Well-made crafts and a disarming smile remained her of the lost romance she and her now-distant lover, had carefully created that luminous summer. She could not forgive herself for the loss and darkness she had to put him through. Battling her aloofness and insecurities was a task made for pure acknowledgment; she also knew her limits, but decided to push them for the sake of a pure and emotionally charged love. Alert of her surroundings, she knew it was also a world that would make her fall again; fall into uncontrollable depression in a world full of evilness and suffering, she thought. Last summer was also the first time she ever felt that zealous passion her lover had intrigued her for so many days. She was able to dream, to encounter with her real self and with a real companion.

Celeste O'Hara had made her way to the essence of her heart. She enjoyed and perceived the perfectness of a genuine smile everyday; only remaining her of how shimmering her smile was, just recalling the blue tone of her crystal clear eyes the day they exchanged glances, made her all feel like a queen. She had been part of the vast oceans that form the love circle two lovers feel for each other. The passionately created relationship they both delicately had shaped together was nonetheless strong; it was a fine example of infinite love. But deep inside, Celeste knew how empty she felt by looking at herself in the mirror. Her insecurities seemed endless; they were trying to devour every fiber of her body… of her soul.

Stealing one's heart was a term Celeste recognized within her group of close friends. It dated back to the days of unending fantasies they shared together; nervously laughing at their content. For her now, it sounded very familiar to her heart, and it was certainly killing her. For months now, she was been absorbed by a strong captivating force that moved her. She enjoyed the freedom and care her lover Sebastian, a young crafter, had brought her; but she felt unbelievably guilty for the imprecise situation that she was painfully living. Tonight and exclusively tonight was the night for her torments to come to an end. Drifting apart was a better way to terminate such matter like this. She was sure this would emphasize the importance of opening doors to the disadvantaged; to the ones deserving salvation. As the young lady's soul weakened, she did not feel worthy anymore, and eventually carried herself into the concept of letting go; letting go of the hopeless, as she poorly valued herself until the end.

That night, she was meant to be alone. First, she thought about revealing her troubled experiences with low self esteem and severe insecurities with her Sebastian. He had the strength she needed at the moment, though she had already felt her spirit fading apart, she was not the same. After an atrocious phone call ending with Sebastian, whom on his part, thought she was destined to live, to stop thinking bitterly; she could not hold herself any longer. Abruptly, she made her way to the kitchen, where she preserved a knife that was going to serve as the utensil of the night. Without any further thinking, she processed and passed away in a disastrous blink.