Abel stood upon that rock as if he were a king. He possessed a jaw like steel, hard to the touch. His beady eyes glared anxiously at his life, seeking it in and out. A long hard scar bore into his head, and protruded as it met the cheekbone. A wound from a hunting accident with his father. The man who'd changed his life for the worse, the dreadful drunken giant that had blessed him with a life-long mark. The blemish made Abel scary, maybe even ugly, he had killed himself everyday and cursed silently that he would never find true love in someone that could overlook his outside and see the beauty that lay beneath. He forced himself to believe in miracles, in false odyssey, to believe in air of a thin and evil unknown.

Iona. She was the one and only, but he let her out of his grasp. Though she had returned to him. And now as Abel stood, poised on the cliff-face before her, he hesitated, he softened, he waited. She considered his heart for a few moments. She accepted all that was lost, all that is lost. Holding out a glance of deadly warning, Abel took a step away from her. A shriek erupted among the rocks and the sea beckoned for blood. Iona was carefully placed safely away from the edge of the cliff but still as Abel fell, he tugged her hand and dragged her to her destiny. Death would kindle their souls as they plundered into depths of the unforgiving ocean and would be lost forever.

The two sorry souls exchanged their final glances of fear and pain, but each one was hopeful and knew that in death they would be together again. Abel forgave Iona for leaving him alone, and Iona forgave Abel for forcing her to do so. Vocally, neither said a word, but their souls had been unburdened. They were forgiven. They were peaceful.

They were free.