I looked into the glass at the other children all together and happy. On my arm laid a metallic leather covering over my accident. What could be covered by this monstrosity, what could be helped by the pain inside healed out. I was forever locked inside from the out, which in essence is almost just as bad as the reverse.

I wondered why I couldn't be as together and as happy as the other children. I just wanted to be normal. It wasn't like I was ugly, I just got noticed by the wrong people. So why couldn't I be like the other kids and have a mom and dad? What was so wrong with them and me?

My life was not so unique. The only difference between them and me was that I had abilities. Maybe that's who I didn't have a mother or father. Yet, still in all felt as though I should have the same privileges as others in the case of being able to find happiness in companionship. What cruelty had I done to diverse this? The thoughts raced through my mind as one of the children turned back and peered at me. Notice me, notice me! Come on child of the wonder notice me!

He had shaggy hair, blond, and bright blue eyes. That kind of perfect blue, that people would kill for. He was still staring at me. I couldn't look away. My hands became hot and I was afraid of what was going to happen. I could see them becoming red right before my eyes. My whole body pulsed and all of the sudden I was cool. I looked up from my hands and the boy was no longer there. I looked around and I couldn't she him anywhere. I had no idea what had just happened. How did nothing burn down?

It was in a instant he was there then gone. I may never see him again and I had to accept it. I looked back at my metal arm retracing the metal. I screamed to the top of my lungs! I slowly walked to the dark corner of my room looking out at the other children in the hospital. My body slummed in the corner as I drew my own warmth. My body rocked back and forth, I want to be out, to be normal, why cant I be normal?

The walls seemed to be closing in around me. I felt it getting smaller and smaller as every second passed and every thought about how I was different the room became even smaller. I wanted it to stop, I pushed against the walls with my hands. I couldn't think. Too small.