can we love like strangers?

i'll twist your name like licorice between
my lips, make it candy-sweet. it doesn't
matter what you make of your hands, all i want
is your silhouette to fill with my own astrology. i'll mold
your darkness around me like a warm coat in winter, so
you can follow me through days.

will you be my shadow?

i've been waiting for it to come to life, but
it remains limp. whatever reflections
the lights cast in your eyes i will breathe
away like cobwebs. i will hold you tightly if only
you let me close my eyes. i fell
into your gaze, but i lost my way.

can you lend me a map?

i tried to trace your cardiovascular system, but i'm tangled
in all the lines. i need you like a pinhole photograph:
motionless and blurry and black and white. wait for me
while i develop the negatives, so i can find
my way out. we're off script, and i need stage
directions for my exit.

can you forgive me?

for what i've made of you
is something new and black, a little blue,
pinned down with silver stitches where i
puzzled you into my satin-eyed world. i can't sleep
knowing you'll be there to haunt my mornings with
hollow eyes echoing questions of where i've hidden
your heart, where i've hidden your telltale heart.

can you be my dreams?

i'm struck starry-eyed; nights render you and me
loosely like floods and we spill around each
other. i wish you were how i see you in my lunacy:
alabaster-boned and shining in the stage light of
a myriad little tales. but i know i'm only warped
by this moonstruck fantasia, drawing me under
like a rip tide. you're already someone, but
all i can bear is for you to be no one: all i want
is your silhouette.

can we love like strangers?