Squeaks and squeals – all those sounds make my skin crawl at night. They're there all the time, with everything I do. I can hear them taunting me. Things that sound like white noise to other people – something about their little voices makes perfect sense to me. My personal demons from another world, a different world… all of the voices are like this, telling me to do things, making my world go round in lunatic circles. Which way is up? Which way is down? Things like those I cannot tell.

The voices tell me to do things. I only hear them in the walls of rooms. Being away from walls stops them. At school, at work, at my house, in the malls, and all of those sorts, I can hear their scratchy voices and slithery movements so clearly it scares me. Sometimes the voices bang and scratch and cackle against the walls, trying to get at me, to frighten me, and to harm me. What do they want with me? Why is it me that they love to torment so much? Being this way, I'm an autodidact in regards to these voices. The voices know as much of me as I do of them.

Infesting everything that I stay near, everything of the world I was born into, I can't help but wonder if they truly hate me. They've driven me from just about everything I could ever understand. Telling me not to fall in love, forcing me to stop living in a house or a condominium. What more do they want from me?

Even now, as they scamper outside my tent, I can hear the scratchy inflections of the tongue they speak to me with. The sun is falling below my horizon now, and the voices are more violent after the moon blooms high into the sky with night behind it. Bang at the walls of my tent with all their might, they do. Why won't they just leave me alone now? Let me be covered from the elements at least, take refuge in this pyramid of thin walls and narrow space. Allow me some peace, they never will. But, should I choose to open this thin zipper-closed door, they will stop. The elements of the earth – that's where these voices must lie. Break the spell, it is that easy, and I can. Still…

No, I can't bring myself to open that portal to the outer world. These voices that have guided me, protected me, scared me, manipulated me, controlled me, they will not take away this from me.

I close my eyes and hope the noises cease. It's just like a child waiting for the rain and thunder to stop. This scratching and tearing is relentless though, never ending in its strange tyranny over me. And then, it happens.

Something is nudging my arm, yanking at it, pushing and pulling me, but I refuse to open my eyes, to face my voice demons. That's when I hear what seems like I've been waiting an eternity to hear. It's a voice unlike the rest of them because it's kind and gentle and warm.

"Wake up now; it's time for the person to meet the day, nay?"

The tugging stops completely, and I open my eyes. Where am I? Definitely not in a forest, and certainly not in a thousand torn pieces. Before me, the sun shines brightly through misty curtains and the sounds of pleasant laughter ring down from the streets below.

This is the day I wish to always greet, forever more. Whether this is the dream or not, I shan't have a concern with being here.

As I leave the happy room with a smile, I hear something. Two distinct taps against the wall, and a whisper too soft to hear. But I know.

It was scary back then, but now is different.

I nod towards the sound and speak for the first and last time to them.

"Don't worry about me. I'm whole now, just you watch. I'll do you proud."