I know you don't love me

So why do you pretend?

I've known for years.

Please stop pretending,

It's tearing me apart!

I was an experiment,

You said so yourself.

You had to raise the next one right.

It didn't work, did it?

I practically raised him myself.

I know you don't love me,

I'm not even sure you care.

I need more than 'good morning' everyday.

You never come to my events,

Only his.

You never praise me on my grades,

Only him.

You never talk to me at home,

Only him.

You never look at me with love,

Only him.

Please stop pretending.

I can live with hate,

But I don't want pity.

I know you don't love me,

But I can't really blame you.

After all,

I hate myself too.