Stomach twists, the smell hits my nose

Food will help you live, food will help you grow

They tell me it's deadly; they tell me it's strong

I must resist the impulse, I must stay strong

Pounds adding on by day, I feel myself grow big

Just a little diet, soon I'll be thin as a twig

The weight leaves my body, but still there is the fat

Day by day by day, I'll be rid of that

Strength leaves my body, they tell me to be strong

Friends won't stand by me; they think I'm doing wrong

Family cries around me, they beg me just to eat

I tell them I'm not sick though, it's just for another week.

Weeks turn into days, days turn into months,

Bones peek though my skin, butterflies turn into moths

But still I will stand by my goal, till every ounce is free

Time stands still; it's going too slow, so I exercise excruciatingly.

Shedding clothing, mirror adorned, staring at my husk.

Parents scream, and siblings cry, friends don't stick around

Pain is there at every breath, heeding every sound.

Death waits for me, this I know, but I must stay strong,

Thinness becomes me, and I long to see

the dreaded results of anorexic me.