Hey there guys!

These are two poems I had to write for English class last year :D

Since I don't upload all that fast, here's a awful poetry to help your day (they are about Sarah Burnes)

I am Poem
I am
Silence, scars and strength.
I love my new life, and my old friends.
Trust, friendship, and my scars are important to me.
I am grateful to be safe, to have a friend who goes against my wishes to save me, and to the Lemry's care.
I am scarred
but I am flawless
I was abused amd terrorized. I lied and kept secrets, and I ended up saved anyway.
This is me!
I am!

Alone Poem

Alone is never being able to tell the truth.
Alone is never being able to live.
Alone is forgetting, even if just a little while.
Alone is always being last.
Alone is always being an outcast.
Alone is taking the fall even when you're not to blame.
Alone is the last, dying flame.
Alone will always be.