What the hell is going on! She screamed in her head.

It took a second for her eyes to adjust to the outside light. Everything just seemed so bright. Something about the colors was unnatural. The reds and yellows were too bright, and the purples and blues were too deep. As she stood there pondering the colors her eyes became adjusted and that was when she noticed them.

Somehow the noise from the crowd had been temporarily forgotten, she had been too focused on the colors but now it crowded upon her. All the voices, high and low, craggy and melodic but that wasn't what she focused on, the people themselves perplexed her. Back home in the U.S. there were people of many colors, many skin tones but here they took it to a whole new level. The people in the front, she noticed were all purple, literally and sat with the air of nobility. The people weren't ugly but their coloring threw her for a loop, they had smooth angular faces no blemishes whatsoever, they were a perfect shade of a purple meant for royalty. They had to be pretty important considering they were the only ones sitting and the rest of the crowd was roped off behind them. They were appraising her, their eyes staring down their up-turned noses. Some would make small nodding gestures to the person next to them all the while keeping their eyes on her. It was then that she noticed the small boys maneuvering below her on the ground in front of the stage and what she saw as the nobility. The purple people would hand little gold slips of paper to the boys who would then turn and run off to a location somewhere out of her line of sight.

She sighed. She had been standing there for more than 20 minutes. She could still hear in the background Mr. Baritone raising the bids. "2500 Joker pieces." She wondered how much that actually was, she had never heard of joker pieces but if it was equal to the U.S. dollar amount that was a good amount of money. That was one thing that would never change about her, she thought, she would never trifle about money, it was too important a fixture in her life.

The people sitting down in the front were still handing slips to the boys and they scurried on like rats. It went this way for the next 30 minutes and all the while Emaris stood shifting from foot to foot, leg to leg. She was tempted to have a seat on the stage but she didn't have a clue as to what they would do to her and she didn't want to find out.

As she stood shifting, she focused on just one thing, how to get home. You see, Emaris was the kind of person who easily lost focus. If she was thinking about something to say and was interrupted before she got it out it would be gone until hours later when she remembered and it would be of no consequence. She ignored this side of herself and poured her whole being into focusing and coming up with a plan. After a few minutes she had most of it figured out. Her first step was to get away from this market. She couldn't doubt that she was going to be sold, all of the signs pointed to that conclusion but what she did when she was sold was where the planning ahead would come in handy. Hopefully, she thought, someone nice would buy her and let her go, then she would figure out how to get home, but that was a slim to none chance. She would have to rely on her chances in between, the moments before her custody was switched from Mr. Baritone to that of the highest bidder. When that time came she would make her escape and would meet someone who would feel pity for her and help her escape. It was the perfect plan. Her lips curled up into a smile. She could play the damsels-in-distress role flawlessly.

She was so caught up in her own plan that she didn't notice the subsiding noises of the crowd. When she tuned herself back in she no longer heard Mr. Baritone raising the bid of joker pieces nor did she see the little boys akin to rats. The nobility sitting below the stage were now motionless, hands folded properly in front of them.

It seemed as if all eyes were trained on her. There was still silence and Emaris barely caught the few whispers on the front row. It was one of the purple women. She had whispered something about the highest bid. Emaris swallowed as sweat dripped down her brow.

"You've proven to be worth more than what I previously anticipated." A deep voice said to her immediate left simultaneously succeeding in startling her. She just looked at the man.

It was Mr. Baritoneā€¦but then it wasn't. The voice sounded the same and that pony tail was still there but there was something different that she couldn't quite pick out. Considering she had only known him rather, saw him for a few minutes it was understandable but it nabbed at her. He had changed clothes and no longer wore the gold and black military suit he now looked like a business tycoon with his all black suit but it had an antiquated feel to it/

He smirked as he walked in front of her facing the crowd a big smile on his face. "Good morning citizens of Nuhart," he shouted, "Thank you for receiving me so graciously." He gave a generous bow and continued on. "As you all can see and have seen I have brought to you a rare item, a little rabbit, the only one of its kind, an anomaly he laughed at some invisible joke. The crowd along with him though nothing was particularly funny. " This guy knows how to lay it on thick. Emaris thought as she rolled her eyes and that's when she identified what it was that was bothering her. This couldn't possibly be the same Mr. Baritone who had about an hour earlier been giving the ghost boy orders. That Mr. Baritone was quiet, authoritative whereas this Baritone was loud and a comedian. But not a funny one she amended.

Emaris shook her head coming back to the situation at hand. She seemed to be doing that a lot, spacing out and talking in her head. It will need to be fixed she sighed. The New Baritone on the stage stopped what he was saying and looked at her a devilish grin on his face. "Everyone, I think our little rabbit is tired or is she bored he questioned." Emaris held his gaze. "Well, I ought not keep you waiting any longer. There were quite a few bids and all of them were well over 1000 jps. But only one can get the rare item. This little rabbit here," he grabbed Emaris' wrist and held it in the air, "has sold for 10,000 joker pieces. I believe that is a new record." There was a cumulative gasp and then a slow clap starting from the back making its way to the front turning into thunderous applause. Emaris stared dumbfounded. The winner of this lucky rabbit is none other than Magus Willow." At this the applause stopped. "Please come claim your prize."

Emaris watched as the crowd parted down the middle letting a tall man wrapped in a black cape through. She couldn't see his face but he gave off a formidable aura even from his distance. It took him another minute to slink through the crowd. When he reached the stage he walked over to the replica of Mr. Baritone and handed him some note and two big bags that seemed to be full of coins. The new Baritone couldn't stop the smile that covered his face. The man in the cloak nodded and walked towards Emaris. He stopped when he was standing right in front of her. The only thing she could really see of him were his eyes, they were violet and pierced her own eyes.

She heard a loud comment from the noble woman in the front. "I feel sorry for the little rabbit; if I had won she would've at least been treated humanely. At this Emaris swallowed and took a step back. The man in one swift motion grabbed her arm, turned and set off pulling her behind him right on his hills. The grip he had on her arm was tight and as he led her to a black carriage her early action planning went out the door.