The tiny numbers, the lines and the graphs

Consuming mercilessly,

Eating the organ of thought and emotion

Numbing it, disabling it from creativity

Dislocating the slightest notion.

Logic required.

Brain matter locked in a box.

One answer for each question.

One answer for each question.

One answer for each question.

How should I know

When the possibilities are infinite, endless?

How should I know

That the hours put in

Are in utter vain?

Useless. Vain.

Hanging on to that third letter.

Just four more points.

Four little points.

Why the second one?

Why not the first?

Why aren't you any better?


Try harder.

Thick volume,

Many equations,

Many graphs,

Many numbers.

One answer.

Database of information-

More like little rats picking

At the myelination,

Teething the tiny wires

And skittering away before

Given the chance to prove


And then the test comes.

One answer for each question.