Morning Walk

Walking barefoot in the dew-soaked grass,

I stop to admire the melodic sound of the blue birds singing,

the sweet scent of the pink blossoms in the trees.

I look down at my wet feet, to see a red lady bug,

crawing slowly across.

I squat down,

my jeans getting damp from the dew in the grass.

I pick up the small lady bug.

I stand back up,

cautiously study the bug.

It scurries across my hand,

I laugh; it tickles.

I lift up my hand toward the blue sky,

and let the lady-bug fly away,

sheilding my eyes from the bright orb in the sky.

I look at the baby-blue sky,

and notice that one of the puffy clouds looks like a smiling face.

I smile back.

Then continue walking,

humming a tuneless song to myself.