Little Things

Kristie Marie


Call me selfish, but this is what i need

I need to hear that i'm beautiful sometimes, even If I don't believe you

To hold me tight not only when i'm crying, because inside i just might be falling appart

When we're walking around grab my hand and hold it, show the world that i'm yours

When i'm angry and yelling at you just be quiet and listen, nothing you say will fix it

Every once in awhile go out of your way to suprise me with something even if its just movie

I don't want chocolate, flowers or even dimonds

I need your arms around me, I need you to tell me you love me, I need to know I matter

You say I should know all those things already.

But I just need to hear them, those are the little things that I need

The little things is what makes me shine

These little things are free, not hard to find and not hard to do.

I don't think i'm asking to much

I just need..

...those little things