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IO peeked in the girl's window. She was the one human that had originally taken the SIT and was now protecting it. She was probably unsure what to do with it, and also unsure of what it was. Truthfully, Io wasn't sure what it was and what it was for, and he had an even less idea of how to destroy it.

He was being extra careful camouflaging himself this time. There wouldn't be any quick escape if the girl saw him this time.

She was sitting on her bed reading a book. Io didn't really like reading, he preferred running around in the forest and messing with the humans. (Pinecones in the face were pretty funny.)

Every once in awhile the girl would look at a bag on the floor, and Io thought it was the same one that she had with her ever since she took the SIT from the crash site.

Maybe if he just revealed himself to her and explained things, she wouldn't call the law enforcement. He smiled at the thought, but then sat down in front of the window on the ground, so he wouldn't be visible from inside.

He had to get her to go outside, preferably into the forest behind her house. But how to get her to go there? He went around the house and found a piece of paper and the remains of a pencil on the porch, sneaking around so the rest of the humans in the house wouldn't see him. On the note he wrote: In the forest, I will explain everything. And then took some sap from a tree and stuck it to her window, making a quick escape into the trees.

Kailen jumped when she heard a bump on her window on the backside of her house. She dropped her book and spun around, seeing a note on her window. It was all covered with something sticky; it might have been sap. It said: In the forest, I will explain everything.

She shuddered. It must be the same person who had been following her around. Kailen cautiously peeked out her window towards the trees, but didn't see anybody. On one hand, it could be a murder/stalker person, or it could be a person that could actually give her answers on what she thought it meant; the strange object that crashed.

Kailen went over to the bag and took out the said strange object. She shined some light on it from outside, being cautious that nobody could see her. A message appeared again, and shifted like before into English.

You can trust him.

Kailen put it back into the bag and frowned. The orb had never lied to her before; she had asked it several questions, and they had always turned out to be true. It was like a Magic 8 Ball or something.

She sighed. Fine, but she was taking her taser. It was an idea of her father's; when she was old enough that boys started taking notice of her, her father provided her with a taser.

"Use it if you even feel a little threatened. Then I will beat him up." Her father scowled at any boy that came up to talk to her. It was annoying then, but now Kailen missed it. It showed her father cared for her more than she knew.

The bag was swung up onto her shoulder and she walked out the back door cautiously towards the tree line. She tried to make her face into one of bravery, but probably failed. She was scared out of her mind. She walked on a tiny and little-used trail in the forest. She used to go on it when she was younger, before her parents caught on and told her it was dangerous.

The forest was quiet, which was weird, and only made Kailen more freaked out. "Hello?" She said cautiously. "You wanted to talk to me?"

Kailen heard branches snapping, the sudden noise making her jump and reach her taser at her belt.

"I'm not going to hurt you." A voice said. Right above her. She yelped and stumbled back, tripping over a rock and landing flat on her back.

"Ow…" She mumbled, sitting up and looking up where she heard the voice. She didn't see anything. Kailen stood up and backed away.

Then something jumped down behind her and she jumped and screamed. Kailen nearly fell over again, but the person (apparently it was a person) caught her arm and held her up. She ripped her arm away and backed up. Her taser had fallen out of her pocket and she couldn't get to it; it was behind the mystery person.

When her breathing had slowed and her vision focused in the dim light, she saw who the person was. Kailen was surprised to see a boy about her age in a dirty t-shirt and jeans with brown hair and strange green eyes.

"Wh-who are you?" She sputtered, backing up a little more.

The boy considered her. "My name is Io."

"Like the moon?" Kailen kept backing away from the boy, but he kept walking towards her slowly, looking like he was trying not to scare her.

"What moon? I thought this planet only had one moon."

That made Kailen stop in her tracks. "'This planet'? What do you mean by that? You aren't from here?"

Io looked like he was debating what to tell her and what to not tell her. "The note said I would explain, and the object you hold in your bag told you that you can trust me. I will explain, if you will let me. I won't hurt you."

Kailen narrowed her eyes. She shouldn't trust this boy. She should run away and never look back. But her instincts told her something different. What he had said about "This planet" and the fact that his eyes weren't normally colored made her believe that he was probably from wherever the strange object had come from. Not to mention the orb had told her to trust him.

"Fine." She said as threatening as she could and sat. "But you stay over there. Don't come any closer.

He nodded. "As you wish." And sat. When he moved he seemed to shimmer and blend into the forest. Kailen squinted at him, frowning.

"What do you want to know?" He asked, looking her in the eyes.

She shifted uncomfortably. "Who are you? Are you the one that's been following me around? Where did you come from?" He tapped his chin.

"That is a lot of questions, but I will do my best." Io thought for a second. "My name is Io, and I am from the planet Cahaya. At the speed of light, my planet is two Earth months away. Yes, I have been following you, but for good reason. I want to destroy the object you posses in the bag. If I don't, there will be war on our hands."

"Why will there be war?"

"The president of my planet needs that to take over your planet. One person in the group that I'm in who oppose the president took it from the Great Vaults. I was sent here to gather information about your planet so if the fighting spread to here, we would have the advantage. But the object somehow crashed here, and now I have to destroy it. If the president finds out it is here-"

"But what's the point?" Kailen asked. "If we're all going to be dead anyways." The story was really hard to believe, but Io wasn't lying, she could tell that much. He at least believed what he was saying was true. So either he was insane, or really was an alien from some planet.

"The point is, if the president finds out it is here, nothing will keep her from coming here to take it, probably destroying Earth in the meantime. In order to completely destroy Earth, she needs the object. If it's destroyed, Earth has a chance of surviving. If not, she'll get it back and destroy your world."

"What does it do?" She said nervously, acutely aware that it was in the bag right next to her.

"I do not know." He looked slightly frustrated by that, like he had been trying to figure out that for a long time. "I don't want to find out though." Io looked at her. "There are things on Earth worth saving.

By the way he was looking at her, it sounded like he meant her. Kailen's face felt hot. Was an alien from another planet hitting on her? Not possible. Totally weird.

She stood abruptly. "Then what do you want to do? You want to destroy it right?" She felt safer standing, that way she could bolt if need be.

"Yes, I need to destroy it." He looked at her bag. "I know you don't trust me, but this must be done in order to keep your world intact."

Kailen scowled. "What if you want to destroy my planet? I still don't trust you. You follow me around; make me come into the forest to tell me some ridiculous story-"

Io cut her off by standing up and interrupting. "Cahayans are born with special abilities people on Earth do not have. If I can show you mine, will you believe me?" He looked desperate for Kailen to believe him, like his life depended on it. It probably did.

Kailen crossed her arms and glared at Io. "Fine. But don't come near me."

Io nodded and turned so his back was to Kailen and spread his arms straight out to his sides. A second later, the forest seemed to wake up, the trees swayed even though there was no wind. Animals came out and gathered around Kailen and Io. The colors of the forest seemed to sharpen, and flowers and trees bloomed.

Kailen looked around her, her eyes wide and her mouth slightly open. She thought it might just hang open. She couldn't believe what she was seeing, but it was all right there in front of her, and so beautiful.

Io turned back to her, smiling. "See?" She just looked at him like she couldn't believe he was there. It was crazy, and she couldn't figure out what had just happened. Kailen looked around, taking in the sights.

"What did you just do?" She whispered, dumbstruck.

He grinned. "I am one with nature. I can control all aspects of it."

"So…you're like Father Nature or something?"

Io frowned, like he was confused. "Who?"

Kailen waved the question off. "So all your…people…can do stuff like that?"

Io nodded, seeming reassured that she still wasn't going to run away. "Every power is different in strength, and there are many different abilities we can get. Everyone is unique." He looked at her cautiously. "What now? Will you let me destroy the object?"

Kailen was still reluctant to give it up. "How are you going to destroy it? I can't even make a dent or crack in it."

"I don't know." Io replied. "I want to find out. I may have to go back to my planet, but my ship is nowhere to be found, and that would take too long." He thought for a second. "But there is one way to do that…"

"What? How?" Kailen asked.

Io sighed. "That first day you saw and took the object, I was in the forest. I ran into an old man, who was from my planet. He had decided to stay here, but he's a teleporter. If I could find out where he is-"

"We could go to your planet!" Kailen said excitedly. She caught herself. "I mean, you can go back to you planet." He looked at her funny. She was reeling from all the information she was getting all at once, and was curious about the supposed "planet" that Io and the old man had come from.

"You want to go?" He was still looking at her funny, but underneath he looked hopeful.

"Um…" She blushed. "Well I just was curious. You know..." Kailen trailed off, embarrassed.

"Well," Io said. "I have no idea how to find the old man."

"Did he give you any information about himself? Maybe he lives around here." She thought about that for a second. "That's weird that an alien would live here…" She trailed off when Io raised an eyebrow at her.

"Anyway," He started. "He said his wife fed pigeons, but she died. She was human. He was out feeding the pigeons in the park."

Kailen felt herself go pale. "Did you say pigeons? And his wife died?"

"Yes, do you know him?" Io said excitedly. He didn't seem to notice Kailen suddenly going pale.

She took a deep breath and looked straight at Io. He stopped and looked at her questioningly, noticing how nervous she looked.

"I think that man's my grandfather."

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