"911, what's your emergency?" asked the operator in a monotonous voice.

"Help! Oh God, I'm going to die! Something is attacking our car! I can't see what it is; I was just out driving with my husband and newborn daughter! It's trying to get into our car!" yelled a loud, panicked female voice.

"Excuse me miss, but I need you need to calm down. Where are you? Can you see what's attacking you?" asked the operator.

"I can almost see it, there! Oh God, what is that? It's like a tall, grey man, only he has wings, and his eyes, I can't stop looking at his red eyes…" the woman's voice suddenly trailed off and became quiet. No other sounds could be heard on the end of the line.

"Excuse me? Are you still there Miss? I need you to identify your attacker."

"Run." said a deep, inhuman voice over the phone. The operator at the desk jumped back. That wasn't the woman's voice. It didn't sound like any kind of voice at all, like something had taken her phone, or possibly even controlled her voice.

"Agent Fayger, last night a strange murder was recorded. We've got people searching the scene now, but we'd like you to take a look at this," said a man in plain office clothes, holding a coffee in one hand and a folder in the other. He dropped the folder onto Agent Foster's desk, several papers sliding out of it in the process.

"Are there any suspects so far?" asked Agent Fayger, tucking her red hair behind her ear, a bright new ring glinting against the light on her ring finger as she moved her hand over to open the folder.

"He proposed then?" asked the man across her desk.

"Nope, I'm just wearing it for decoration." He gave her a confused look. "Of course he proposed! Is everybody in this building so dull?" she replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm and malice. The man backed away, looking a little frightened of her.

Agent Fayger opened the folder, her chocolate eyes sweeping over the details of last night's call. What surprised her were the included files about "The Mothman," A false childhood ghost story.

"Hey, Walker, why are there files about the Mothman in my report?" Agent Fayger asked over the intercom.

"The description that the woman gave of the creature only matched up with sightings of the Mothman, we tried looking at birds, men in costumes, and bats, but none of them quite fit." replied the voice of her boss over the phone.

Agent Fayger leaned back in her chair. She missed the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas. She had been on vacation there just last week with her boyfriend, now fiancé, Justin. He had proposed on the beach, and she had happily accepted.

She was brought out of her reverie when she got a call from over the intercom from her boss.

"Agent Fayger, there's been another attack. Its downtown by Costco, we need you on the scene as soon as possible.

"I'm on my way." Agent Fayger responded, before heading out the door as quickly as she could.

Outside of Costco, a middle-aged woman could be seen walking through the busy parking lot, her arms full of plastic bags. She shifted some of the bags to her left arm and reached into her purse to pull out her car keys to unlock her mini-van.

Out of nowhere, a huge grey beast flew down from the sky and dive-bombed one of the cars behind her, causing her to shriek in terror.

Her hands were shaking as she fumbled for her cellphone hidden deep in her handbag, but her panic only increased as she heard the sound of another car being obliterated by the same beast, this time on the other side of her car.

Other screams could be heard throughout the rest of the parking lot as people caught sight of the monstrous beast that was at least seven feet tall. What terrified the woman was an undeniable feeling of dread, that something was coming for her and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

As another crash signaled a new attack from the creature, the woman slowly looked behind, only to see hypnotic red orbs placed on top of a creature that seemed to have come straight from hell itself, its body, a dark shade of grey with bat-like wings 20 feet across. Its blood red eyes were unlike anything imaginable.

The woman became entranced by its eyes, and was unable to look away as it invaded her mind and killed her from the inside out, burning each and every one of her brain cells in a headache that makes migraines and sinus pain look like a prick in the finger. She couldn't even hear herself scream bloody murder as the creature got what it needed, and flew off with one enormous swoop of its wings.

Agent Fayger stepped out onto the street, and a dark foreboding followed her steps as she walked over to the crime scene.

"What happened this time?" she asked, eyeing the obliterated cars around the parking lot.

"This creature supposedly attacked Mrs. Jones while she was walking to her car. Her body is being sent away to find the cause of death. As far as we could tell, there were no open wounds or visible damage. The only way we knew she was dead was her still heartbeat." one of the investigators told her.

"Could she have died from shock?" she inquired.

"We are not certain," he replied.

"Alright, give me a few moments to look around," Agent Fayger replied, walking over toward the crushed cars first.

There's no way that a person could've done this on their own… she thought as she ran her soft hands over the artistically smashed vehicle. I don't know a bird powerful enough to have done it either. Even if it was a bird, that doesn't explain how it killed her without leaving a single mark. None of this adds up! Unless, maybe it really is a fictional creature, but that's impossible!

A quote from Sherlock Holmes suddenly came into her mind from a class in college, "How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

A shudder suddenly ran throughout Agent Fayger's body, making her blood run cold. She couldn't pinpoint exactly what was causing it at first, but her question was soon answered when she looked up and an ungodly creature soaring over Los Angeles International Airport, its wings not beating once, and it was staring her straight in the eye, its demonic red eyes piercing her mind and soul, even though it was over a hundred feet away.

The panic in her mind began to boil her blood as the figure grew in size as it flew closer and closer to her, its eyes still locked on hers. Her mind began to open, memories began to come to her mind, memories that had been forgotten until now. Her whole life began to become exposed, all from the gaze of this grotesque, bloodcurdling creature.

As it had finished with her memories, her mind began to burn, cell by cell. The pain from her mind finally snapped her conscious thoughts back into place and her 'fight or flight' instinct kicked in as she whipped out her gun and pointed it at the creature, now about a hundred feet from where she stood.

The creature stopped in its tracks as it caught sight of the gun. Its eyes still pierced her eyes and made her mind burn, but it began to lessen as the creature flew away, breaking away from the hypnotic gaze that had trapped Agent Fayger in a world of agonizing pain. The pain caused her to collapse almost immediately afterwards.

"First off in tonight's news, a strange creature wreaks havoc on the streets of Los Angeles. It is unclear what type of creature it is, but so far it has been the cause of over 20 casualties around the downtown L.A. area since its first sighting last week. We have a reporter down in California tonight, interviewing one of the victims of these attacks from this mysterious creature." reported a newscaster on television all across the country.

"Thanks Brian. I'm here with Christine Faire. She reports seeing the creature flying over the Los Angeles International Airport." replied another news anchor, appearing on the TV in front of an abandoned street, normally bustling with people.

"So, Christine, when was the first time you saw the creature?"

"Well, I was heading back from LAX when I saw it. I had just gone to see my son and his new grandson over in Oklahoma, and right as I got in my car and started driving, I saw this big bat-like thing flying over the airport. I quickly sped home, but I have seen it a few other times too."

The TV switched back over to the main anchor, "If you happen to catch a glimpse of this creature, or have seen it yourself, you are encouraged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department. This creature has been labeled as a threat to Los Angeles and the surrounding area, so the police are now encouraging people to stay in their homes, and if at all possible, evacuate. This creature has not been caught or injured, and it doesn't appear that these sightings will stop anytime soon." The TV then switched to the commercial break.

The nurse at Agent Fayger's bedside flicked it off, seeing as she was the only one really watching the TV. She looked over and saw Ms. Fayger's fiancé, Justin, standing by her bedside. He had come as quickly as he could when he had learned what had happened. She had been asleep for the past day or so, whatever had happened; it had taken quite a toll on her. A few of her coworkers had come in to check on her as well, but Justin had hardly left her bedside.

Looking over Ms. Fayger's health updates, such as her heartbeat and recent medications that she had been administered, the nurse decided that she would be okay during the night.

"I'm going to leave for the night. If she starts to wake up, then just let one of the nurses know." she spoke to Justin. He nodded in response, not looking away from his injured fiancé.

Late in the night, after everyone had fallen asleep, a rumble began to disturb the quiet peace. It was gentle at first, softly shaking the buildings a small bit, spilling a few water glasses, nobody was woken up, it was nothing too serious. Most of the people in Los Angeles were completely used to it by now.

Until it began to grow. The buildings began to rattle more, glasses and decorations around houses began to fall and shatter. A few more people were woken and hurried to areas they knew to be safe from events like this. Paintings began to fall off walls, a few windows began to shatter, papers were strewn across desks and floors in office buildings all over the city, and the rumble refused to cease.

In one minute, the earthquake had grown from a small growl, to an earth-shattering, street -splitting, quake that caused even the most sturdy structures in LA to collapse. All over the huge city, skyscrapers fell, streets were split, and the earth shook.

In the hospital where an engaged couple both lay in each other's arms, they were shaken awake, even the unconscious woman was brought back to reality from the violent wrecking.

"Come on, we've got to get out of here." the man said to his female counterpart, trying to help her out of the bed. Once he had gotten her to her feet, she seemed to come to her senses more. "Come on, please Mary, we've got to get to a safer place." he urged, supporting the majority of her weight with his shoulders.

"Let me grab something first." she pleaded. He nodded and she walked over to the table, on top of it was her jacket, the inside hidden from Justin's sight. He helped slip it on her, and asked no questions. If she wanted to wear a jacket outside on a night like this, he would let her. However he was still frightened from the earthquake that refused to stop shaking the earth.

"Okay, let's get out of here." she said, shrugging his arm off and walking on her own two feet. He quickly grabbed her hand and together, they hurried out of the hospital room to a safer place.

Just as they reached the hallway however, it stopped. The hospital, by some miracle, had not fallen that night. It had remained standing. The rest of Los Angeles however, was in ruins.

"Should we go outside?" asked Agent Fayger.

"I think we should, just to see the damage." replied Justin. Gripping each other's hands tightly, they walked out of the hospital, and braced themselves for the complete desolation that lay just outside the door.

It was worse than anything else imaginable.

Streets that once were bustling with people going every different direction were now cracked and split so that they didn't look like streets at all. Once lining the streets were tall, grandiose buildings that seemed to touch the sky, now the only thing standing for the next few miles was the hospital.

Both Justin and Mary Fayger whirled around in horror, absorbing every angle of the destruction that had ravaged their hometown. It almost didn't seem real, for how could it? Nothing could happen on such a scale. This was just like the huge earthquake in 1971, only there was a lot more damage that had been inflicted.

If that creature wasn't behind this, then my name isn't Mary Ellen Fayger. It will show its face. I know it will, thought Mary, her hand reaching inside her jacket to grab ahold of the gun. She knew it was coming. It had let go of her mind during the earthquake. The creature knew everything about her, her personality, her childhood, even the extent of her love to the man holding her hand, from the moment it had made eye contact with her. She was the only victim that it hadn't killed, and had made eye contact. They were connected in a way that she couldn't understand.

Right on cue, she felt the creature's presence before she saw it on top of the hospital, standing not 100 feet from where she now stood. She turned around, and its blood red eyes once again connected with hers, and she was put in a hypnotic trance once more. It was in complete control of her thoughts and actions.

"Mary? Mary, tell me that's not..." he saw the creature looking at her and froze. It was the creature they all talked about, it was on the news and all over the internet. Now, it was standing over them with a piercing gaze.

"Mary, don't look at it! You can't! Can you hear me? Mary look at me! Don't look at it!" Justin yelled in panic. The creature was toying with his mind, adding fuel to the panicked fire raging through his mind at what was happening to his fiancé

"You puny humans are so easily corrupted. So stupid and ignorant. You are blind to the inevitable." spoke the creature in their minds. It did not sound human, and spoke no specific language, but the words' meaning was clear in the minds of both Mary and Justin.

In a brief moment after he spoke, she had control of her mind, just enough to push its consciousness away, and instinct to kick in. As fast as she could, she whipped out the gun from her jacket and shot at the creature, her eyes closed from his gaze. Six loud shots rang through the city, the sunrise beginning to shed light on the recent events.

Justin carefully lowered her arm, and they both looked over at the wounded creature. She had shot it twice in each wing, puncturing clear holes defined through its silhouette, and two had missed the creature completely. It tried to fly away, but the holes in its wings stopped that from happening. She reached in her jacket, her fingers fumbling for another clip to use, but Justin put his hand over hers.

"He has answers. He can't get away now, just take him in and question him." he said quietly. Mary nodded. She was still in shock. Three years in the FBI, and she had never shot a living creature until now.

After she had shot the creature, Mary worked with Justin to get the creature tied up. It tried fighting against them, but its power was within its mind. It was powerless after they had blindfolded it.

A few weeks after the attack, Agent Fayger rounded up her colleges that remained and performed an interrogation with this mysterious creature.

"What are you?" Agent Fayger asked the creature. They had turned it so that it faced the wall, and was still kept blindfolded.

"I am a multidimensional being. I have no title. I see all that was, and will ever be. I have a level of intelligence that is deemed impossible by you ignorant humans. I come from a world that you refer to as hell. I am here to cause disasters to happen. Without me, your species would collapse. Without disasters, you would not see flaw. You would not come together and help each other. Your world would fall. I come not to harm you, but to save you. The methods I go about doing it however, can be seen as lethal and inhumane." It spoke in their heads, the entire room was speechless and they knew that it would answer their questions.

"Mary, by shooting me, you have paralyzed my ability to fly permanently. I see that you did your actions out of fear, to protect yourself and the man you love. But, in turn, you have sealed the fate of the human race. I cross dimensions while flying. I cannot cause or warn future generations of disasters, I cannot fulfill those in the past either. Your race will fall apart, very slowly, without the events to trim the population, bring you together in moments of shared thinking, and keep you connected as a species." everyone in the room was now petrified with terror.

"As penance for your actions, I will kill everyone you have ever loved. Everyone in this room."

The Mothman refused to speak to them again after that, even though torture and fatal wounds. Then, without a single trace, he disappeared.