His apartment is dim

Basked in candle glow

He`s staunch in the center

Eyes pass steady and slow

A spot in the clutter, books, paper, and songs

A secret little hideout

Glad I came along

My fingers graze spines, ink stains, whatever wonders of his past

He stops my hand but only to shield it from bits of broken glass

The walls such deep burgundy

My dress, so silk white

His movements are cautious but laced with boyish delight

His hands were lost, still, a statue of stone

I held mine out and he unfroze

Those lips held stories I could feel on the breach

He put on a record before my curiosity peaked

The tune was cheery, an intentional choice

But I pulled him in before he could voice

We didn`t follow the rhythm at all

No, our sway had a little mind of its own

Louder even than the harsh storm above us, I heard a little drip

I had to grin at how the leaky roof matched his step

Time was lost, doubt disappeared, how could I imagine hurt?

All I knew is that I`d never felt safer than I did in that moment, dancing in the arms of a killer