Why does she stay around

Still floating through my mind

Like a buoy from the ocean sea

She's tethered to a line

"Row away" the shores would say

The oceans on your side.

But if you don't decide to ride the waves which we provide

this will surely leave us here with things we might imply

So its do or die sink or swim

You're running out of time

It's after noon the tide is high

You might as well just dive."

"I'm not afraid," I had to say standing up so brave

"Here is where I'll stay, the choice is made, my mind will never change."

The ocean blue knew what to do

As I sailed out to you

A storm came through the water grew

I was bound to lose.

"This ship can not be safe," I say as my sail starts to fray

The sea was right this wasn't wise

The truth I can't deny

I hear your cries from deep inside

"I tried my love, I tried!"

The memories you hold on to will have to be enough

You can meet me at the beach I reach when the waves become too much

I'll save a spot below the shade it's a shame we both will have to wait

It was my mistake I'll take the blame

For the foolish mess I know I made

I hope we'll be together soon, though I know the sea will be there too.