"No, Sarah! You can't do this. You can't do this." Michelle groaned, lifting her head as she gritted her teeth.

"Oh, I can't?" Sarah asked, sitting down in Michelle's lap, facing her. "Why not?"

"It's not right." Michelle growled.

Sarah drew her knife, playing with it against Michelle's neck. Michelle struggled with her bound wrists as Sarah leaned over and whispered.

"I don't really care if it's not right."

"Sarah! What the hell are you doing?!" Lauren demanded, bursting in through the door.

Sarah whirled around and Lauren slammed a fist into her cheek.

Falling, Sarah crashed into Michelle, knocking them both over.

"Ohh." Michelle groaned as all of her weight and Sarah's fell on her bound wrists. "Helllllp." Michelle called.

Lauren helped Sarah up and they set Michelle upright.

"We are never going to get this right." Julie sighed from behind the camera.

"Hey...can someone untie me? My wrists are killing me." Michelle said.

As Sarah unbound Michelle, Lauren looked over the footage with Julie.

"Is your face okay, Sar-ah..." Michelle looked at Sarah and laughed. "Check out your new bruise." She said, handing Sarah a mirror.

"This movie is just fighting. There's no romance-" Julie began.

"You could find a guy-" Michelle interrupted.

"Hah! Julie, find a guy? Riiight." Lauren teased.

"Watch it, Lauren, I can write you into Michelle's position instead." Julie threatened, picking up the script.

"You don't need a guy to have romance, Lauren." Sarah said.

"Ohh, yeah." Michelle said, arching her eyebrows.

"I don't think-"

Michelle swept Sarah off her feet and Sarah clung onto Michelle's neck for dear life.

"That's nothing..."

Sarah planted a kiss on Michelle's cheek, smiling.

"Oh, gross." Lauren turned to Julie. "Why?"

"That's not in the script, don't look at me. Don't blame me for everything they do." Julie said, giving her an odd look.

Michelle set Sarah down, laughing. "Yeah, Lauren, it's not Julie's fault for our successful attempt to annoy you." She rubbed her cheek.

"Lauren, lighten up." Sarah said, pinching her cheeks, trying to force her to smile.

"Lighten up...not something you tell to Darkness." Lauren said, removing her hands.

"Riiight. You can laugh. We all know your favorite color is pink." Sarah said. "You don't need to hide it."

Michelle glanced at her watch. "Uhm, Julie do you still want to film? Sarah and I have to go-"

"Make out?" Lauren grinned.

"-fight crime." Michelle said.

"Ah, the perfect excuse." Lauren laughed.

'Nah, you two can go...I mean, we can't obstruct love-er, justice." Julie winked.

Sarah threw a pillow at Julie and jabbed Lauren in the ribs. "Shut up."

"Someone can't take a joke." Michelle said, laughing.

Sarah donned her costume and hurried outside.

"Is there something I'm not seeing?" Michelle asked, a confused look on her face.

Julie and Lauren shook their heads. "Not that we know of." Michelle shrugged and geared up, dashing after Sarah.

"Is there something wrong, Sarah?" Michelle asked as they sat in the living room alone. Lauren was out, and Julie was putting in extra hours at work.

Sarah shook her head as she stared at the screen.

"Are you sure? You don't seem like yourself lately." Michelle commented.

Sarah sighed. "I still have nightmares...Bree and her stupid knives...Carli and the battery...I hate sleeping right now."

Michelle hugged Sarah. "It's going to be okay. It's all over now."

"I hope Lauren doesn't think I'm mad at her...just...when she talks...I think it's Carli, and I freeze up." Sarah said.

"It's okay...I'll tell her, okay?" Michelle said.

Sarah rested her head on Michelle's collarbone, sighing.

"How's your stomach?"

"Better, I guess." Michelle said. "What did you put on it?"

"Some...medical plaster or whatever."

"We should carry it around for emergencies." Michelle said, staring at the TV.

Sarah took Michelle's hand and played with it.

The window slid open and Lauren squeezed herself through. "Did I interrupt something?" she asked, grinning.

"Gah, only the movie. Move, Darkness." Michelle said, laughing. Sarah squeezed her hand tightly.

Lauren pulled off her mask and went into the room.

"Sarah...it's okay...it's only Lauren." Michelle coaxed, trying to pry her dying fingers free from Sarah's vice-like grip.

Sarah took a deep breath and released Michelle's hand.

Lauren raised an eyebrow when she came into the room.

Michelle shot her a look. Later, she mouthed.

Lauren nodded and went to the fridge, where she took out dinner. Sarah stared at the movie as Michelle tried to ease herself from Sarah's side.

Sarah's hand shot out and pulled her down, knuckles turning white as she gripped Michelle's forearm. Michelle took Sarah's hand and bit her lip as Sarah's fingernails dug into her arm. "Sarah...what's wrong?" Michelle asked, gritting her teeth.

Eyes focused on nothing, Sarah didn't answer as Michelle felt her pulse. Her heart was racing, and with each beat, she squeezed Michelle's arm tighter.

"Lauren, help me." Michelle squeaked.

Lauren hurried over and examined Sarah.

"Sarah! Hey! Sarah!" Lauren snapped her fingers in front of Sarah's face.

Suddenly, Sarah's lip curled into a snarl and Sarah lunged, grabbing Lauren around the neck. "You can go die in a hole, Carli!" Sarah roared.

Michelle tackled Sarah and put her into a full body lock as she writhed and struggled to free herself.

Julie entered, dropping her keys into the bowl and stopped, staring at the three struggling on the floor.

"Don't get the wrong idea." Michelle said.

Sarah snarled and finally stopped, relaxing. Sweating, Michelle took Sarah's pulse again.

Lauren coughed as she felt her windpipe. "What the hell just happened?" Lauren asked, groaning.

Julie squatted down next to Michelle and examined Sarah.

"I'm no expert, but I think...she's suffering from post-traumatic stress."

"Lauren, she thought you were Carli." Michelle said, brushing Sarah's hair from her face.

Lauren raised an eyebrow. "Cool, so she's trying to kill me."

Michelle shrugged and stood. Lifting Sarah up gently, she brought her inside the bedroom and set her down carefully.