The time has come to chase the shadows away. Because they haunt me like the faded memory of a nightmare on repeat.

It's time to take a new breath because what's left in my lungs has gone stale,

and it's time to throw open the doors to my big black cave and be blinded by the light because I'm tired of the damp emptiness and it's time to feel the warm sun on my face.

I'm the tree that managed to grow between the bounders and the prisoner against the wall,

with branches spread towards the crack in the ceiling

and shackles like bracelets on my wrists.

But it's time.

Throw open the doors.

Fashion all the sunlight into golden wings.

Throw open the doors.

Take a breath of sweet new air.

Throw open the doors and feel the sunlight kiss my wet cheeks.

I won't look back to the ones who wrapped themselves in the sheets of their chains.

But I'll leave the doors open.

For them I'll leave a trail of golden feathers

drifting from the sky

in the direction of the sun.