I waved hello to you in the hallway

You ignored me

I tried to pretend that you just hadn't heard me

I tried to sit next to you in homeroom

And you moved to a different seat

Again I tried to pretend that it didn't hurt

You and I used to be so close

What happened to us?

You sit with the girls with the perfect hair

The boys with the perfect bodies

Now I sit alone in the corner

Watching others walk by

Wishing for someone to talk to

Why have you left me?

I look through my phone

And read all of our messages

As I progress I start to read between the lines

The curt replies to my questions

Refusals to hang out

You didn't want to be my friend anymore

I only wish you had told me sooner

Instead of stringing me along

I feel so pathetic

For trailing like lost puppy

Nowadays I sit in my room

Crying over the past

Our friendship we said would last forever

Didn't that mean anything to you?

What happened to make you hate me?

Why do you sneer at me?

Why can't you see the pain in my eyes,

Or the scars on my arms?

I bet you didn't know that

I got so sad that the pain didn't exist

The blood mixed with my salty tears

All you had to do was tell me

Tell me that we were drifting

Tell me to move on

But, now you see my name in the newspaper

On the one page that you never wanted to

Are you crying?

Now that you've realized

What you've done?

Or do you even care that the chair

Three rows to your left

And four behind

Will never be sat in again by me?

Did you notice that I wasn't there?

Did the faculty say anything?

Hold an assembly

For the poor dead girl

Who committed suicide?

After her friend left

Will you reach out a hand

To the girl who sits alone?