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When we got to the kitchen he set me down and asked,"Ummm... What would you like to eat?" I was still shocked and I could hardly breathe, so I couldn't answer so he said, "Nevermind I'll just make you Uno me Ladle as Vegeates call it!" This made me laugh and I think I'm able to speak now, "Umm... What do us Mariesans call it?" His eyes lit up with laughter, he said,"We call it lasagna!"

I watched him as he cooked it. The kitchen is filled with delicious smells, which made my mouth water just smelling them! I've never had lasagna before, but my mother used to say, that when someone makes it right it smells like a restaurant in Vegate. Aliki began to speak pulling me out of my thoughts,"Rue, would you like a taste?" It smelled good, I wonder if it tasted as good as it smelled, "Yes please? It smells amazing!" He laughed and gave me the spoon.

I tasted it, and I guess my face was funny because Aliki bursts into laughter, it made me sad, "What why are you laughing" When I looked at his face and into those eyes, I remembered when we were younger. How we tickled each other and then we'd laugh until we cried. Then my mom would call us in to get lunch. The memory made me cry, "Sweetie, I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm sorry, I was laughing because the face you made when you tried the Uno me Ladle. Rue I'm so sorry!"

Sadness poured down his face and once again he gave me the crooked frown, so I had to answer him, "No, Aliki you didn't make me cry! I was remembering Mom, I miss her so much!" Relief filled down his face but, the frown was still there. It seemed as if he wasn't going to say anything, but then he did,"I miss her too. She was the closet thing to a mom, I ever had. But, please Rue lets not talk about the sad things now?" I really wanted to talk about it but, I decided it was best not to, "Okay, can we go eat this yummy food, on the couch?"

He laughed then picked me up, and picked up the plat, and walked to the we walked, I looked at his face. 'Oh, his perfect smooth skin, his eyes are green with stabs of blue pushing out the pupils. With a ring of satin gold around the outside, his perfect small, tan, and skinny nose. His melon-pink lips, so perfect and unbroken. Oh! His hair a black-brown kind of color. Oh, those beautiful features and compare them to a peasant girl!'

Aliki coughs and snaps me out of my stupid thoughts, "Rue, umm, Hello? Sweetie? Are you ok?" I responded quickly I hope he didn't notice, "Why do you keep calling me that, WHY" "Call you what?" "SWEETIE!" He layed me down on the couch, put the plate on the table and backed away. "Cause I thought it fits? Don't you? If you're embarrassed of me being your boyfriend then I understand." "Me? Embarrassed? Of you? No! I just didn't understand why you called me that. You can call me it. . .if you want to. I don't mind." Then I said, "Well that lasagna isn't going to stay warm forever! Aren't you going to have some?" I'm not hungry right now and that's not my favorite dish." I was shocked, "Then why would you go through all that trouble of making it when you don't even like it?" "I made it because I knew you'd love it. Now eat it before it gets cold." I grabbed the food and he sat down beside me while I ate.

I finished and we sat there for a long moment before he grabbed my hand and held it between his. The hair on my neck stood up and my heart stopped. Again, he acted as if he had heard it. "Did I hurt you?" I almost laughed, but this wasn't the time. "No. Were you supposed to? Why are you so warm?" His eyes got angry at my words, "Oh, um...I'm always like that? Ahhh...I'm sorry.

he dropped my hand like it was a hot rock. "What? Did I do something wrong?" "No! I just think it would be best for me not to touch you for a while." I don't remember anything because once again he made me pass out.

I wake up, I'm in a dark room and I can't see anything. "Click, Click, Click!" "Who's there? Why am here?" "What's going on with her Mia? Why is she yelling?" "Rue, I'm Mia, Aliki's maid. Aliki wanted me to check on you. You haven't been awake for five days!" "Sweetie we didn't mean to scare you. Are you okay?" "Aliki is that you? I'm fine, why is it dark?" "Yes it's me, and we didn't want to hurt your eyes. Now go to sleep." BAM! I was asleep! He did it again!

When I wake up its light and Aliki is sitting next to me, he was watching me sleep. I jump when I see him, "Rue, I'm so glad to see your beautiful eyes. We thought we lost you, you had a terrible fever. I thought it didn't work, and then I almost lost you-" He was all red and what did he mean 'it didn't work?' "What do you mean it didn't work?" His face went white, "Listen there's something I need to tell you," I wouldn't look into his eyes for then I knew he would make me fall back asleep before he told me, "We...we are different, well...we are immortal." "What are you talking about? If we are...then why did I get hurt?" "Because we are everything human except that we are frozen for eternity." "Then why the hell didn't you tell me before?" "Because it's dangerous for you to know." "Is there anything else you have failed to inform me about?" He looked like he was debating on what to tell me, "Your mom pushed you out the door of your house so you didn't die before you decided to become immortal. The bombers were sent here by your father!" "Wait if my father sent them here that would mean-"

"He's the King of Jeenza!"

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