Hiding in Your Pencil Case


Dear friends and foes,

Thank you for all of the support you all have shown me. Pencil, I will always cherish you and yes you were there weren't you? I'll make sure to keep you in my heart. I get it eraser, I can't help it I'm human, I seek to be perfect and unobtainable dream... You're so sweet next time I'll remember to not be so hard on myself. Oh, paperclip you know I never that you were "minuscule"! How could you say that... "Bent and Broken..." Well... they say to use you to your full extend... Sorry.

As for you pen... you need therapy .. lots of therapy .. I realize maybe I could be nicer to you but... Hmm... Really? Yeah. It has been a rough year. I guess "Highlighting the issues." Helps me through denial I guess, process of healing? I'm still scared. Oh, sharpener you are way to dramatic. I only dropped you once and your a sharpener... aren't you suppose to be tough? No? Sorry then. Woh. That was deep for a neon stack of sticky notes? Have you been talking to pen? I'm telling you guys I'll be fine promise! Look I'm busy so... you know... Markers? You will dry out one day don't fear the truth... you will just have to face it...

Wait. What? Pencil Case? Are you alright? You should like you need help? I patched that hole up so... you are staying with me... I mean. You work so well why buy a new one?


The person who talks to inanimate objects...