Nancy Feng grabs her backpack strap with her two hands and grips it tightly with confidence as she lays her eyes onto the beautiful white stone building made to look like the White House. Genuinely, the building itself is more exquisite than the Presidential resident with its fancy Italian architectures.

She can't believe how a school can be more than the White House. It's as if the school itself is trying to be more superior. Then again, the school, HeathCliff Academy, was owned by the HeathCliff family. They are the most wealthy and influential family, owning airline travel, supermarkets, electronics, cars, and islands in every continent. The school they have built is exclusive and only accepts those with families of the same rank as them and scholarship students are those with highly outstanding performance of intelligence. Nancy feels a sudden sickening to her stomach with the realization that she is going to be mix in a pot full of silver-spoon spoil kids.

She quickly walks up the marble steps and into the school entrance, trying to avoid eye contacts as best as she can. Pulling out the school's map guide from her navy uniform blazer, she looks up the cafeteria for the high school section.

" Do you need any help? " Nancy looks up from the map and to the voice of a girl with long brown hair with neon blue tips. Nancy nervously glances at her and then to the side then back.

" Um. Yeah. "

She extends her hand to Nancy, waiting for her to shake it in a form of introduction.

" My name's Aelita Garcia. "

" Nancy Feng. "

" Oh! You're Nancy! I was looking everywhere for you! " Aelita jumps up in alacrity. Nancy stands there awkwardly, confused how Aelita, a girl she just met, knows her. Aelita grabs Nancy's wrist and before she has time to protest, Aelita pulls her to the direction of the cafeteria, knowing it's the place Nancy is looking for.

Nancy, obviously confused by this bizarre act of a total stranger, follows her anyway. She's lost, so she might as well follow someone who seems to know her way around this complex campus.

" Here we are! The West Cafeteria for the High School branch. Come on Nancy, let's go take a seat and I'll catch you up on all the juicy information available at this shallow school. " Barely noticing Aelita's bitterness, Nancy is dazzled by the size of the cafeteria with chandeliers hanging from above, tables made out of marble stones, and along with tables fill with food like a buffet. It's like a restaurant than a school's cafeteria! Even compare to a restaurant, this place is far beyond comprehension.

Before Aelita can drag her along again, Nancy asks, " Wait! Why are you like this? "

" I am helping you. I'm suppose to be your ambassador for today. And to be your friend if you need it... " Aelita trails off. Nancy feels bad. It isn't her intention that her tone of voice came out harsh.

Trying to make a situation less awkward than it is, she speaks up to end the silence, " Let's take a seat. Unless you want me to stand here all day. " Aelita's face lights up and she laughs. " Yeah, let's take a seat. "

After they settle down, Aelita rests her chin against the palm of her hands as her elbows propel onto the smooth surface of the table and she proceed to fix her attention to the new student that is in her current responsibility. Finally, Aelita is glad how she finally met someone who is in this school because of a scholarship, and not because of their status as either the one percent net worth or because their parents bribe the school. In the whole campus, only her older brother and her are scholarship students. Although Aelita and her brother attend into this school because of a scholarship, it's also because her parents are famous rocket scientists.

" So...", Nancy trails off.

" Oh yeah! Welcome to HeathCliff Academy where being artificial is its popularity and 99% of the student body owns at least one private plane. " Aelita's sarcasm makes Nancy rumble into laughter. The awkward tension surrounding them fades away, replacing it is a friendly atmosphere starting to sprout from a seed. " You got a scholarship too? " Nancy asks, feeling less uncomfortable like before.

Aelita tilts her head to the side and smiles. " Yup! I guess we're in the same boat! " She isn't sure if telling Nancy that the only way she got in was because of her parents. It isn't going to matter now, is it? She finally makes a friend, and she isn't going to ruin it. Not a chance.

" Move out of my way. " Abruptly, a voice booms in the cafeteria, causing Nancy and Aelita startling from their seat as they simultaneously turn behind where the sound roar.

Everett Royce HeathCliff, the heir to the billionaire estate dress in a J. Crew shirt and hugging over his shirt is a Versace leather jacket, the one specially sewn by a famous designer in France. His piercing blue eyes narrows at the inferior waste of space, titling his head to the side as to why this lowly piece of crap is blocking his path. A piece of blonde hair covers his left right eye in the process.

" What? " The lowly piece of crap asks. He's abash by the sudden command of this cocky bastard, thinking he can just tell him to step aside.

Everett rolls his eyes, he's now exhausted by having his morning be ruin by this ignorant fool. " Get the fuck out of my way. "

Derrick Simmons, an accepted student of the school after 3 tries of entries in the past - finally made it into the school after his parents "compromise" bribery. Despite his family's worth of 50 million dollars, the school at first didn't think he was worth the trouble of acceptance, therefore causing his resent to build up over the last three years. And here is the key to it all. The son of the HeathCliff. No way in hell will he listen to this SOB.

In return, he laughs in reply.

Everett balls his fist up. Clenching his teeth, he asks in a low menacing tone, " What's so funny? "

" You. That's what. "

Before anyone can wrap around what just happens, Everett's fist collides into Derrick's face, a sound that echoes throughout the incoherent cafeteria. The silent room screams in an inarticulate volume nobody can comprehend, except for the ring of the punch in Derrick's ears. Even he is speechless and caught off-guard.

" Dumb shit. " Everett comments, as he steps over the victimized boy laying on the floor, holding his cheek, and a nose gushing out blood. His two friends follow beside him, shrugging their shoulders as in saying " I told you so ". They know what's going to happen. They know it's technically not Everett's fault because it's the boy's fault for not listening what Everett asks in the first place.

Nancy watches the unjust scene right before her very eyes. It's unbelievable. How could someone do that to another human being? Where's the teachers when all this is taking place - where are they?! Fuming with anger, she glares at the bumptious boy with his ostentatious clothing and ill-considerate way of wearing uniform. Who is this jerk? She wishes she have said something sooner. Nobody has. How can they just watch and do nothing?

" Ugh. " Disgusts by the violent psycho, she turns away from the scene. " Who does that boy think he is? "

Aelita, sympathizing with Nancy's emotion of discontent toward the heartless bastard, sighs. Unfortunately, she knows the answer to Nancy's rhetorical question. Yet, she answers it anyway.

" That's Everett HeathCliff. "

" HeathCliff? The school name? "

Shocked by Nancy's lack of knowledge about the HeathCliff, Aelita continues explaining. " He's the heir to the HeathCliff company - like the Cliff Airline? And this school is also owned by his family. He thinks he's better than everyone else and above the rules here because his daddy owns the school. Which is one of the reason why he doesn't wear his uniform. " Aelita pauses and waits for Nancy to digest the new information.

" What about the other two guys? The ones following him? Are they his minions or followers or something of the sort? " Nancy can understand why The Jerk doesn't wear uniform - but what about the two guys behind him? Surely their handsome looks swipe her off her feet, but if they're also exactly like THE Jerk, then their beauty won't haze her.

Aelita glances behind her to where Everett sits with his two friends and then she turns her attention back to Nancy's question. " The three are best friends since kindergarten. The light brown hair guy is Vincent Hendreson - "

" - Hendreson?! The actor and actress - Hendreson? The one who OWNS Hollywood? " Nancy cuts off Aelita hastily, obviously shocked by the unpredictable news.

" Yeah. And the black hair one is Michael Lloyd. I heard he's living with Everett's family ever since his parents death in a plane crash when he was 13. Did you know - Michael's worth billions! When his parents died, the money, estate, and company dropped right on his lap! "

" But his parents die.." Nancy's voice drops down two octaves. She feels mournful knowing someone's parents are six feet under the ground, and to experience it at such a young age was unimaginable. She can't possibly have envisioned living without her own parents. She curiously glances back at the exclusive table toward Michael. He sits there with his hands on his lap. His deep set of green eyes resembling a sleeping forest with no perceptual. His face reveals no emotion. It's empty as a pool without water.

Nancy turns back around." He looks so sad. "

" Don't worry about it. " Aelita reassures.

" RING! " The passing period bell thrashes out into the open, causing the student body to stir and stands up with their backpack in place, heading to their destination.

" It's the passing period. You don't need to worry about getting lost. Your first class is down the hall left from the cafeteria. Alright I have to go. I'll meet you here during Lunch. " Nancy stands up along with Aelita, following her lead. They wave good bye once they're both out of the cafeteria.

" I'll see you later Aelita! "

" Bye! Don't you get lost now! "

" Everett, it's Friday. I heard Los Angeles is gonna open a new car show. Wanna go? " The boy with the name of Vincent Hendreson speaks up with hints of boredom already replacing his own idea as he propels his elbows onto the raven black marble table.

His startling grey eyes set upon Everett, who eyes are reading the text message on his iPhone wrapped in a real golden case. Everett's facial expression dims from confusion to annoyance, narrowing his eyes in the process at the announcement of his father arriving home from one of his abroad business trip earlier than plan. He carelessly tosses his phone down onto the table, furious about the sudden change of his father's schedule.

Everett sighs. " No, I can't. My old man is coming home tomorrow morning. I seriously can't do anything without him on my back. " With the news of Everett's father, Vince feels a little pity for Everett. Although Everett pretty much can get anything he wants, a perk of being the son of the richest man on earth, his father keeps him on a leash in order to not spoil him. Ironically, his father only keeps that leash on whenever he's actually home, which means at least a week or less per month.

Everett looks up from his gaze on the table to Vince. " You know the usual routine. We can't let my old man know any crap about our business. "

" How long is he - "

Before Vince can finish his sentence, Michael intervenes." I'm going to the regular classes today. "

And he gets up from the table and leaves as the school bell rings for passing period, hoping to avoid Everett in case he wants Michael to lie again about their activities to his father.

Everett sits there and watches as Michael turns his back to him. Ever since Michael's parents died in a plane crash when he was 13, he is not the same again. Everett doesn't have a problem with Michael's change personality of a social butterfly filled with ambition to an outright antisocial. But yet, it bothers him how Michael is slowly spacing away from their friendship of 14 years. On other days, he isn't even sure if this stranger is actually his best friend.

" Anyway, " Vince continues. " How long is your Father staying until he have to go again? "

" Do I look like his secretary to you? " Everett says exasperatingly. " I don't know. The longest he stays was a week. Then he'll probably fly to Hampton for his other family. " Jealousy echoes in his thoughts, but ego and pride will not let it be known in his voice.

Vince stretches back into his chair, gets out his phone to read a text message, and then he slowly places the phone down onto the table, folding his arm over his chest.

" Gage's having a party at his place tonight. He is also having Dom at Caesar. I'm going because it's hell lot better than this place. What do you say Ev? Are you too afraid of your Dad to skip school? " Vince mocks. If it was to be someone else mocking Everett, hell will break loose.

Everett glares at Vince, picks up his phone, puts it in his back pocket, and stands up. " Yeah, let's go. "