-Like Peter's Shadow Sewed to his Feet

You change without noticing it. It just happens. One day your sitting at your computer and you look around at the stuffed animals you used to treasure and hold each day, and the music globes that used to sing to you as you traced your fingers over the glass figurines, crammed onto the same shelves as books about adventures, spirituality and the nero- pathways in the brain.

Maybe you read something online and just thought, "Man, she sounds just like me when I was younger." Only you're not that different in age at all.

It just creeps up on you. One day you look back at the person you were and you see a stranger.

A shadow.

A faceless phantom laughing and crying in the background at the corner of your eye.

But no matter how far behind that shadow is still part of you. Like how Peter Pan's shadows is sewed to his feet.

For instance I'm not a little girl any more but I still go to Neverland and zip through the trees when I fall asleep. I fence with pirates in mid flight beside Peter, but you'd have to pull apart the entire book shelf to find that wrinkled paperback book.

Really it's not a matter of growing up and forgetting your dreams, just a matter of changing and learning, and growing from that hollow skeleton to a flesh and blood human like a character comes to life in that little transition from chapter one to chapter ten because it's okay to have wrinkles and white hair, and still believe in fairies. Like Wendy sitting in her rocker by the open window, looking second to the right, and straight on till morning.