Georgina looked gorgeous as her mother brushed her beautifully long golden hair, accompanied with flowers and little coral-colored laces that assured she looked like a charismatic princess. Ms. McKnight, carefully choosing her also coral-blended shoes headed to the petite girl who was spinning around as she dropped the flowery adorns from her hair down to the ground.

"Oh darling, you are making me start all over. Ladies like you shall look radiant at all times" said hectically exhausted Mother as she began basing her little girl's curls into a fully 'rosy' hairstyle; since it was inspired by a red glowing rose. The same hairstyle that she positively hoped was going to be serving as a better success for the girl's extended trip with Grandma.

Grandma was a stylish lady; she was certainly Mom's (and G's) guide for everything. It varied from cooking, dressing, decorating and overall areas a lady should be focused on. Wisely, Grandma had won an invitation to admire the ballet presentations Georgina was fervently excited about. Lucky for her, that was exactly the place they were heading towards today! Enthusiastically, Little G had taken classes, won competitions and prepared all her dolls to practice with her, day after day, for the pure pleasure ballet had always brought her. Initially, Grandma idealized that ballet-dancing was not a formal hobby for a young lady to devote to; since she always wanted Ms. McKnight, her beloved daughter to play the violin. It was her dream career; the one she had not been able to take part on and naturally wanted to pass on to her 'two flowers'; as she referred to them. Later, and happily for Georgina, Grandma was naturally an open-minded individual who was able to conceive her only granddaughter's wish.

"If talent is present, I don't see why it should be restricted" confident Grandma announced right after her daughter's confession referring to Georgina's then secret dream. Then they laughed, and sipped sweet tea, as they suavely contemplated the colorful afternoon at their amazing garden where each year they planted lovely flowers that created a magical atmosphere; while Georgina happily played with her dollies enraptured in a tender moment.

"I believe this will be it" said Mrs. McKnight, calmly looking at the finished piece of golden locks arranged in a flowery pattern. So did Georgina, she literally could not stop moving and carelessly dancing in an also floral sequence. With an event like that taking place the same day, she did not have a reason for stopping. It was not only her seeing, or perhaps feeling, a live performance of ballet, but it was additionally her first time at the 'big city', as they called it. The New York ballet-lovers were always present and gave the city an enchantingly captivating light. Adoring the big city from a distant view was not going to ever be necessary again; Little G was actually visiting it! This could not be happening! Could it? Georgina was prepared to head up to the city as soon as Grandma arrived.

"Mommy I just can't control myself from thinking Grandma will be here in just a very small amount of time, right Mommy? Is that right?"

"Honey, I can't be all-knowing about that, why don't you ask Grandma next time? She did not specify anything about the time, sweetie." Georgina then ceased the talking; she wished she was ever able to tell whatever she felt like knowing, as she really wanted to know what time it was and how much time she estimated to wait for Grandma. It was never clear when it came to Grandma.

That same day, Grandma was not able to come; she had been caught by an awful rain on her way to their house and now she felt incredibly vulnerable to the cold it had brought her- or at least that's what they had informed Mrs. McKnight.

"Ugh, Georgina, I have dreadful news for you. Grandma was not able to come because of bad weather; it was raining ceaseless on her way over here." Mrs. McKnight splashed out.

"Well, I rather wait till a better day. I'm sure it'll change. I'm sure no one would want to ruin my plans, our plans!" exclaimed G.

"You know it'll change for the best, sweetie. That's what always happens, right?" wittily added Mrs. McKnight.

"Mommy, are you trying to surprise me or intrigue me in any way? "carefully reasoned G.

"You're the most impossible daughter in this world, dear G. Come in Grandma!"

"Don't play with my plans, mom" cheerfully stated G, as she reached for Grandma and rapidly went to the ballet performance she had planned and endlessly hoped for.

And as they laughed and chatted about the whole dramatic occurrence, I'm positive many girls in the world are going to now tell their mothers and grandmas to never play with their plans again.