I stood there observing everything that was happening. Annie stood there in fear and disbelief in front of Tristan with Cara and Michelle by her side. Tristan was glaring down at Annie as he's ready to kill her, and me? I just stood there frozen solid because I can't believe what's happening and so are everyone else in the cafeteria as they stopped their daily chattering and watched intently.

"You're lying Tristan." Annie giggled as if she doesn't believe a word he said. "How can a girl like Nancy have such a hot older brother? Is that even logical? Come on baby, you don't really think something as silly as that could break us up right?" Annie reached her hands out towards Tristan and of course Tristan backed off.

"We were never together Annie." Tristan confirmed with her again but Annie shook her head, not believing it. I can't imagine that Annie actually loves Tristan but it seriously seems like it as I saw tears falling down her cheeks again, she's heartbroken.

"Tristan," she sobbed. "You know I didn't mean any harm, it was all a joke. I'll apologize! Just please baby, don't do this to us." She reached out towards Tristan again but backed off.

"Annie, save it. You've meant no harm? You'll apologize? Don't give me that bullshit. When does Annie Harrison ever apologize to the ones you've bullied?" Annie stood there, speechless.

"Tristan! Believe me! I will definitely apologize to Nancy! As long as we get to be together!" Tristan chuckled.

"Apologize to Lillian first." Tristan replied and all eyes were on me. What? How did the conversation turn towards me? I stood there in terror, as hundreds of eyes glared at me, this is totally so uncomfortable.

"Why?" She shouted "Lillian has no business between us!" Tristan chuckled yet again.

"You're so bullshit Annie," Tristan said in a cold voice and then he turned away from me and headed towards me. "Maybe when you finally decide to apologize to every single one of the victims, I'll consider being friends with you again, but honestly Annie don't count on it." Tristan added as he looked over his shoulder. Tristan focused his attention back at me and he let out a gentle smile, a smile that is the Tristan I know as he reached for my hand and started leading me away.

"Tristan!" Annie called out after us and Tristan stopped to turn to look at her. I turned as well as I was still frozen and have absolutely no energy to fight against Tristan. "So you're leaving me for her?!" Annie pointed at me with angered filled eyes which were super scary to me as I never seen her look at me like that before. Tristan sighed heavily and chuckled once again.

"Honestly, I hate repeating myself but clearly you don't understand what I said." Tristan started. "If you seriously insist that we were ever together, fine. Then I've just dumped and cheated on you right in front of the whole school and your so called friends." Tristan turned back around and started heading out of the cafeteria while he dragged me with him.

"Tristan!" Annie called out after us again but this time Tristan didn't stop as he continued on making his way out of the cafeteria. Soon there were applauses and cheering echoing through the entire cafeteria.

"Tristan! Tristan! Tristan!" They all chanted as loud as they could as we still heard it down the hallway. Tristan didn't stop for even a second and just continued down the hallway with me in his grip as he held my hand tightly. I mean I am quite bright and smart but I just seriously cannot believe what just happened because my mind is processing the event over and over again as if there must be a glitch or mistake somewhere and the whole equation doesn't make sense. But sadly everything that happened did happen and there is definitely no mistake anywhere. Eventually Tristan stopped and I finally took the time to look around my surrounding as my mind was quite occupied and I realized that we were by my little quiet spot by the giant oak tree. He released my hand and he made his way closer to the oak tree as I watched him inhaling and exhaling the cool Autumn air.

"Sorry." I heard Tristan speaking softly before he turned and looked at me as well causing my heart to fluster. Why is my heart beating so fast? Is it beating because of the amazing view and pose Tristan is in causing him to look even more attractive? I shook my head to clear it, you're crazy Lillian, stop having these crazy thoughts and pull yourself together.

"For what?" I finally managed to say.

"That was probably your first kiss wasn't it?" He chuckled and I flushed red. Oh my god, that was! I totally forgot about it in the midst of everything that had happened, oh my god! My innocence! I was now not just staring at Tristan, I was glaring at him hoping my glare would melt him and kill him!

"You jerk!" I shouted and he giggled, the fun and playful Tristan is back. "How could you?!" I continued to shout.

"Is there a day when you don't yell or shout at me?" He joked but I am not impressed. "I'm sorry, really I am. But honestly, it was my first kiss as well." Wait what? Tristan Hayes's first kiss was me? No way, he's popular he must have had a kiss here or there from girls.

"You're lying." I insisted and he leaned against the trunk of the oak tree.

"I'm not Lillian, I've just started getting popular last year and believe me, I don't look like the way I was before and then I became the most popular guy in school. Ever since I got popular, I stuck around Annie and Annie only."

"For your revenge?" He nodded. I stood there thinking back to freshmen year when I had Geography with Tristan and to be honest, no matter how hard I tried to visualize how he looked, I couldn't but I knew for sure he changed, maybe I should go back home and scan through the yearbook.

"I guess I was like you Lillian," he started and then stared up at the clear sky. "I took the whole sophomore year changing my appearance to fit in with everyone. At first I felt awkward and not myself but I grew out of it so I guess this is me now."

"Is it even worth it? Everything that you did and done?" I asked and he stared at me and then immediately looked back up at the sky.

"Yes." He replied in a stern tone of voice. "Nancy is my everything." I stood there studying Tristan, Nancy is his everything? Although I don't know what he meant but clearly there is a special bond between Tristan and Nancy and I wondered what it is.

"She's your everything? What are you talking about?" I asked and Tristan turned to face me. He didn't say anything but just smiled kindly at me causing my heart to fluster once again. My heart had just calmed down from the littler fluster earlier and now it's back, great.

"Sorry, I used you earlier." Tristan replied, totally ignoring the question I asked him and changed the topic. "I hope you didn't mind as I did just get revenge for you as well." I replayed everything that happened not too long ago, did I mind what Tristan did? I mean he did get revenge on Annie in just a matter of seconds but took me forever to even suck up the courage to do something. The answer, of course I minded! First of all, I lost my first kiss and I lost it in a non romantic way. I've always imagined my first kiss to be romantic, like what you see in fairy tales or movies but I would never in a million years imagine my first kiss to be part of a plan to get revenge. Secondly, I don't feel one bit happy to be honest. After being bullied for five years by Annie, I should be happy to see her getting a taste of her own medicine. But after seeing Annie in that state she was in, it was pitiful, I felt awful even though I just stood there and watched.

"Do you feel better?" I asked and he looked at me as if he was studying me. "Did it make you happy?" He continued to stare at me without saying a word for the longest time.

"Yes," he finally replied. I stared back at him as I tried to see how serious he was and from how I see it, he was quite serious. "It took me a full year to get to where I am now, to get back at Annie."

"Is this what Nancy wanted?" I asked and he looked at me, a little bit taken back and the nice, playful Tristan was now gone and he's in a very serious mood.

"Do you know why I wanted to help you Lillian?" He asked but I didn't say anything as I waited for him to continue. "It's because you're like Nancy. As she was lying in her hospital bed after her attempt at committing suicide, she was crying about how she wanted Annie to know what she's feeling too, but she was too nice and too scared to do anything..."

"...So you're doing it for her." I finished his sentence as we stared at each other intently.

"What choice did you think I have? Only I could protect her." Tristan added.

"So are you going to be continuing this? Ruining Annie?"

"Yes, until she understands the feel of being bullied, on edge as if your life is ending." Tristan reply was cold, and lifeless. The same Tristan came back, the cold heartless Tristan.

"And Nancy knows?" I asked and he was once again taken back. "She knows about everything you're doing and agrees with your methods?" He was speechless.

"She knows." He finally replied but I waited for him to continue and he didn't So Nancy doesn't agree, it's all Tristan's doing. "How come it looks like you don't seem to agree with any of this either. Did you not feel a relief seeing Annie in that state?" He asked and I slowly shook my head.

"I felt awful even though I just stood there and watched." I replied and he waited for me to continue this time. "Ever since the new school year started, I was set on ruining Annie because I thought it would bring me happiness to at least know that she understands how it feels. But honestly, I don't feel any happiness at all."

"I told you that you're too nice for this." Tristan replied.

"No, I'm not." He looked at me wondering what I was talking about. "I'm not nice if I ever had the idea of ruining Annie. Even though I didn't execute any major bullying or what not to Annie, just having the thought of getting back at her is not nice."

"What are you trying to say?" He asked and I stood there thinking about his question. Yeah, what exactly am I trying to say? I looked down at the grassy earth beneath me and I closed my eyes as I thought about the question seriously.

"What I'm trying to say is," I started as I opened my eyes and stared back at Tristan who was staring right back at me as he waited for my answer. "This isn't right. What you're doing is just repeating the cycle of hatred Tristan. Don't you think that eventually you'll just be like Annie? If you want to ruin Annie so bad to the point that she's on the verge of committing suicide, then aren't you the one that did that to someone as you've become the new bully?"

"I'm nothing like her!" Tristan raised his voice as if I had offended him.

"Have you ever been bullied Tristan?" I asked and he seemed to be once again taken back and had calmed down slightly.

"No" Tristan replied immediately.

"Then you wouldn't understand the feeling of being a victim of bullying." I started and he stood there listening. "Do you know how lonely it is? Do you know how much you want to stand up for yourself but you can't? Then you probably won't understand how it feels to see all your friends go away one by one as they all start avoiding you because they were all afraid of being the next victim." I continued and I could feel tears filling my eyes and soon streamed down my face. "And of course you wouldn't understand what goes on in someone's mind as they are ready to end their life." I watched Tristan as he started walking over towards me and is now in arms reach, his face had softened.

"Lillian," he said softly. "I understand everything, I've been through it just watching Nancy, do you know how much pain and depression it still brings her?" I slowly shook my head.

"It's not the same as experiencing it Tristan." I sobbed. "It is something that you'll never understand until you've experienced it." I added as I wiped my tears with the sleeves of my sweater.

"Annie deserves everything that I just did." Tristan replied softly and I shook my head again.

" You've done your damage Tristan, but don't you think it's time to stop?" I asked and he looked at me. "Why can't you be the better person and walk away from everything and stop the cycle? I know I might not be the best person to be saying this to you but, Tristan don't be on the same level as Annie, you're much better than she is."


"When I was attempting to suicide in junior high because of Annie, that was the most depressing time of my life." I interrupted him. "I lost my two and only friends, I lost the motivation for school, I lost motivation to almost everything and my mind was filled with negative thoughts. The reason I am still here today is because, well I chickened out. But besides that, I just thought that this could be a life's test you know? And tomorrow would be a better day, that's how I pulled myself back together Tristan, and I know Nancy would too one day because at least Nancy has the support of her older brother." Suddenly Tristan pulled me in for a hug as he wrapped his arms around me tightly and tucked my head under his chin. For some odd reason, I had no intention to fight back as this hug Tristan is giving me is very comforting, it gives me the support that I've longed for ever since I've been alone for the past five years.

"You're stronger than I imagined Lillian." Tristan whispered but I didn't say anything and just stood there in Tristan's arms. I really do believe what I said, I really do believe that this was a life's test and that tomorrow, it really would be a better day.

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