Healing Wounds

The distance between you and i
A closing gap
A healing wound
Traveling by the map
But our hearts seem further away
Getting there seemed easier this way
A cliffs end
A steep climb
Unable to make the decent.
Afraid to fall
Afraid to lose
Everything we thought we had
Look darling,
Our castle is crumbling
Fortress walls are stumbling
to their knees
Calvary? non-existent, merely dust within our wake.
Fingers entwined
Like the branches of the trees that sleep.
Who are we now?
Who were we then?
Leaving destruction in our path
What do you see?
Under the war driven after-math
Carved names in our wooden hands

But back then
The bark was only pealing
Not lost in the the flames of our people
Seeds cannot be re-sown where our castle once lay
Only new ones and new life can sit at bay
But this love that we are trying to emulate?
as once mourned
No point in trying to dig at sealed graves.