A Tale of Turns

So, this is my first novel attempt! I hope you all like it!

Warnings: Well…I'm really not sure yet but safe to say kinda hurt/comfort type stuff so some sadness? Um, for now the rating is T but it might go up so be prepared for that!

Summary: Love finds us at the oddest times and with it, secrets we never knew about the world around us come into light. Sometimes even secrets about ourselves that we didn't even know appear. When such happens do we fall into line or do we stand and fight? I wonder…do we even get a choice?

Prolog: The suddenness of it all

It is said that love is spontaneous and magical; that it is brought upon by sudden realizations and accidents. Once love has occurred, it is said that it then becomes a hard, nearly unbreakable fetter upon our hearts so that we might love just one person. Love comes in so many forms though. We love our friends and our family members, our teachers and that guy who gave us a discount on our favorite CD because he saw how much we liked it… Yet we are told there is a vast difference between these sometimes fleeting a fickle loves and the love that steals our hearts on a moments notice.

On this note of love, one must consider the types that we fall so desperately for. There are those who crave for a man who would throw their lives away for them just as there are men who wish for a girl who wished for their distinctly male protection. I wonder though…who wants to sit back while the one they love is in danger? Who wants to live when the one they love is gone…? Yet still, I can't help but wonder…if I had been that girl who wanted protection and if you had been that man who gave his life for another…could this all have been avoided?

Alas, it is so pitiful to contemplate how this could have been different if I had simply been a different person. We loved each other only because we were the way we were…and I would ask you for nothing more than that which you gave.

If love is such a painful emotion, I wonder why people leap into it, beg for it, search the end of the earth for it…for I almost wish to say it is not worth it.

Still…when I remember the touch of your lips to mine…the scent of your skin and the look of utter adoration in your eyes as it was reciprocated in mine…I realize it is worth it. Every tear I now shed was worth it because more than this is my story, this is the story of you. Only…it is a story of you who loved me and I who fell into this web known as love like a moth that falls into a flame.

Accepting the warm embrace of darkness as I set my mind free of this pain, I find myself wishing this embrace was yours and that, should I open my eyes, it will be your visage that I look upon…