Even vampires need a little publicity-

Interview with a Victorian Vampire

Setting: London, England, 1888

Reporter: "My name is Louis Maslow, herein the backstreets of London, where the nightlife in legendary and the danger is ever present. It's an already mysterious place, complete with the shadows of the underworld citizens and dark alleys waiting to draw you in and never give you up, but is it really a gateway into the realm of the supernatural? I'm here with the vampire Delilah Castle, resident of these parts. Delilah, how long have you seen a 'creature of the night', as they say?"

Delilah: "'Creature of the Night' isn't really am appropriate term Louis. In fact, my people and I venture out into the daytime quite often. We just prefer the night- it's easier to hunt when no one's really out to spot you. To answer your question though; I believe I've been a vampire for about, oh dear, maybe 400 years? I was around 17 when I was first bitten, a mere peasant girl living in a small village in Germany. I think you would call it Berlin now, wouldn't you?"

Reporter: "Indeed we would. And you've been around London for how many years now?"

Delilah: "Well, not an extremely long period of time, a few decades maybe. Us vampires, we can't stay anywhere too long. Someone will eventually discover our existence sometime, if you follow me. One can't be social or have regular (by that I mean human) friends, they'll get suspicious real quick. I've moved around from country to country all my existence after I was turned, going to France, Italy, Switzerland (I stayed there ages before I had to relocate; stupid catholic priest!) even Scotland before I came here. It's so easy to stay hidden in London, as you can clearly see- Wait, how did you find me exactly?"

Reporter: "Oh, lots of research, it was very, very hard-"*coughs anxiously* "But seriously, in all the time that you've been in England, how many vampires have you met?"

Delilah: "A few. Vampires are not very sociable, but if we ever do meet we either fight over territory or stay away from one another after that. It's too risky, having a group of vampires together in one place. Even only two attract attention- why I cannot say."

Reporter: "Its fine Delilah, you're doing great. Is it true that your kind actually drink blood to survive?"

Delilah: "That's a hard question, Louis. To be frank, there are two kinds of vampires; regular ones such as myself and vegetarians. Vegetarians are the vampires that find feeding off of humans repulsive and eat animal instead. It's rather disgusting and degrading business in my opinion. As for drinking blood to continue living, the answer is yes. Vampires can go for at the most a month without feeding, sometimes even taking in normal food just because we can, but in the end we all have to ingest blood at a certain time. We go into a blood frenzy if we don't."

Reporter: "And what's a blood frenzy?"

Delilah: *in a smug voice* "Well, let's just say if a vampire lived in a town of about 100 humans over half of them would be dead, vegetarian vampire or not."

Reporter: *tugs at collar nervously* "Alright then, moving on- as an immortal, what kind of mystic powers do you have?"

Delilah: "Well, let's see... I have immortality, of course. Only a holy water and a wooden stake through the heart will truly kill me (silver and fire won't work), but even with the stake if you're like all foolish mortals and decide to take t right back out it won't matter. We'll resurrect eventually; the stake's bound to come out sometime, am I right? Then there's the ever popular enhanced speed and strength, but depends on who you were in your mortal life before how strong and how fast you are varies. For example, I'm just as strong as a human full-grown male, but I'm the fastest vampire in Europe. Don't ask me how I know, I just do. The rest are invisibility, retractable fangs, and manipulation of the mind as well as superb hunting skills. Our sense of smell and tracking are excellent!"

Reporter: "Interesting, Delilah, very interesting. Out of curiosity, have you ever turned someone?"

Delilah: *horrified* "No, of course not! No one wants immortality, no matter who you are! I enjoy not being able to die, yes, but it's really not that great after a couple centuries. Death is a blessing, not a curse. So no, I've only ever bitten someone when I'm going to eat them."

Reporter: *slightly crestfallen* "Well, if you insist. After leaving London, where do you plan on going next and when?"

Delilah: "New York City, around the next of the century, maybe late July. I hear they can throw quite the party, plus there's an actually coven starting up there. Apparently they've discovered a way to hide their presence by going underground. I'd like the company of people whom I can actually relate to."

Reporter: "I'm very impressed Delilah. You've certainly given this much thought for me having just asked you to do this interview today."

Delilah: "Why thank you Louis, I think I'm doing quite well myself."

Reporter: "If you could go back and find the person that turned you, what would you say?"

Delilah: "Actually, I've already done that."

Reporter: "Oh really? Do share."

Delilah: "He's dead." *says so nonchalantly, as if it doesn't matter*

Reporter: *stunned* "Oh. How did he die?"

Delilah: "I killed him. He took my life away from me. I certainly wouldn't trade it for anything else, but I loved my family. He's the reason they are dead. I killed them in a blood frenzy- if he hadn't bitten me and made me what I am, I'd be sitting up in heaven with them instead of being earthbound for eternity."

Reporter: "Have you ever considered executing yourself or having another vampire do it for you?"

Delilah: "Yes, and I'll tell you right now it either doesn't work or they won't do it. Technically it's against the law to kill another vampire, since there are so few of us anyways, but most ignore it. No one ever gets caught anyways."

Reporter: "What about using all the techniques that humans use?"

Delilah: *growls, tone dangerously low* "Don't go there Mr. Maslow."

Reporter: "Uh, I won't then. Now, last question; do you carry any weapons on you?"

Delilah: *laughs* "Of course I do! Even with my fangs and lithe battle skills, I still need at least one weapon on me. That's life in the slums of London. I carry two blades in my sleeves at all times, but on occasion I have the extra protection of a caliber at my waist. It serves mainly to scare off other vampires, but I'm used to using it. I kill often, you know."

Reporter: "Indeed. Alright, that about does it, thank you for your help, the public will love this article in the Times-"

Delilah: "Actually, the public won't love this article. I'm afraid I'll have to kill you Louis."

Reporter: "But- but why? I'm going to make you famous!"

Delilah: "Oh, but I don't need famous, Mr. Maslow!" *chuckled softly as advances, Louis backing away* "I can't have you blabbing the existence of the vampire race to the world, oh no, that wouldn't do at all! As much as I detest English vampires, they are my kin, and I'm pretty sure they won't like you revealing our secrets to the world. Goodbye Louis…"

Reporter: "No- wait-"

Delilah: "Miss Delilah Castle, reporting in place of Louis Maslow. I'm terribly sorry about that, dear Reader, but it simply had to be done. Don't fret now, Mr. Maslow won't ever tell anyone about this little chat of ours, my cut across his throat did that. What, you thought I was going to drain him? That would mean the police finding that vampires do exist with the discovery of his body! That's something I'm hoping to avoid, and I don't have time to rid myself of the body the way I normally do my prey I feast on. Oh well, that was that. I think I'll keep this report though... rather well written, I'll give him that. Now then, farewell Reader, goodbye, adieu, adios and all that rubbish. I do hope you never find this, but if you do think nothing more of it. I beg it of you, on behalf of the vampire race.

Delilah Castle

(This is the property of the New York Vampire Council, 1899)

Well, this is my first vampire fic, I hope you liked it. I did this on a spur of the moment thing, so it's not perfect. I also took my own twist on things and didn't include everything a female vampire would say, but I did my best. Please review, I appreciate it.