Sarah struggled against the chain as Lauren and Carli strained to hold on. "You know, this will not be any easier for either of you. You might as well choose one to die." Garret said.

"It's not right. We shouldn't have control over someone else's life." Sarah said.

"Oh, how touching. Would you rather I kill them both?"

"Take Carli!" Lauren said.


"Carli it is!" Garret nodded.

Carli stayed where she was, her body weight keeping the bar in place. "No. I will not abandon my sister."

Lauren forced a smile. Then, with a yell, Lauren jumped.

"NO!" Sarah screamed.

Carli fell to earth, smashing into the concrete as Lauren plunged to her death. Suddenly, a body crashed into Lauren's and sent them both hurtling towards earth.

With a yell, Sarah flipped the Cray forward, into the vat of boiling oil as the Crays converged on them.

"Nice timing." Lauren groaned underneath Crest's weight.

"You were a little early." Crest replied, pushing herself up. Lauren took Crest's hand and pulled herself up. Crest sprinted to Blizzard's aid as Lauren hurried to Carli's side.

"KILL THEM ALL!" Garret shouted.

Crest hooked her arms with Blizzard and Blizzard spun in a circle, kicking down the Crays. Crest gritted her teeth when a knife found its way under her armor. Lauren broke a Cray's arm and Carli snapped his neck as the Crays piled onto them.

They were outnumbered, thirty to one.

Ten different hands separated Crest from Blizzard, one pair wrapping around her neck for the kill.

Lauren twisted free and grabbed Carli's arm. "Run."

Lauren barreled her way through some Crays, disappearing amidst the bodies. Blizzard fought her way through some Crays, disappearing amidst the bodies.

Blizzard pushed her way through the Crays, pounding them where she went, searching for Crest.

There. A blue body.

Blizzard found a knife and lay waste to the Crays around her.

Bending down next to Crest, she felt her pulse. The pale color of death had already begun to seep its way into Crest's skin.

Blizzard tore off Crest's mask. Pressing her hands down on Michelle's chest, Sarah took a deep breath before bending down and breathing into Michelle's mouth. She tried again, pounding on Michelle's chest. Then, she pressed her lips to Michelle's and breathed.

Michelle's eyes shot open, startled.

Sarah pulled back. "You're alive."


Michelle pulled Sarah down as a Cray swung a knife. Jackknifing to her feet, Michelle grabbed the knife, ignoring the stinging pain, and shoved it into his stomach.

Lauren leaned heavily on Carli when they found each other. Grabbing Michelle and Sarah, they forced their way through the masses, rushing towards freedom.

Michelle groaned as Sarah twisted her arm behind her back angrily. "Calling me stupid, are you?" she snarled, drawing a cry of pain from Michelle. "I don't even care about you, why do I even bother keeping you alive?"

Michelle whirled around and grabbed Sarah, ignoring the pain shooting up her arm. "Well, I care. And I'm going to stop you one way or another."

Michelle had the slightest hesitation, then kissed Sarah.

Startled, Sarah was speechless.

Lauren burst into the room. "Oh, shit, Mikey!" she said, staring.

Sarah pulled herself away. Grabbing a knife, she threw it at Lauren, who ducked at the last second.

An arm wrapped around Sarah's neck from behind. Michelle had Sarah in a headlock, gun forced into her spine.

"I should have warned you, I never fail a mission." Michelle whispered into her ear.

"I was worried about you for a second, Mikey.' Lauren said as she cuffed Sarah's arms behind her back. "I thought you wouldn't pull through." Michelle shrugged. "I guess you owe me an apology...and lunch, I'm kind of hungry after being holed up in here."

"CUT! That's a WRAP!" Julie said. "Except that last line, Mikey, you kind of butchered it."

Michelle rolled her eyes.

"And, Julie, really? You HAD to put that in there." Lauren said.

"It's an unorthodox move, but effective for surprise." Carli said, lowering the boom mic.

"That you, SOMEONE agrees." Julie said.

Michelle shot Sarah a sly glance and winked.

"Sarah, Mikey, you're off camera, there's no need for this...stuff."

Michelle grinned.

"What's next?"

"Uncuff me?" Sarah said to Michelle.

Lauren threw the keys to Michelle and whispered something into Carli's ear. Michelle freed Sarah, and Sarah took a seat on Michelle's lap.

"So, Carli, since you have a taste for writing, what do you think about a detective who is failing investigations, only to have the most complex case of her life fall into her lap, literally? Death of a loved one, tragedy, and...violence. It ends with their death." Julie grinned.

Carli frowned. "Maybe not their death, per se, but, because of a noble, but unorthodox action, she solves the case, but loses her position."

"Sounds fun, you guys write that out, and I will go eat." Michelle said.

"Ooh, wait for me." Sarah stood up.

Sarah laced her fingers between Michelle's as they stepped from the apartment complex into the street.

Julie stared at their backs as they went down the sidewalk.

Only she and Michelle knew that is wasn't on the script.