Aura drifted through the night air, slowly contemplating everything that she was ready to say to the council. The way that she was constantly trying to restore the balance to the air and the atmosphere was beginning to be more of an inconvenience than a duty and she was getting tired of losing the control. She was so powerful, so good at bringing the balance that the ozone needed but the pollution was becoming more and more of a poison that she couldn't seem to get rid of.

Looking down Aura witnessed the twinkling of city lights and little houses that emitted the warm glow of florescent lights and she sneered. She could remember when there were little specks that spotted the earth like a light rain rather than covered the earth like a quilted blanket. So many chemicals that went into bringing the never ending light to the world, most that went straight into the air that Aura was constantly trying to clean. It was despicable and it made Aura angry with every little human that walked so confidently on the earth.

Sure, she wasn't the only one that was having problems with the humans. Terra and Mara were also feeling the anxiety that was being brought on by the ignorant and inconsiderate humans. Constantly there were those humans who spoke of "global warming" and the never ending pollution that they thought was inevitable. But there was never any progression in changing their ways and becoming less dependent on energy and technology. Hundreds of years ago, the humans were much more manageable because they didn't even have the technology to have proper hygiene. Aura preferred the smell of the humans waste over the smell of the destruction of the ozone layer by chemicals like carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Fuming, Aura continued to drift towards the incredible castle that she could see growing larger in the distance. It was truly a magnificent castle in the way it reflected all the light that came from the world and was virtually undetectable by humans. It was like the warped fold in the world that humans just seemed to walk past and never question. The castle was one of the biggest palaces in the world that housed the most powerful of the advanced species of the world. The current royalty were the Kristensons, a very power and influential vampire family that had maintained rule for over two centuries. Aura scoffed for she hated the king. He was weak and wouldn't take control over the self-destructive humans that were persistent to exist on the earth. Instead he allowed them to continue on in life, completely ignorant of all the other species that were much more powerful and intelligent.

Slowing her flight and allowing her cloak to drift magnificently behind her, Aura touched down at the large black doors of the castle and they opened automatically. She brushed her long blond hair away from her face and allowed it to flow down her back to the small of her back. Her piercing blue eyes stared into the darkness of the hall and smiled as the torches lit up with bright orange fire as she took the first step through the doors. If she was lucky, the council would see her argument against the humans as cause to declare war.


Kristopher paced in his quarters, running his hand through his sleek black hair and rubbing his face with his cool fingers. His long red cloak was getting tangled between his legs and was on the verge of knocking over the vase that stood on the table in the center of the room. He had always hated that vase, it was too flowery and seemed like something the humans would have in their foyer. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing if his cloak knocked it off the table and it shattered into a hundred shards on the floor.

Regardless, Kristopher decided it was better to sit down, avoiding any catastrophe that would affect his council meeting with the other species of the hidden world. They were sure to be angry with how his father was running the kingdom and Kristopher didn't blame them. His father was a coward and was not willing to take control of the humans that had been destroying the world for as long as he had known. He hated the humans and he knew that they must be used for their specific purpose on the earth and that was to put into slavery. The advanced species of the world needed the power over the humans to truly cooperate and to bring the world to a point that would be even greater than the humans could ever have thought possible. The spirits would be happy if their world was free of destructive humans. The vampires would be grateful to have a blood supply that was not difficult to attain.

The only problem was that Kristopher was not king. He could not change what he knew needed to be changed. His father still had all the control, and while Kristopher was a prince, he did not have the power or authority to make decisions such as these or have much of an influence on what was already decided. The king would never change the way the humans were dealt with. He already felt like the vampires were being selfish because of their human trade rings that he allowed and overlooked as a sign of his cooperation. The regulations on the trade were incredibly strict however and were close to impossible to run with the regulations that were set up. The vampires were getting restless, concerned with the amount of blood they were allowed and cranky because they were not allowed the amount they require.

Kristopher stopped in front of his large illuminated mirror. The frame was glowing by the power of the light spirits rather than the science that the humans care for so much. He looked at his own physique and smiled. His dark hair framed his face and his cool gray eyes looked bright. The red cloak had smoothed out and flowed off his shoulders and down his back like a silk waterfall of crimson blood. His clothes were fitted but flattering to the eye and Kristopher knew that he would be alluring and seemingly powerful in front of the members of the council. If he were king, there would be no one that would question him or disagree.

Taking in a deep breath and flashing a smile into the mirror, Kristopher gathered up his pride and his cruel intentions and made his way to the long gold doors that guarded him in his large room. He knew that the only way to move forward with all the plans that he had dreamed was to become king.


Carolyna opened her groggy eyes and stretched out on her queen sized bed. The dreams that had been running through her head were already fading and she couldn't remember them to their fullest without fabricating some characters and happy situations that she was sure didn't occur.

The sunlight was pouring through her open window and the cool summer air was beginning to drift into her bedroom and ruffle her sheets and pictures tacked on the wall. For the moment, she was peaceful. Nothing could touch her today and the world seemed to be in sync with itself for the first time in what felt like months. Closing her eyes again, Carolyna took a deep breath of the sweet tasting air and felt the oxygen sink into her lungs. If only she could just stay in that moment for the rest of her life, she would die happy and content with life.

A loud crash, like the sound of glass breaking on hardwood floor erupted from the floor below her and she heard the sound of yelling from her father. Her mother must have broken another dish or tripped while trying to make breakfast. Carolyna was used to the screaming and the crying and she wished that she had never been a part of the family. She sighed to herself and admitted that the movement of peace was gone. It was time to get up.

Rolling out from under her covers, Carolyna looked over at her clock. 7:45 am. It was Saturday. Why wasn't she sleeping in? Rubbing her eyes, she made her way to the bathroom and turned on the faucet. The cool water felt good on her warm face and she just stood there with the water dripping softly off her face and the water running through her fingers. She heard a bang from below and she turned off the water and dried her face.

Taking her hair out of its messy bun and letting it fall off her shoulders, Carolyna turned on her stereo, grabbed the brush from her dresser and brushed all the knots out of her long brown hair. The music was numbing, loud so that she couldn't hear the screaming and the yelling from the floor below and angry enough that she didn't have to be. For a second, Carolyna froze with the brush still running through her hair and she felt herself stare at the empty space on her wall that she knew needed to be filled. Everything disappeared in her head and she let the music fill all the places in her body that were empty.

Another loud bang broke her trance and she looked around her room. Replacing her brush and finding some clean clothes, Carolyna finished getting ready. After a couple minutes she turned off her stereo and grabbed her bag that slouched in her desk chair. Draping it over her shoulder she looked one last time around her room before opening her bedroom door and closing it with a click.


So this is my first attempt at writing stories again. I haven't been writing for what feels like years. I would greatly appreciate any type of review or criticism for this story. It is inspired from my previous story Blood Lust but reworked. Let me know what you think and if it should be continued.