Hey, readers. This is not an update. I'm so sorry to crap all over the lovely days you're probably having, but authors I love and respect from fictionpress and have come to know through A Drop Of Romeo are being plagiarized everyday. Most recently, an author had her work stolen and published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble for profit. It's ridiculous and we all want it to stop before none of us feel safe anymore. We've started a petition and I humbly ask all of you to sign it using your FP pennames so we can end this. Thanks and I promise to update twice as soon as possible to make up for the reading interruption. Keep writing, guys. We all deserve better than this and we can't let it break us!

docs. google document/d/ 1DzDiaacDsPVsksYo7wIQBB78mqI jf6fay19dzn7s4yQ /edit

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