who shrugged her shoulders.

"Did you hear what he said before he drove away?" He said his eyes boring into mine. Both of us shook our heads. Ger sighed. "He said Agincourt."

I took a long hot shower after I got home, spending extra time massaging the shampoo into my hair. I could feel the headache coming on. I rubbed at the tattoo on my wrist fiercely with soap but it wouldn't come off. I was even desperate enough that after my shower I poured some nail polish remover over it and scrubbed like crazy. Still, it stayed as definite as it was the second after it appeared.

I gave up and decided to let my poor red and now swollen wrist rest while I did homework. Since my mom couldn't get my computer to work this morning she took it to the store. I don't know when I am getting it back but I have to rewrite my whole French essay tonight. But with the events of today still racing through my mind, it was harder than it should have been.

People don't appear and disappear randomly. It doesn't make sense yet the woman vanished right in front of my eyes. Agincourt, as far as Ger knows, is some epic war battle, not a place.

A crazy woman shows up talking about a nonexistent place, then disappears and leaves a freaky mark on my wrist, is not my usual school day. Oh but then Bryce Jacobs just happens to know of this nonexistent place called Agincourt. How is that even possible? I figured that there was no possible way that I was getting any homework done tonight, so I crept into Carley's room and stole her laptop, which I brought back to my room.

I was lying on my stomach on my bed looking up Agincourt on the Internet when my dad called for supper. I sighed and slammed the laptop closed. The only hits I was getting was information about the war. Also, Agincourt is a place in Toronto but I'm pretty sure people from Toronto don't pop in and out of places.

I dropped Carly's laptop on her bed as I walked by her room on the way to supper.

"Hey, you didn't ask to borrow that!" I heard Carley call from the corner of her room where she was sprawled in her bean bag chair reading a magazine.

"My bad," I apologized and kept walking. Her grumble followed me down the hall and into the kitchen where we took our seats at the table. My dad and mom were already seated at the table when Carley and I joined them. She glared at me from across the table. We all silently put our dressing on our hamburgers that dad made.

"So, how was school today girls?" Dad asked before he took a big bite out of his hamburger, a little drop of ketchup falling off it onto the table cloth. "Oops," he gave my mom a cheesy smile that she just raised her eyebrows at.

"Great!" Carley squealed, her face glowing with pride, "I got an A on my science test."

"Good job sweetie." mom said, "What did Mme. Frillose say about your essay, Alexa?"

I looked up reluctantly, putting on my best sad face but before I could say anything my dad burst out laughing.

"Look at that face," He said still chuckling, "It's like a puppy dog left outside in the rain." Carley seeing that the attention was no longer on her, slouched in her seat.

I laughed along with my dad. "The old bat took five percent of my essay!" I exclaimed which only made my dad and I laugh more. My mom merely rolled her eyes at us.

My dad is a cook at The Little Bistro in town and was just telling us about the new waiter they hired today when the phone rang. My mom got up to answer it.

"So the kid ended up giving a Coke to the guy that wanted a Diet Coke because he was a diabetic," My dad choked up with laughter and it was hard not to join him even though it wasn't that funny or made any sense. My dad continued on his story while I listened to my mom pick up the phone in the kitchen.

"Hello?" It was silent. My dad slowly stopped talking once he realized that my mom wasn't talking. After looking at her he got up and walked over. They whispered quietly to each other and into the phone giving quick glances over their shoulders at me.

"You're in trouble," Carley drawled out, "I am so not sticking around for this." She casually picked up her plate and strolled into the kitchen leaving me alone. Just as Carley ran up the stairs and did a little dance at me before disappearing down the hall, my mom hung up the phone and her and dad made their way back to the table. I was a slow eater and only halfway through my hamburger so there was no way of escape.

I chewed slowly as my parents sat down, both of them staring at me.

"Alexa, why don't you roll up your sweater, it's getting in your food." My mom said sternly, staring at my sleeve. I had put a sweater on the second after I got out of the shower in fear of anyone seeing the mark.

I gulped down my mouthful. "It's fine, I'm almost done."

My mom and dad exchanged a look.

"Alexa, listen to your mother."

They so knew something was up. How would they know about the mark? I didn't think Raven or Ger would tattle to their parents about it.

"Actually, I'm really cold so I am just going to leave it." I said, it coming out snobbier than I expected.

My mom and I had a silent battle with our eyes. I wasn't going to back down because then I would have to roll up my sleeve and there was no way that was happening. My mom broke the gaze when my dad sighed heavily.

"Put your plate in the dishwasher and then go to your room for the rest of the night." My dad said running a hand through his dark hair, his brown eyes turning sad. I know he hates it when he has to punish Carley or I.

"Goodnight," I stood, grabbed my plate and headed into the kitchen thankful to be out from under their watchful stares.