Hello, my name is Lillian Fleming and I am seventeen, eighteen in March. Today is the day that I start my senior year in Terrace High, well what else can I say about myself? I am the only child in my family, my Mom is an accountant while my Dad has his own little diner just a few blocks away from home that is a great success, since the diner was already opened for over ten years and there are many regulars who loves us. School was never really a big issue for me as I was always a straight A student, a nerd if you would say. I never really had any friends in my life, well I did in elementary and public school, however everything started going downhill as soon as I entered junior high. I remembered it clearly, I just started grade 7 and as every student, starting a new school was exciting specially with your friends. Well I guess this is the part that gets interesting, I was a victim of the bullies, and the head of the group was Annie Harrison. To everyone, including the closest friends I have all think Annie is the sweetest and most charming girl ever, and her popularity grew instantly. At first I also thought Annie was super nice and sweet, but the evil thing about her is that she was bullying you, in an indirect way, two face if you can say it that way. At one point she would be super nice to you, help you with cleaning up after class, eat lunch with you and all those friend things. However, she would neglect you from any group activities outside of school during the weekends or would ignore you whenever I spoke. The only time Annie has ever really spoken to me was when she needed something from me, like helping her do homework, letting her copy, or something along those lines. I didn't mind because I thought we were friends, and boy was I wrong. Throughout the year, things has gotten worse as the bullying became more serious, the closest friends that I thought I had, Diana and Rachel they never seemed to noticed as their popularity grew with Annie, and I was left behind all alone. We would usually go home together every day after school, but slowly it was by myself as Annie convinced them to join clubs with her. I was depressed and slowly I didn't care about school, grade 8 came around and I've became more depressed than ever. Eventually I've had enough and approached my once two best friends and poured my heart out to them, sad thing is that they didn't believe me and thought that I was overacting. Friends, who needed friends. My grades at school became poor as I started getting C's and D's and the occasional B. By the end of grade 8 and soon I would be attending high school, I couldn't take it anymore. I've decided to end my own life.

Clearly, that wasn't a success because I am still here, attending senior year of high school. I was too much of a chicken to down the rat poison I mixed into hot water with and I also chickened out cutting myself, I was too afraid of the pain. I was a failure, eventually grade 8 has ended and my two friends Diana and Rachel attended a different high school than I, however Annie is still in the same high school as me and is the most popular girl in school. Once I've entered high school, I pulled myself together thinking that it was going to be a new start, and my grades were back to being A's and occasional B's. However, throughout the first three years of high school, I was still constantly being bullied by Annie, now the captain of the cheerleading squad, no surprise there. But I have gotten use to it, I've gotten use to being lonely, use to being picked at, use to getting my homework taken from me so that they could copy, the name callings like being fat, nerdy and all that, yes I was quite on the overweight side before, the occasional humiliation in front of the entire school. But I've decided that it was enough, it was time to stop all this and I've changed myself, Annie has made my life miserable, she took away the two closest friends I ever had, and everyone was scared to be my friend because I was constantly getting picked on by Annie. I used up most of the money I've saved up from working at Dad's diner for the past few years and I've changed the way I looked, losing the glasses and wearing contacts now, the way I dressed, the way I acted and I wish to have Annie have a taste at her own medicine because she should know how she's making other people feel.

I looked at myself in the mirror in the school bathroom, looking at the transformation I've done to myself over the summer. I have lost some weight after dieting in a healthy way, spend money on the latest trendy clothes, and makeup, I look like a new person here. I've spent quite a bit of money on my make over, I even went to the parlor shop and got a different hair style, my hair was always brown and wavy, now I've gotten a straight perm, with cute side bangs and layered hair. Through many practices in front of the mirror, watching YouTube videos on makeup tutorial, I was now a pro at putting makeup on. I looked down at my attire, nice fitted jeans, a cute pink tank top and a long black blazer, I look like one of Annie's groupie. I walked out of the bathroom and I already feel many people looking at me, wondering who I was I could already feel it, I'm a different person. No matter where I went, I had people looking at me as I walked by them. I looked straight ahead and who I saw was Annie with her little group and some of the all stars from the football and soccer team. I gathered all my courage and walked towards their direction, but I didn't make any eye contacts with them, hoping, just praying that they'll notice me. As I walked by I heard someone whistling and I turned back, giving them one of my attractive looks that I have been practicing over and over again in front of the mirror all summer long.

"Are you new here?" Brian asked, the vice captain of the football team. I knew who everyone was in the group because they were so popular, however they don't know who I am.

"No," I replied with a smile and walked away, hoping that it would get their attention even more because I've learned that from reading those girl magazines which I thought was stupid, but if this works I won't call them stupid anymore. Suddenly two of the boys from Annie's group caught up with me, I looked over my shoulder and it was Brian and his friend Edwin, who was also on the football team by my side.

"You're not new here? How come I never seen you around?" Brian asked and I shrugged as we continued down the hallway.

"I guess you weren't looking hard enough for me." I winked at him and he smirked. Yes is my plan actually working? Am I getting the popular students to talk to me, like actually talk to me and not bullying me?

"There is no way we'll miss such a beauty like yourself." Edwin added. I looked over at him, he was a bit more attractive than Brian was. Brian is blonde, and he had very broad shoulders and had huge muscles, the typical looking football player but he doesn't attract me at all. Edwin was just a tad better, he has the body for a football player but he wasn't as broad and huge as Brian was.

"Well you did." I smiled at him and he smirked as well.

"So what is your name?" Edwin asked me.

"Lillian," I replied "and yours?" I asked even though I already knew. Getting a boy's attention 101, act like you're not interested. I wonder if the stuff in the magazine really work.

"You don't know who we are?" Brian asked with a raised eyebrow and I shook my head.

"Well, forgive our rudeness." Edwin interrupted, "I'm Edwin and this is my friend Brian. We're both on the football team."

"I see, nice to meet you two." I smiled the cutest smile I have and they were taken back, wow don't tell me this is actually working.

"Hey how about you start hanging out with us? I mean it's always better with more people." Edwin suggested and I stopped in my track, wow this is working. This is really working!

"Sure," I smiled after a while and both Edwin and Brian returned a smile back at me.

"What class do you have before lunch? We'll come drop by and get you for lunch." Brian suggested and I raised an eyebrow, wow these boys are desperate, it makes them seem like all they want is just to get in my pants. Is this how all the popular jerk boys are like? I never seen this side of them because I never really cared about the rumours flying around school, or to be exact, I never hear about them because I had no friends to tell me about them. I looked back at Annie and her remaining group since we weren't that far away yet, her eyes fixed on us and I turned to face Brian and Edwin again.

"I have English with Mrs. Gibson" I replied and Edwin's eyes lightened up.

"Really? I have her as well. Sweet I'll be in the same class as you." Edwin smiled, "I guess we'll be getting to know each other a lot this year."

"Yeah I guess," I smiled back at him. Then suddenly, I looked pass Edwin and saw the all star, soccer captain, Tristan Hayes and he started to approach us.

"Yo" Tristan started and placed his hands on their shoulder, as they turned around and gave each other props.

"Hey Tristan" Brian started, "what's up? How was your summer?"

"Nothing much, the same old stuff." Tristan replied and then stared right at me, causing me to feel uncomfortable.

"Yo, meet Lillian," Edwin introduced us, "have you seen her anywhere before? Cause I haven't and she said she wasn't a new student." Tristan looked up and down at me, studying me for a while and then opened his mouth to say something.

"Yeah, I have." Tristan replied. Wait what? He's seen me before? I stood there thinking back if there was any time that Tristan has noticed me within the past three years, and nothing came to mine. The only thing that Tristan could have possibly seen me was in freshman year when I was in his Geography class but that was the only class I have ever been in with him. There is no way someone like Tristan Hayes to take notice of me, the bullied, the loner, Lillian Fleming.

"Really? How come you never told us about her? She is such a hottie." Edwin added and Tristan shrugged, looking away from me.

"Tristan!" I heard Annie's voice and I heard her heels clicking on the floor as she approached us. "Hello my love, how are you?" Annie shoved me aside as I caught a big breathe of her perfume, and she gave Tristan a big hug. This was probably the only rumour I've heard, that Annie and Tristan are dating. Rumour has it that Annie is in love with Tristan and told the entire school about their relationship, on the other hand Tristan showed no interest but didn't deny it at all, so is the rumour true or is it really just a rumour?

"Hey Annie," Tristan pull away from the hug and stared down at her. I noticed that the entire group of Annie was now surrounding me, her two friends Michelle and Cara, both on the cheerleading squad as well and the rest of the football and soccer team that were standing around Annie earlier. I started to feel uncomfortable even though I told myself to prepare for this before I decided to start the mission of ruining Annie's life as she did with me. Suddenly, Annie turned to look at me as if she immediately saw who I was, but it's no surprise because she has been bullying me for the past five years.

"Oh Lillian," Annie started, as she linked her arms into Tristan's "you've changed quite a bit. What are you planning to do changing yourself like that?" I shrugged.

"Well I just thought that it was time to make some friends, and I guess I found my first two friends here." I pointed to Edwin and Brian. Annie shot them a look but they ignored her then she focused her attention back at me.

"I see, well have fun. I don't think it's going to be easy." She replied.

"I know." I smiled, and Annie continued staring at me. Annie has accepted my challenge and I know that she will at all cost stop me from whatever I was planning to do. I don't even know what I was going to do, I was planning on just winging everything and do whatever I want from the years of anger I've built up, well one thing I know is that mission has began.

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