Author's Note: A sequel to Puppy Love and another spinoff from the main arc, Elemental Warriors. There's a lot more plot than its prequel, so enjoy the lemon in addition to some character development. Reviews are welcome, as always!

Uncharted Waters

Ryuji loiters on an isolated balcony of the regional headquarters building, sipping on a drink. He had grown tired of the drunken crowd of warriors and sought refuge outside. A loud crash is suddenly heard and cheers erupt from inside. The young warrior takes a backwards glance into the adjacent room to see what's going on. The earth-type warriors were wrestling again, trying to measure each other's strength. Typical earth-types. With a sigh, Ryuji brings his attention back to the starlit, night sky.

The fire-type warrior can't seem to identify the odd feeling he's been having since a few nights ago. This annoying, nagging feeling surfaced when he caught a glimpse of Mamoru and Kana embracing in the dining hall. It wasn't an unusual thing to see, for the pair was childhood friends, and the annual gathering was the only time the warriors got to socialize and relax. So why does his feel jealous?


Ryuji gasps inwardly. It simply doesn't make sense. Kana is his packmate, after all. Once the tournaments were complete, Kana goes home with him and Mamoru goes home with his pack.

Damn it! There he goes, again. Why am I acting like a girl vying over a guy? Ryuji thought to himself.

Ryuji remembers the first time he met Kana like it was yesterday. He was barely five-years-old, a half-breed pup with a human mother. A rabbit scampered by and he separated from his mother to hunt down the prey. Ryuji caught the rabbit and, allowing his canine instincts to take over, mauled it till death. He remembers the terror he felt when the villagers saw him and called him a demon child.

Those big, terrifying men tried to kill him that day. More concerned about his mother than getting away, he was surrounded by his assailants. They attacked him with whatever they could get their hands on: farming tools, clubs, stones, etc.

That was the day he lost his right eye.

That was the day he lost his mother.

That was the day Kana rescued him.

That was it! Ryuji thought with relief. It was simply a hero complex. Feeling satisfied with his self-diagnosis, the fire-type warrior finishes his cup of saké in one gulp. He suddenly looks skyward, sensing a familiar companion flying in for a landing.

"Hey, Seito," Ryuji greets the winged warrior as he lands on the balcony's railing.

"Hey, Ryuji," Seito returns the greeting. "Are you going flying, tonight?"

Ryuji shakes his head. The young warrior is one of the few non-wind-types who can sprout a pair of wings in his alternate form. Unlike Seito's feathery, golden-brown wings, Ryuji's wings are black and leathery.

"Oh," Seito mumbles with disappointment. The wind-type warrior decides to keep Ryuji company and makes himself comfortable on the railing.

Ryuji isn't sure whether it's mild curiosity, or the alcohol, but his head suddenly becomes overwhelmed with questions.

"Seito?" Ryuji addresses with hesitance.

"Yeah?" Seito responds, noticing the red color forming on Ryuji's face.

"Don't you get… uh, concerned… when Mamoru spends a lot of time with Kana?" Ryuji knows that Seito and Mamoru are lovers. He is also aware that Kana and Mamoru are ex-lovers.

"Not at all!" Seito exclaims. "Mamoru's a beast. I need the break."

Ryuji simply tilts his head, not fully understanding Seito's response. A beast? What's that supposed to mean? The winged warrior lets out a girlish giggle at Ryuji's confused expression.

"How does it work?" The question just slipped out of the fire-type's mouth.

Seito's laughter comes to an immediate halt. He wasn't expecting such a question from the tough-looking Ryuji. Both warriors were relatively young, and frequently called pups by the older warriors. Ryuji, however, has a much more intimidating appearance than Seito. He keeps his jet-black hair cut short, wears a patch over his right eye, and his remaining eye will glow a fiery red whenever his loses his temper (something that happens often). Seito would had never thought boy's love would interest him. Unless…

"Is there a man you like?" Seito ask intrusively.

"N…n… no!" Ryuji stammers. He had discussed this issue with himself already.

Seito hops off the railing and reverts to his fully human form. He stares into Ryuji's crimson-colored eye, a physical trait of all fire-types. The raven-haired warrior averts his gaze, unable to hide his flushed face. Observing the empty cup in Ryuji's hand, Seito lets out a sly smile.

"Forget it," Seito dismisses. "Let's go have a drink."

Ryuji and Seito are in the headquarters' large dining hall. The pair sits at an isolated table in the corner of the room. Seito watches intently as Ryuji finishes his fourth drink. It won't be long before the cunning wind-type can get the information he's seeking.

"You never answered my question," Ryuji says. He doesn't seem to be drunk, but his tongue has definitely loosened.

"What?" Seito pretends not to understand. He was having too much fun with this.

"Sex between men," the fire-type answers impatiently. "How does it work?"

Tried as he might, Seito couldn't help but laugh. The perplexed look on Ryuji's face is just so damn funny.

"I'm serious!" Ryuji exclaims. He suddenly lowers his voice into a whisper, as if the pair is being watched. "Where does it go?"

Seito raises a single eyebrow, "You're not a virgin, right?"

"No!" Ryuji gasps, taken off-guard by the question. "I mean. I had women."

"Then you know what a woman does to please a man, and visa-versa," Seito infers.

"Yeah, but… I still don't get it," Ryuji scratches his head, even more confused than before. "What does a man do to please another man?"

"It depends on whether he's an uke or a seme."

"A what and a what?"

Seito lets out an exasperated sigh. This is getting old, he thought to himself. It was time to stop playing games.

"Listen," Seito says in a now serious tone. "I know there's some guy you like, so don't start denying it again. Just tell me how he makes you feel, and I can let you know what you need to do."

After a few seconds of internal debating, Ryuji decides to concede. He looks into the bottom of his empty cup, deep in thought.

"He makes me feel safe," the fire-type begins in a low voice.

Seito nods his head in approval. He thought that it was going to be a lot harder to get Ryuji to spill the beans. The wind-type warrior, now turned counselor, listens patiently as his drinking companion finally admits his feelings. No matter what problem anyone may have, Seito thought to himself, alcohol will solve it.

"Whenever he's around, I want him to be as close to me as possible," Ryuji starts to rub his upper arm like a nervous child. "I want him to embrace me… touch me all over…"

Seito smiles as he silently analyzes Ryuji's choice of words. He wants his crush to be close to him instead of him making the approach. He wants to be embraced rather than do the embracing. He prefers to be touched than do the touching. These are definitely the words of an uke. Seito has heard enough. However, to his surprise, Ryuji continues his confession as if in a trance.

"I want to feel his breath on my neck as I sleep… I want to be engulfed in his scent the second a wake up… I want to put a smile on his face with my mere presence… I want everyone to know that I belong to him… I want to be there when he wants me… when he needs me."

Ryuji suddenly shakes himself out of the trance. Damn, my head is swimming, he groans to himself. He looks at Seito, feeling incredibly embarrassed about his ooey-gooey confession. Surprisingly, Seito seems to be on the verge of tears.

"That is so beautiful," the wind-type whimpers half to himself. He quickly rubs his eyes, wiping away any tears that may had slipped out. "Come on," Seito grabs Ryuji by the hand. "I know how to help you."

Still guiding Ryuji by the hand, Seito leads his charge upstairs where the earth-type warriors are wrestling.

"What are you going to do, Seito?" Ryuji asks with apprehension.

"You are definitely an uke," Seito replies. "So we just need to get you a seme to practice with… and I know just the person."

"Practice!?" Ryuji nearly shouts in wide-eyed horror. He wasn't expecting his instructions to be hands-on. The fire-type silently debates whether or not he should bail right away. Before they could reach the top of the stairs, however, the pair runs into Mamoru. The earth-type warrior looks curiously at the hand-holding pair.

"There you are!" Seito says with excitement. "We were just talking about you!"

"We were talking about Mamoru!?" Ryuji gasps.

"Yeah," Seito confirms. "He'll be perfect. Mamoru's patient and gentle. You guys are childhood friends, too, so you should be comfortable."

Mamoru gives Seito a glare, feeling out of the loop of whatever the pups were planning that obviously involved him. Reading Mamoru's expression, Seito reaches up into his lover's ear and whispers something inaudible to Ryuji.

Ryuji simply stands nervously in the stairway. True, he and Mamoru knew each other for a long time, but he wouldn't say they were childhood friends. That title belonged Kana and Mamoru. Being seven years younger than Kana and ten years younger than Mamoru, he was more like the kid brother the pair had to take care of. Back then, he had no idea that his earth-type friends were lovers and that he was the third wheel. The familiar wave of jealousy engulfs him, once again. The fire-type wonders if Mamoru will be willing to help him if he knew the object of his infatuation.

"Ryuji," Mamoru suddenly addresses the fire-type warrior. "Go to the koi pond in the back of the building. We'll meet you there."

Ryuji nervously nods, feeling a bit guilty for getting more people involved with his personal issues. He obediently follows Mamoru's instructions and heads back downstairs.

"Are you sure he's an uke?" Mamoru questions Seito as soon as Ryuji gets out of earshot. Fire-types are a proud and fierce bunch. It's odd for Ryuji to want to take a submissive role to another male warrior, unless that male warrior was much stronger than him. Even so, fire-types are notorious for being stubborn, and usually have to be beaten to a pulp before they submit to a stronger adversary. This mysterious warrior must be someone Ryuji holds to a high degree.

"I'm positive," Seito responds.

"Okay," Mamoru concedes. "Let's go."

Ryuji fidgets nervously as he sits at the base of a small tree near the koi pond. He surveys the area, trying to keep his mind off of what may follow. The emerald-colored lily pads shimmer under the lights of several lit candles that decorate the fish's home. The pond isn't a natural body of water, but was built by a pillar of stones of various shapes and sizes. Nonetheless, it's a beautiful, tranquil place. The soft sounds of the fish's swimming and the crickets chirping soothe the anxious pup. However, he still can't get Seito's words out of his head, Mamoru's a beast. He now has a vague idea what that means, but he also said he was gentle, did he not?

Mamoru and Seito suddenly arrive, and the fire-type warrior immediately gets to his feet. Seito sits on the edge of the pond while Mamoru approaches Ryuji.

"You want to know how a man pleases another man?" Mamoru gets to the point.

"Yeah," Ryuji responds with a nervous nod.

"Think about what a woman does to please you, and then do the same to me," Mamoru says with a smirk.

Ryuji stares blankly at Mamoru. He then looks past Mamoru and gives Seito an annoyed glare. If it is that simple, then why get Mamoru involved?

"You need to know if you are really physically attracted to your crush," Seito says, answering Ryuji's unspoken question. "It may just be admiration that you feel. Just replace the image of Mamoru with your crush and go from there."

Ryuji brings his gaze back to Mamoru. They're really trying to help him; it won't be right to back out now. Closing his eye and taking a deep breath, Ryuji follows Mamoru's and Seito's instructions. Think about Kana.

Ryuji slowly wraps his arms around Mamoru's waist and pulls himself closer. He buries his face into the earth-type's neck and delivers gentle, subtle kisses. The younger warrior breathes heavily into Mamoru's ear, and playfully bites the earlobe. To the pup's astonishment, Mamoru responds with a low moan and gives Ryuji a possessive squeeze.

I must have done it right, Ryuji assumes excitedly. What else can I do?

Ryuji nuzzles his face in Mamoru's throat, forcing his playmate to look upward. He seductively licks Mamoru's Adam's apple, letting his tongue make the trip up as slowly as possible. Mamoru shudders at Ryuji's unexpected, erotic foreplay. Without warning, the older warrior violently stops the action by grabbing the back of Ryuji's short, black hair. He pulls the younger warrior's head away and brings his own head down to the shorter Ryuji for a forceful kiss.

The earth-type warrior knows that he may be too rough, but the inexperienced Ryuji must learn what may happen if you tease a half-breed seme the way he just did. Mamoru shoves his tongue deep into the pup's mouth, claiming everything his fleshy organ can reach. The aggressor suddenly pulls back, feeling a sharp pain.

The little runt bit me, Mamoru discovers as his tastes the blood in his mouth. He looks at Ryuji through the candlelight, concerned that he may have taken it too far. Ryuji returns Mamoru's gaze, panting heavily. His eye glows a crimson-red not from anger for the violation, but from lust. The fire-type lets out a snarl and grabs at Mamoru's clothing. With a quick swipe of his claws, he rips an opening in the earth-type's shirt to expose his chest. Ryuji dives in and delivers rough kisses and bites on his playmate.

I forgot fire-types tend to be feral, Mamoru thought as he winces from Ryuji's love bites. This damn pup likes it rough. Seito's muffled giggles can be heard. Mamoru wants to give the wind-type a menacing glare, but Ryuji is not allowing it. Seito owes me big, the earth-type makes a mental note.

Mamoru manages to make some space between Ryuji and himself. "Calm down, runt," Mamoru's authoritative tone snatches Ryuji out of the trance.

"S…sorry," Ryuji stammers with embarrassment.

"That's okay," Mamoru lets out a small chuckle. "You just caught me off guard."

"And I was worried for Ryuji," Seito says to Mamoru, smiling slyly. "Maybe I should worry for you."

Mamoru snarls at Seito, the wind-type warrior is enjoying this too much. "Go keep watch from inside," the earth-type orders.

"Yes, sir," Seito sarcastically responds. He reluctantly leaves the pair to their own devices.

Ryuji attempts to regain his focus as Mamoru watches Seito head back towards the building. What else does a woman do to please me? The fire-type warrior thought carefully. Oh, yeah.

Very slowly and nervously, Ryuji grabs for Mamoru's obi. The earth-type watches intently as the pup unties it and lowers his hakama. Mamoru's eyes widen at the pup's bravado. Ryuji gradually gets to his knees, leaving a trail of kisses down the middle of his playmate's broad, muscular chest. The fire-type warrior hesitates at Mamoru's now erect manhood. The earth-type manages to conceal his lustful breathing, not wanting to pressure the pup. He thought it would be several encounters before Ryuji was ready for this step.

Ryuji gives soft kisses to the underside of Mamoru's member, trying to get accustomed to the scent, taste, and texture. He imagines having Kana's most private part this close to him, and suddenly goes into a frenzy. The fire-type unexpectedly takes the entire member into his mouth. Mamoru moans with first shock, then pleasure as Ryuji sucks and tugs with his mouth, and teases with his tongue.

"Look at me as you suck," Mamoru instructs with a husky voice. "Let me feel the back of your throat."

Ryuji obeys the request as he goes deeper, causing Mamoru to smirk lustfully at the fire-type. This point of view, with eyes (or eye in this case) staring up at him as he fills his companion's mouth, is the most erotic. The earth-type suddenly withdraws, preventing himself from releasing too soon. Ryuji gets back on his feet. The abrupt ending had confused the pup. Did I do something wrong? He thought. Ryuji was sure that he was careful with his teeth.

To Ryuji's surprise, Mamoru unties the pup's obi and lowers his hakama to expose his now erect manhood. Ryuji's face suddenly flushes with modesty. The earth-type moves closer so the pair's members touch and grabs Ryuji's hand.

"You still want to learn?" Mamoru asks, sensing the younger warrior's apprehension.

Ryuji nods shyly. Mamoru guides the fire-type's hand down to their manhood.

"Stroke us," he orders.

Ryuji takes a deep breath as he obeys. It makes sense to get used to touching another man's member if he wants to be a good lover to Kana. He just had it in his mouth, so it shouldn't be difficult. Staring into Mamoru's piercing, green eyes, Ryuji gently takes his manhood and his playmate's into his single hand. He can see the earth-type's pupils dilate as he begins to make slow, caressing strokes. A sudden revelation comes to Ryuji.

It feels good.

He ventured into uncharted waters for the sake of… love? Maybe. Hopefully. And it feels damn good.

It feels so good, that Ryuji involuntarily increases the intensity of the strokes. He places his free hand on Mamoru's chest, feeling it expand and contract as the earth-type warrior moans with pleasure. Sensing his partner reaching climax, Ryuji abruptly stops the massage. He ignores Mamoru's confused expression as he returns to a kneeling position. The fire-type takes his playmate back into his mouth, hungrily sucking the member.

Ryuji stares up at Mamoru as he gives the oral foreplay, remembering that it is a detail that the recipient is fond of. The fire-type is strangely turned on by the lustful expressions Mamoru is making, and begins to stroke his own erection. Ryuji's moans are muffled, but he seems to be enjoying it as much as the panting Mamoru. The fire-type makes another sudden, long, muffled moan, indicating that he had just released in his hand. Thankfully for Mamoru, Ryuji was careful not to bite down during his climax.

The pup suddenly feels Mamoru grabbing the back of his head, securing him in place. Mamoru's emerald eyes glow as he lets out a constrained growl, releasing himself into Ryuji's mouth. Everything gradually grows quiet with the exception of the earth-type's shameless panting.

Mamoru helps Ryuji to his feet and the pair fixes their clothing. There's nothing more for me to do, Mamoru concludes, still amazed by Ryuji's fast learning. The rest belongs to his lover-to-be. He grabs a cigarette from his pocket and uses one of the candles to light it. The earth-type sits against a nearby small tree and indulges in a couple of puffs before offering it to Ryuji. The pup simply stares with a troubled look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Mamoru asks. Does the pup have regret?

Ryuji attempts to communicate with tight-lipped, facial expressions, as if he's unable to speak.

"You can spit it out," Mamoru finally understands the young warrior's dilemma.

Just as Ryuji takes off to the other side of the koi pond, Seito flies in from one of the building's balconies.

"I hope you two are finished," Seito warns. "Toru is looking for Ryuji."

"We're good," Mamoru reassures.

Seito nods and flutters back to the balcony. From afar, he watches as Toru, Ryuji's packmate, collects Ryuji for their tournament. The wind-type lets out a groan; he has a good idea who Ryuji's secret love interest is. A proud fire-type like Ryuji will likely refuse to share Kana with Mamoru. Seito will once again have the exclusive job of keeping the beast satisfied.

A/N: "Ryuji" means "dragon man", paying homage to the pair of leathery wings he sprouts in in his alternate form.

And why is Mamoru having all the fun? Greedy beast.


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