Written: Sometime in October, 2012

Hi, so I'm a seriously deep person, and with that comes deep stuff. Poems are like my way of... venting I guess. I feel like a totally different person when I write these, and I have to assume I'm writing as the real me, without all the masks I wear at school. Some of these poems are real, others haven't happened to me personally. I chose to give you this one because I don't trust you with my soul quite yet.

Sounds echo

Through the hearts

Of the couple

Love flowing

In the harmonious duet

Peace and passion

Balanced perfectly

Never missing a beat

The couple enjoys their time together

Flowing as one

But he must leave

Off to the dark

Silver gleams as guns

Are pulled back

The beat now stomps

Under many combat boots

War rages

Sounds echo

Breaths shallow

The duet turns into a solo

Broken, airy, distorted

She joins him by choice

Now the duet sings

With the angels

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