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KAILEN was about to fall asleep at the dinner table. Again. Her mother looked at her with concern, as usual, but didn't say anything. Kailen's mother was pretty in a motherly way, light brown hair, blue eyes, and an unusually good mood. Kailen's older brother, Lawrence was shoving down food so he could go hang out with his girlfriend. Kailen thought his girlfriend was a total airhead, cheerleader and dumb blonde extraordinaire. The next sibling of Kailen's was Marcela, a depressing and dark 12 year old who thought black was the only thing she looked good in. Finally, there was Allen, the cutest two year old alive, and the best behaved out of the four children.

Kailen looked around at the table again, wishing her dad was there. He had passed away two years ago, and everyone still felt it. The summer wasn't as fun, mainly because they had avoided any talk of "The Family Vacation".

For a 15 year old, Kailen thought she was doing pretty well. She got good grades (5 A's, 2 B's) had a few great friends, and was on her way to almost having a boyfriend. She knew her father would have been proud of her. Kailen and her father had been really close. They did everything together, from fishing to hiking to riding roller coasters.

Her father's name was Ryan Callone, and he had black hair and blue eyes, and had been the most optimistic person in the world. Kailen felt like she could tell him anything, and not feel embarrassed or stupid.

Then he died. Or was murdered, Kailen didn't know. None of them did. All they knew was that he wasn't alive anymore. Every once in awhile the truth would set in and Kailen would spend hours just sitting in her room, sulking. Thinking about better days.

Kailen was jerked out of her daydream mode by her older brother's chair being shoved backwards, and the said brother dumping his dishes (noisily) into the sink and bolting out the door. The childrens' mother scowled, but said nothing.

"I wish you would let me do that. I never get to go without washing my dishes." Marcela complained, picking up her plate and going into the kitchen.

"Kailen, you are excused." Her mother said, yawning. Kailen frowned, thinking about retorting with something like, 'I never asked to be excused.' But that would just open a whole other can of worms. Especially when her mother was in one of her "moods".

Kailen got up and rinsed her dishes obediently, and then retreated to her room and logged onto her computer. She clicked on the Internet symbol and got into YouTube. Time for her daily dose of Internet stupidity, courtesy of YouTube.

When she was in the middle of a tutorial on how to decorate your neighbor's house with duct tape and wrapping paper, Kailen's phone vibrated.

Monte: movie movie theater now u comin?

Kailen sighed. Monte liked chick flicks that didn't go well with Kailen's sci-fi/fantasy preferences.

Kailen: what movie?

Monte: moonlight at noon

Kailen: what?

Monte: . that's the name of the movie

Kailen: it doesn't even make sense

Monte: whatever

Kailen: fine are you picking me up

Monte: ya

Kailen tossed her phone on her bed. Monte's strange personality was something that had sparked their relationship. If Monte hadn't announced just how much she liked pineapples in front of the whole school, Kailen wouldn't have asked her the next day if she was mental or not. A strange way to start a friendship, but then again, Monte and Kailen weren't your usual friends.

An hour later, Monte's car horn honked three times. And then three more times. Finally Kailen stepped out the door, apparently a few seconds late, because Monte was already into her third round of triple honks.

"Come on Monte, do you have to do that every time you pick me up?"

Monte blew a bubble with her bubble gum and popped it loudly. "Yeah, pretty much. Why, is it annoying?"

"Pretty much."

"Cool." And with that, Monte turned up the rock channel a little louder. Monte was a year older than Kailen. She was 16, and was going to be a junior in high school once the summer was over, although it was likely she would have to do summer school again. She was smart, almost too smart, because she believed that schools were just ways to ostracize kids…or something along those lines. She liked using the long words Kailen never bothered to look up.

"The movie is an hour long. Are you excited?" Monte pulled out of Kailen's neighborhood.

Kailen rolled her eyes. "Yes, I am so extremely excited to go to a movie whose name doesn't even make sense and you choose the movie."

"I don't like your tone of voice Miss Kailen."

"Thank you Miss Monte."

"As always." Monte pulled into the movie theater parking lot. "You got money?"

Kailen nodded. "But I think you would be willing to pay for me since I'm going to one of your movies."

Monte snorted. "Ha, that's hilarious. You really cracked me up there. Let's go." The two of them got out of the car and went up to the movie theater.

Two hours later they got out of the movie, Kailen feeling sick to her stomach. "Are you absolutely sure that was PG-13? I could have sworn when that one part came up that-"

Monte cut her off. "Yeah, it was. Excellent wasn't it? Romance is such a good movie theme." The two friends got into the car. "I thought it was a really good movie."

Kailen sighed. "Yeah. Really good."

"You are really in a sarcastic-using mood right now, aren't you?"

"Pretty much." Kailen's stomach growled. "We should go get some lunch."

Monte looked around them at the various fast food joints. "Where at?"

"I don't know. Maybe Subway."

"Got it." A few minutes later they pulled into the Subway and ordered their food. (For Kailen a ham and cheese 6-inch sub on Italian bread with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise. For Monte one of the meatball footlongs.)

They took their lunch to a park not far away, and sat at a picnic table.

"How can you even eat all of that, Monte?" Kailen asked her friend, who was nearly finished with her meatball footlong.

Monte shrugged. "High metabolism? All I know is I can't go without food for a couple of hours or I starve." She finished off the rest of her sandwich. "Why did you want to come to the park? We could have eaten at the Subway."

"I don't know. It's nice outside. And plus, I was tired of being inside. I need some fresh air after seeing one of your movies."

"You say 'your movies' like it's a bad thing."

Kailen finished her sandwich and got all the crumbs off of her hands. "Because 'your movies' are bad things. You're lucky I'm such a good friend that I'll go to those lengths to spend time with you."

Monte stood up and threw the friends' trash away. "Yeah, lucky me. Let's go walk by the creek. Maybe we can find some leeches again." Monte's obsession with leeches was virtually unmatched, she wanted to be one of the doctors who used leeches to help people with illnesses, although neither of the girls knew the name of that particular type of doctor.

The park was something almost out of a movie, with a small playground with the tire shreds for the ground and a nature trail going along a small creek for a couple of miles. The trees were still green from the spring, but fall was going to come in a couple of months. It was nice outside, about 90 degrees, which was pretty good considering it was the middle of summer. The sky was almost cloudless.

Kailen and Monte walked along the trail for awhile; long enough for Monte to determine there weren't any leeches in the vicinity, much to her disappointment. After about half an hour of walking, the girls stopped at a small sandy beach on the side of the creek. At least Monte insisted it was sand, it just looked like dirt to Kailen, and she sat on a bench on the trail. Watching Monte survey for leeches again, not giving up.

Kailen looked around, taking in the beautiful scenery. After a few minutes of hearing Monte curse and step on spiders, Kailen stood up. "I'm going ahead."

"OMG THAT'S A HUGE SPIDER!" Monte squealed and then turned to look back at Kailen after she killed the spider. "Okay, I'll catch up."

Kailen continued down the trail. She knew they would have to go home after awhile, although she didn't want to go back. Her mother's mood was going to ruin the rest of her summer, more than likely. Kailen would prefer to stay away as much as possible. So whenever Kailen got an idea of something to do with Monte or Monte invited her somewhere, Kailen readily accepted.

The trail was dirt with rocks scattered all around it, and Kailen was kicking a small rock that was on the side of the trail. She glanced up in time to see a shadow moving towards her; a cloud was covering up the sun. Kailen squinted up at the sun, and saw that it wasn't just a little white cloud; it was a big, black thundercloud. It made no sense, and it had just appeared out of nowhere.

"Hey! Hey Kailen! Wassup with that funky cloud?" Monte called out from a ways behind Kailen, making Kailen jump. Monte jogged up beside her and frowned at the cloud, which seemed to be getting darker.

"I honestly don't know. It's like it just appeared out of nowhere." Kailen started down the trail again, a feeling nagging at the back of her mind. The cloud wasn't normal. It seemed to go on forever in every direction now, frowning down upon them.

Then wind started blowing, surprisingly cold.

"Kailen, what are you doing? I think we should go!" Monte yelled up to Kailen. When she didn't respond, Monte ran up to her and grabbed her shoulder. "What's up? We have to go!"

Kailen shook her head. "Something's wrong. Something bad. Why would the cloud just appear out of nowhere?" She was practically yelling now the wind was so loud, and it raised goose bumps up on her arms. "I have to find out what!" She couldn't explain the feeling, but she had to go look.

Monte shook her head, and then let out a strangled yelp as large raindrops started falling on them. "Yeah, we should definitely go now. Don't be crazy Kailen!"

Kailen ignored Monte and continued down the path, bracing herself against the howling wind and squinting her eyes against the rain that stung her skin. Finally she got to the top of a small hill, and could see over a little valley. It seemed to be the center of the storm. Monte appeared behind her, breathing hard.

Down in the valley, it looked like a meteorite had crashed. A long tear in the field of wild grass ended about 50 feet from the girls, and Kailen stumbled down the hill towards where the meteorite would be, ignoring Monte's abundant protests.

When Kailen looked over the mound of dirt into the small crater, she almost fell over with surprise and confusion.

It wasn't a meteorite.

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