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Love, CorycianAngel1944

Eternal Sky, Riverbend of Green

by Corycian Angel

Eternal ruler of the skies up high,

This absolute power keeps hold all around you.

The glory, the lights, the everlasting sky,

Will take your breath away, your sacred dawn.


O green river, that flows all year long.

Daffodil riverbanks, oh sweet smell of Narcissus.

The bubbling sounds are the delicately embroidered notes.

The water nymphs swim and dancing in delight!


How can the two will ever meet?

This sea of clouds rise up into the wind.

But heaven's so far, so distant to get near.

This line of horizon asunder the sky and the sea.


Force can't help, nor God can tell

That the wall is permanent, not a strike can tear.

The sky wants to meet, without a chance indeed.

Her creative thought runs that the land is favored by the sea.


Sea and sky will never meet,

The angels make sure they remain a split.

The sky refuses to hurt or sin,

Her glittering tears depart from here.

Eternal sky, riverbend of green.

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