Looking up and down the hall, Nancy spots the room number 112N AP Literature. Hastily she runs toward the door, hoping to make it in the classroom on time before the bell rings, for the reason she don't want to be tardy on her first day at a new school. Before she can notice that she isn't the only one heading toward the very same door, she accidentally collides into another person.

" Ops! Excuse me! " She looks up to see who she bumps into, and the beautiful deep set of green eyes penetrate her like a cupid arrow struck into her heart. Embarrass to say, but her mouth slightly drop an inch or two. Promptly she closes her mouth and awkwardly glance the other way, bewilder of Michael's sudden manifestation. Michael glance at her and back to the side. He mumbles, " It's fine. " He continue walking into the room that abruptly quiet down with the sight of his appearance. No one would believe someone such as Michael to show up in one of the regular classes. Certainly if it were to be the pompous Vincent, who occasionally show up once or twice, it'll be less of a shocker - but Michael Lloyd?! The only person he ever talk to in this school is either Vincent or Everett, others are simply dry wall.

As Michael settles into a seat in the back row of the classroom, he ignores all the constant stares and awes. He master the art of ignoring those surronding him as the result of years of practices. After his parents death, there was constant bundle of agencies who has work with them or was interest in his company came up to him saying how they were sorry, in order to kiss up to him, so they can get him to let them manage his company until he comes of age. It was pity and greed interweave into a power play against Michael. He was young, immature, and oblivious to the world of business management - so how can he possibly manage the world wide company that is worth billions?

The personnels of his parents company disagree with handing over the company to a 13 year old boy, especially to one who grew up rich, spoil, and ignorant of the world. But things don't always play out the direction everyone wants it to. Fortunately, Michael's father, Taylor Lloyd, was best friend with Everett's father all the way back to primary school, so Everett's father adopts the distress child into his care. He helps manage Michael's company until Michael can permanently regain control when he's ready. For now, he shuns away from the world, wanting to be alone.

Nancy stands there as the class turns their attention from Michael to her. Observing her with judgemental reconnaissance, they narrow their eyes on her automatically for the reason that she's different from them. Standing her ground with her head high, these snobby kids won't get to her. It'll take more than glares to take this gal down.

" Yes! Right - right! We have a new student! " Mr. Campbell claps his hands together to get the class to turn their attention to him, as he places down his lesson plan binder on his desk next to a window on the right side of the wall in front of the classroom.

" This person here, " Mr. Campbell begins. " - is our new student. And she will introduce herself. Go on child. " He pats Nancy on the back, reassuring her that it's her turn to talk.

Clutching her backpack straps that seems to tighten around her shoulder as the second goes by, Nancy exhales deeply.

" Hi. My name's Nancy Feng. I am originally from Lamar High School. " Nancy pause, believing that is all she need to say. It's school - not like it's mandatory for them to know all aspect of her life.

The silence seems endless until Mr. Campbell coughs into his hand to grasp the attention of his students. " Ahem. Alright! Welcome Nancy! I hope you enjoy your school experience as much as I come to love this school 2 years ago. Now, the only seat left is the one in the back. You can settle in there. "

Nancy looks to where annouce her seating placement, upon looking all the way to the back row, the only seat avaible is the one next to Michael. She gulps nervously. Can't a gal just have a nice morning? Nancy commands her feet to move, as she swiftly zips through the rows of seats with snobby rich brats snickering at her, while others have the word jealous written all over their facial expression, as to why someone like her is lucky ebough to have a seat next to Michael.

She places down her backpack next to her feet as she grabs out a notebook and a pen.

" Today, we are going to discuss the topic of the importance of literature in today's world as a class. But first, turn to your table partner and discuss about why it's consider important. "

As everyone proceed to turn to talk to their partner, Nancy turns to the left, facing Michael - her partner. His sole focus is reading the book in his hand. Serene as an ocean, his chest slowly rise up and down to each word he finishes. Nancy eyes traces from the structure of his jawline to his neck, and back up to his beautiful eyes.

" Is staring at me that amusing? " Michael ask with a hint of annoyance. He closes his book with a thud and places it down on the table.

Nancy turn away as if caught red-handed staring at Michael is a criminal crime. " Wh-What? Staring at who? You need to get your eyes check! "

" Mhm. Of course. " He stands up and grab his book, and without a second glance back, he walk right out of the class! Nancy fumes with anger at his arrogance, as the class watch him leave in silence.

" Okay class! Get back to the discussion! " Everyone shuffles their attention away from the door Michael left and back to their previous conversation.

Does he always have to make such a scene? She ask herself in her head. He's exactly that douche in the cafeteria! No wonder that quote, ' You are who you hang out with ', makes so much sense.