I was sitting there in one of the restaurants eating alone as usual.

I've traveled across the world to follow my "dream". I actually thought everything on the planet was revolving around working hard on achieving the dream. I worked hard to be the person I've always wanted to be: "respected person".

I have achieved that. But along the way a lot of things happened. In order to be the person I've always wanted, I had to sacrifice a lot of things in my life. I had to change to a person I've always been. I had to leave a lot of people around me.

And it happened. I have lost them all. I have lost every single person I've ever loved in my life, every person who ever loved me.. I had left them on my own. I thought it was for my good, but alas, what a fool I am.

I laughed hysterically with myself at my own mistakes. I am the stupidest walking creature in this planet. I left money on the table and walked out. It was raining again. I walked along the sidewalk, with my expensive suit not bothering the water rushing over me. People were giving me weird looks and were running from the rain to hide.

I kept on walking as I remembered my past life.

There I was sitting in dining table with Mom and my brother. We ate dessert grinning at each other.

There I was walking with my best friend to my school building laughing at a joke I said.

There I was in the park with my book, reading my favorite novel on the grass.

There I was in the classroom, answering perfectly to my Chemistry teacher who smiled eagerly at me, and He was looking at me smirking as usual.

My life was perfect, and I led myself to this hell, myself.

Tears were falling down, one after another. I was now shivering and feeling my finger endings are frozen, I couldn't feel them. My eyes were blurred and I tried to focus but couldn't. I kept on walking then I looked at the other side of the street, I was the only one outside this hour.

I saw from a distance familiar people. I got closer, and closer to them. I laughed hysterically as I saw the people clearly. This is impossible! It was Mom, my brother, my bestie and Him standing over there smiling at me.

I went on running and running until I reached them. I started crying again and this time I couldn't control myself. I was laughing and crying at the same time. As I approached them, they faded away into black. Like smoke.

I lost my mind at that moment. I didn't know what happened next but I felt a great force above me when I tried to run again and then collapsed. All I saw above me was the rain falling still and then nothing else. Everything was black. I felt no more.