A story about the future.. and how history seems to have this odd tenancy to repeat itself...

A'lia sat quietly in the command chair of His Majesty's Ship Qirmazi Jinni. Her uniform was black with red accents and white rings on the cuff of her sleeve. The cap on her head was black with the striking hawk which had come to symbolize the military.

Emir(Commander) A'lia Kinso tilted her head back as she watched her crew move around the bridge. She smiled slightly, rubbing the seven pointed star on the left side of her uniform coat which denoted the fact that she was the commander of this proud vessel.

A'lia served The Transstellar Empire of Jordan, whose red, white, black and green flag had flown proudly for many years since most nations left Earth. Their planet was beautiful with great weather (though it could get a bit dry at times) and a long year. For many years, while some petty squabbles were inevitable, the Transstellar Empire had tried to keep peace between two warring factions.

The Sovereign Star Nation of Israel and the rest of the Arab states had also made it to space, and had brought their conflict with them. By now, most people had forgotten why it was they fought, only the few history buffs remained well aware of why the star nations were at each other's throats constantly.

It also explained why there were people sucking up to the biggest power out there at the moment. The United Planets of America. The fifty star/planet power had some amazing tech and most people didn't want to piss them off too badly, but some refused to like the mega star nation and sucked up to the smaller Russian Star Republic or The People's Republic of China.


The voice made A'lia look up at her communications officer. Nyro Grotan, often just called Ny had been born on the system of the Western Star. The star had nothing spectacular beside a few destroyed mining stations and a pretty neat all red gas giant, but it was a place that was hotly contested. Many a nation fought over occupying it and the revenue which one could get from it was, unsurprising low.

"Yes Ny?" She asked.

"Just a communication from upstairs, it seems as though Israel blew up a military fort in the star system of the Holy Star of Iraq. They aren't taking it too well and may try to pass through your system be on alert." Nyro read off before snorting. "They sure as hell wouldn't want to invoke our anger."

"Now, now Ny," A'lia chided. "Don't get overly nationalistic."

Ny shrugged, "Sorry Ma'am. It's just it's been a while since I've seen combat, and I want to kick some ass!" He gave her a fierce grin. "Jordanian style Iraq ships, plasma blasted to your order."

"This is command deck, Ny, save the jokes for later." She gave the com officer a fierce look and the officer nodded and turned back to his panel.

What a cluster bomb this could turn into, especially given that Iraq was a somewhat unstable ally of America. Jordan didn't really like Iraq, especially given the rumors slipping out that their space navy was trying to mass for some sort of invasion. America seemed to be ignoring those facts, though Israel was arming again(then again, those Jews were ALWAYS arming themselves because they couldn't have found a better planet than one located in the middle of a bunch of Arab worlds.) Jordan had stepped up training of Army troops and had been raised the navy's alert to X-Ray, two steps before the top rung of the alert ladder.

She looked up as she heard a warning tone and everyone tensed, someone could try to get through here to the Western Star(currently controlled by Jordan) and then from there to Jordan. But as she studied the data she realized it was only an Israel warship.

A'lia brought up a holographic image of the ship, admiring its sleek and lethal shape(very similar to her own ship given that they both are allies of the US), but her eyes widened as she looked at the paint job. Jagged blue and white against a black hull and a holographic flag trailing behind… that could only mean this ship was off to fight, or maybe it was here to fight her.

"We're being hailed!" Ny said, surprised by the fact that the ship in the system was here and hailing them.

"Put it through."

She turned as a hologram appeared, it was a pale skinned man, tall, with a somewhat large nose. He wore a crisp white uniform with blue accents and a silver six pointed star graced the cap he was wearing over light brown hair.

"Emir, it is a pleasure to meet you, I am Captain Simon Wills of the Light of God, I have no doubt you know which navy I originate from."

"I am not having any doubts, I think it may have been the star that gave you away," her voice was touched with humor and Simon flashed a smile at the joke. "What brings you to my station Captain?"

"The drums of war, I'm afraid." Simon made a vague hand motion, "Ever since the Iraq-Iran war, things have been a bit on edge..."

"Understatement if I ever heard one." A'lia murmured getting a few small laughs from her bridge crew.

"I'm afraid to say that Iraq is going to invade the Greater Stellar States of Kuwait. We were told by your superiors to meet our American forces here..." He paused as he saw the look of confusion of the Emir's face. "Were you not told? A courier should have informed of the secret orders a few days ago."

"Alas, a courier never arrived." A'lia said, feeling a pang of loss as she thought about why the courier never appeared. "It must have been 'pirates' or agents of Egypt, probably pirates though..."

Simon's hologram nodded. "You're going to join us, your relief will be coming in with the American Fleet..." He watched as a few people in the background seemed to perk up. "It's been a while since your ship has been in combat?" The statement was actually a question and A'lia nodded. "Then you'll kick ass with us, I know some of your radical back home will howl to the moons and stars that you are betraying your people, but don't even let them think that."

"Aye, Sir." She looked around and more than one person was preparing their stations for war. "I guess I'll have to get dressed up for this formal occasion then."

The Qirmazi Jinni's paint scheme changed dramatically. It had been just a plain white, now it was split into four colors.

A red triangle sharply pointed towards the front of the ship with a seven pointed white star upon the red and black, white and green jagged lightning bolts converged to form a screaming hawk at the tip of the vessel. A holographic ensign of the Jordanian flag flew proudly behind the ship.

A'lia grinned like a shark as she watched her ship go from its boring regular paint job to its war colors. It made her feel like her ship was more powerful and faster.

Her and Simon's eyes averted to another hologram as it showed arrival of a whole bunch of other ships arrived in system, only one of the was Jordanian, the rest were American and some of her allies. The American ships were huge, with fighters flying patrol patterns around them. The amazing, and always intricate design of the red, white and blue on the American ships and even their fighters never seemed to be repeated twice, A'lia still had yet to find a designs that were exactly alike.

She raised an eyebrow as another hologram, this one intruding without asking permission, appeared showing a full dressed American Admiral in his dark blue and red uniform. "Commander," The Admiral used the English version of her rank, "Are you ready to depart?"

"More than." A'lia said, giving a salute to the Admiral, behind her more than one person stiffened to attention at the sight of a full Admiral on their bridge.

"Good!" The Admiral clapped his hands together and smiled at Simon. "Well, Simon, I think it's about time we go have a bit of a talk with Iraq..."

"I speak better with my plasma cannons than I do with words sir." The Israeli said causing all three officers to laugh. "Alright, good speed to everyone and see you on the other side of the jump." Simon's hologram disappeared with a nod, then the Admiral left without a final word.

The ships merged into a single fleet, even more Israelite ships joining the Fleet after about 10 minutes of traversing the system.

At the head of the Fleet was the Jordanian ship Qirmazi Jinni, the Israeli ship Light of God, and the American ship Washington, flagship of the Admiral.

"Alright, ready for jump!" A'lia called over the ship intercom. She closed the connection as she watched the glow around the fleet in the hologram glow brighter. She looked up and raised a fist into the air. "Long live the King,"

The response came back tide and true, from every member of the bridge crew. "Long Live the Transtellar Empire, and may we stand for right and fight for what is right, rather than blindly follow history once again!" A great cheer went up at the end of that, the ships disappeared the Holy Star of Iraq to set straight what's wrong... and make sure history is followed a bit differently.

For Jordan, Forever!