Snowflakes like Tears

Always cherish the things you have.

Because one day you'll wake up realizing

How much you have.

But it'll already be too late.

"He's going to die," I jumped in my seat, my head snapping to the voice next to me, only to find a little boy with golden blond hair and laughing blue eyes staring up at me

"Excuse me?" I asked in a shocked tone, but the boy just stared at me with those endless blue eyes

"What you care about most will be taken away from you," was the boys only answer. I opened my mouth to question him but I was interrupted.

"Angelina!" my hazel eyes strayed away from the little boys soft faces and looked towards the door, my eyes brightening and features softening

"Hey," I called back as the guy started to make his way over to me. I looked back down at the boy but found that he was gone. I looked around but it didn't seem like there was any sign of him. I ignored the nagging feeling I got in the pit of my stomach and looked up at the guy who stopped in front of me, grinning like the idiot he was.

"So, movie night at my house since Christmas Break starts after school," I smiled up at my best friend Evan

"Sure," I shrug as I began to pack my books into my back and stand up as we walk out of the room, talking about Christmas and who was going to whose house this year for the News Years party.

"Maybe this year I'll get my New Year's kiss from you," teased Evan with a wink towards me. My cheeks flushed a little bit and I puffed my cheek in frustration. I turned to Evan, about to tell him to be quiet when I caught something from the corner of my eye.

"Evan!" I gasped, throwing my arms out and shoving him out of the way just as a baseball crashed through the window, missing my face by a centimeter. My eyes were wide as I rushed over to Evan, who looked just as shocked as I felt.

"Are you okay? Did you get hit?!" Evan grabbed my face, turning it side to side, looking for any sign of pain but I only smiled at him

"I'm fine," I tell him, getting a sigh of relief in response, Evan putting his forehead to mine while still cupping my cheeks but more gently

"Thank goodness," A soft smile took his expression as people rushed over, asking the both of us if we were okay. I couldn't help but get a shiver, as if the two of us were being watched.

"Merry Christmas Angel!" Evan threw his arms around my shoulders from behind me, making my cheek flush my strawberries "Aw is my sweetie embarrassed?" Evan said in a baby tone as he pinched my cheeks lightly in a mocking manner

"Get off me!" I shrieked in embarrassment as I smacked his arms lightly

"Awwww but Angel!" I glared at him but sighed and smiled, my warm breath coming out foggy in the cold

"Let's hurry up before we miss the movie," I tell Evan as I grab his hand and tug him in the direction towards the theater

"LOOK OUT!" a voice said from above the both of us. The two of us looked up, eyes widening to see a giant iron bar heading straight for us. Before Eva could react I was already moving. I tackled him, sliding against the ice just as the bar hit the ground right where we were standing.

People were yelling and rushing towards us, calling up the police and ambulance while asking us if we're okay.

"We're fine, really," the two of us answered at the same time as Evan helped me up. I looked around, hearing a faint chill of laughter.

Must've been the wind, I thought to myself, but my gut was telling me otherwise. I looked at Evan, sorrow dulling my hazel eyes.

"What you care about most will be taken away from you," The little boys words echoed in my head but I shoved the thought far away. But a question still lingered.

What if someone or something really was trying to take Evan away from me?

It was 30 minutes until midnight, New Year's Eve. Evan and I were walking down the street to get home, the streets busy with people. Evan was holding my hand, claiming that I would get lost because I was so short.

"Okay so I'll meet you back here in 15 minutes," I tell him as I let go of his hand, receiving a nod from him

"Be careful birthday girl!" I grin at him. I was turning 19 today, or in about 25 minutes. Evan was already 19. I turned around and went to go buy Evan his New Year's Eve present as he went to go buy mine.

I walked out of the store, present wrapped in golden wrapping with a silver bow and almost walked into the same little boy who had told me the warning a few days ago.

"You can't protect him forever. His time is coming soon," The little boy smirked at me "It's time," He said as he turned around. My eyes drifted to the road to see Evan on the other side. The thought of the boy left my mind at seeing the happiness glowing in Evan's grass green eyes, his black hair a shaggy mess around his pink face from the cold.

I walked to the cross road, on the opposite side of the road from Evan, his eyes brightening at the sight of me.

"Angel!" I grinned at him and waved as he began to run across the road

"Hey! Don't go when the light hasn't change—," I never got the rest out, the sound of screeching tires cutting off my words. My eyes snapped to the street, widening at the sight of a speeding care. The present slipped from my hands as I began to run for Evan.

"You'll never make it," the little boy's voice laughed in my ear, being carried away by the wind. Tears prickled in my eyes as I reached him just in time, throwing him out of the way, but not bringing myself with him.

The pain hit me like a cement wall and the sound of my name was shouted through the cold air as light snow began to fall. Evan crawled to me, holding me in his arms and shouting for me to stay conscious. I coughed, pain going through my rib cage but I didn't have the energy to cry out.

"Come on Angelina, please! Stay with me!" Tears ran down Evan's face as the sound of an ambulance siren filled the cold air. I was taken away from Evan, who clutched my hand.

"We're losing her!" one of the paramedics yelled while my vision began to fade in and out, Evan's face full of pain and worry, his hand still clutching mine like his life depended on it. I know mine did.

As all of them tried to keep me conscious, I stared at Evan, him returning the stare.

"I love you," I used my last breath to say as the clock struck midnight and my eyes dulled, never to brighten again.

People dressed in black stood around the grave, not one of them smiling. Some cried, some said kind words; others didn't say anything and stood. Among the friends and family stood Evan. His eyes held no emotion, his expression not giving anything away.

They all started to leave little by little until it was just Evan who stood at the grave, Angelina's picture on the marble tomb stone. Evan bent down, pulling something out of his pocket. It was a little black box. He placed it on the tomb stone, the big diamond ring inside the small box catching the light.

"I love you too," was all he said as he kissed her picture, a tear running down his cheek while he turned and walked away

"You saved him," a little boy with blond hair and dancing blue eyes told the girl with the light hazel eyes that held unshed tears

"Yeah," her voice cracked with that one word "I guess I did," Angelina looked at the small black box that held the ring, the tears finally falling "I would've said yes!" She wept, her body shaking. Pain covered the boy's face but he didn't say anything as he watched the girl weep in sorrow

"It's time to go," the little boy said, tugging on Angelina's hand. She nodded and looked back once more, the sun blazing high as Evan disappeared from her vision as she did too.

Left behind the two lovers was the diamond ring, that would have held so many happy memories.