"Life can never seem so real as when it faces extinction."

-Corporal Ron Szpond

You may say

That a sniper is a coward.

A sniper hides and shoots

A sniper kills from a distance.

What you don't take into account is

All firearms kill from a distance, so

How is it that a sniper is a coward?

Picture for a moment that you are the enemy.

You walk down a street in the midst of no conflict.

The man next to you falls abruptly

Blood mats the ground and you.

The explosion follows.

You all search

For the man responsible for firing the shot that killed your comrade

Only to find nobody

No muzzle flash to give away contacts

No sunlight reflecting off a weapon

It is as if your friend was and was not.

And as you look for the culprit in a town of empty buildings,

Another man falls beside you.

The explosion follows.

Three of yours take cover behind a car,

You continue straining your eyes in vain

Trying to find the source of death.

When those three men taking cover behind a car

Die too, in bloody ignorance

Of the direction from which death claimed them.

The explosion follows.

And in your vain attempts at finding the enemy

You fall backward too.

And the last thing you hear but never see

Is the explosion that follows.

A sniper is part of a team.

A sniper demoralizes the enemy.

The enemy is being fired upon,

But by who?

A good sniper is a ghost.

And a ghost cannot be killed in action.

So the next time you see a team of two

And one holds the M82 cradled in his arms

Or carried in a vehicle,

Say thank you.

Because that same man

May very well be the reason

You lose none of your own today.

Al la fin to the max.